PokerStars Festival Bucharest: After a crazy night (just ask Moneymaker), we're onto Day 2

Buna dimineata, good morning, hello, and welcome back to Bucharest. We trust you slept well? Since we last spoke, a lot has gone down here at the JW Marriott Hotel, so let's recap last night's festivities in the PokerStars Festival Main Event.

While we said goodnight around 10pm, a whole new Day 1 flight was just kicking off. The Turbo Day 1C flights are re-entry only, meaning only those who tried and failed to make it through either 1A or 1B are eligible to play. And it came as no surprise to see that quite a lot of folks wanted another shot at this thing. After all, the €500,000 guarantee was smashed only a couple of levels into Day 1B!

-STA_6991PSF BUCHAREST 2017 MAIN EVENT 1C Chris MoneymakerPCMON2017(c)Stacha Tomas.jpg

Moneymaker at the "craziest table"

Day 1C attracted 158 revenants to fire a second bullet, including the likes of Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker. According to the 2003 world champ, things got pretty wild:

Ultimately, Moneymaker admitted he was 'soul owned' in a pot by Andreas Vlachas. On a [Kx][jx][8x] flop, Moneymaker bet 2,200 into an 18,000 pot and Vlachas called. Both then checked the [6x] turn, before Moneymaker shoved for 17,000 on the [jx] river. Vlachas thought for ten seconds (he says) before making the call with pocket deuces. Moneymaker had just [ax][qx], and was out again.

Sadly for Moneymaker, it wasn't to be, and he was eliminated, along with ice hockey pro Miroslav Forman, and Romania's second all-time money winner Mihai Manole.

-STA_7609PSF BUCHAREST 2017 MAIN EVENT 1C Okan Gursan chip leader 1CPCMON2017Tomas Stacha.jpg

Day 1C chip leader Okan Gursan

In total, 94 of those 158 made it through to today's Day 2. Turkey's Okan Gursan (127,500) and Anil Olgun Ozdemir (109,400) bagged up the two biggest stacks of the evening, but they'll be joined tomorrow by Patrick Bueno (104,500), Georges Yazbeck (89,300), Gabi Livshitz (70,300), Vladimir Shabalin (69,800), Andreas Klatt (60,300) Yaniv Peretz (55,700), Dany Parlafes (40,100) and Erik Scheidt (23,400).

So, now that we have our total field confirmed, here's how each flight broke down:

Day 1a: 177 players (66 survived) 
Day 1b: 401 players (164 survived) 
Day 1c: 158 re-entries (94 survived) 
Total: 736 entries

Yep. That €500,000 guarantee was demolished! Not only that, total attendance is up a massive 27 per cent compared with 2016's Eureka Bucharest event. Here's a look at how the field breaks down by nationality:


Here's all the key info you need for the start of play today:


Play for Day 2 kicks off shortly here, so stick us on the PokerStars Blog as we bring you great coverage throughout the day, including the prize pool information.

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