PokerStars Festival Bucharest: Former frontrunners fall in fast and furious fashion

We're only two 60-minute levels into Day 3 yet and we've already lost almost half of the starting field.

Day 3 of this Main Event is looking pretty fast and furious so far, with just 34 of the 58 players still standing. It's not just the shortest of short stacks who have fallen either; two former chip leaders have vanquished, while the start-of-day chip leader has dipped into third place.

-STA_6948PSF BUCHAREST 2017 MAIN EVENT 1B Stefan FabianPCMON2017(c)Stacha Toma.jpg

Fast exit for Fabian

Let's rewind though. Within just two hands of play we lost the end-of-Day-1B chip leader, Stefan Fabian. The Romanian held pocket deuces against Fahredin Mustafov's ace-king, the latter being all-in. An ace and a king both hit the flop, and no ducks on the turn or river gave Fahredin the double up.

That brought Fabian down to 90,000 (just nine big blinds), and he was all-in on the very next hand with the A♣8♥. Dorin Agavriloae woke up in the big blind with the K♣K♦ though, and Fabian could find no help on the runout.

-STA_7688PSF BUCHAREST 2017 MAIN EVENT day2 Stefan FabianPCMON2017Tomas Stacha.jpg

Kabatnic (when he still had chips)

Not long after that, the end-of-Day-1A chip leader Tamas Kabatnic fell too. After Narcis Nedelcu opened to 22,000, Kabatnic looked down at the 5♥5♦ and three-bet jammed for 200,000. Nedelcu made the call with his A♥Q♠, and the J♣J♦8♣Q♣K♥ runout gave Nedelcu the bigger pair and the KO.

On the other end of the spectrum, Nandor Soloyom hasn't slowed down the aggression which saw him bag the chip lead last night. However, he has lost the chip lead.

-STA_8377PSF Bucharest 2017 main event day 3 Nandor Csaba SolyomPCMON2017Tomas Stacha.jpg

Solyom's chips have dipped

Razvan Cetanas is the man on top right now, with 1.8 million. He busted Marius Pertea in a one-million chip all-in pre-flop pot with pocket queens vs pocket nines. Here's a look at the top 10 counts right now:

Nandor Csaba Solyom1,780,000
Razvan Lucian Cetanas1,600,000
Daniel Seweryn Nietrzebka1,450,000
Traian Bostan1,400,000
Yuriy Kudrynskyy1,250,000
Mircea Alexandru Flutur1,200,000
Johann Eclapier1,080,000
Mustafov Fahredin966,000
Narcis Gabriel Nedelcu840,000
Patrick Bueno830,000

Repping the UK is Sam Grafton, who's still in contention with a stack of 466,000 and blinds going into 8K/16K. PokerStars Blog reporter Dan Jones just caught a very interesting orbit at Grafton's table, so make sure you check back soon for all the action.

We'll be back later in the day on this quest to play down to a final table.

For live updates, check in with our friends at PokerNews here.

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Jack Stanton
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