PokerStars Festival Dublin: #PlayWithJake


If you follow Jake Cody on Twitter you'll probably be aware that he runs an occasional series called #PlayWithJake. The way it works is that Cody will describe a hand that he's played, but omit his hole cards. If you're the first person to guess his exact holding - suits and all - then you'll get a percentage of Cody's action in a future tournament.

We've got one of those below, but before we get into that Cody has some exciting news to share. "The Vlog will be making a return," he tells the PokerStars Blog. "I have a good idea for the reintroduction of what I want to do, but I can't reveal it just yet."

We last caught up with Cody during the WSOP Main Event and since then he's been a busy boy. "Since Vegas I've been splitting my time between Florida and Macau. I've been to Macau twice. It's been going quite well. I got ninth in one of the Macau Poker Cup High Rollers. I was there just after the typhoon hit and I was a bit worried going over on the ferry from Hong Kong as there was a typhoon warning. It was a level 1 warning and I thought that was terrifying but apparently level 1 is the lowest warning."

For Cody spending time in Macau was both a business and life decision. "I enjoy playing out there, but the lease on the apartment in London that I share with my friend Tom was finishing so I wasn't homeless but I was deciding what to do. Whilst I was waiting to move into a new place I decided I'd go to Macau. I've moved into a new place in London now a few days ago."


Cody, globetrotting and house hopping

Whilst he might have a new pad in London to crash at, it doesn't seem that he'll be making that much use of it."For the rest of the year, I'm planning to go to Macau at least once, maybe twice. I'll be going to Prague in December for sure, I'll play some of the PokerStars MegaStacks in England and cash games in London. That's about it really, a fairly quiet end to the year really." If that's a quiet end to the year, then we'd hate to see a busy one!

As well as live poker Cody put some hours in at the virtual felt during the WCOOP but didn't have the most exiciting of series. "I got like a 30th in a $1,000 event and a 50th in a $2,000 event. So no major WCOOP sweats. I was having a winning series until the final day, but dusted two bullets in the Main Event so ended up a small loser for the series overall."

In between Macau and Dublin, Cody stopped off in London and was a guest at the special live 100th epsiode of #PokerInTheEars at The Hippodrome Casino in London. "It was really fun, I was super impressed to how it translated to the live arena," he begins. "I thought they might have done quite a lot of editing when the made the show online but it came across really well. They were great, it was brilliant to be part of it. The highlight for me was hearing Dexter Fletcher talk. He had loads of great stories."


A big fan of Dexter Fletcher

So now to the hand in question, "It's a tough one to get," says Cody, but that's all the clues you're getting.

Tournament: PokerStars Festival Dublin €2,000 High Roller
Blinds: 200/400 ante 50


Pre-flop: "I've got about 40,000 to start the hand and my opponent covers. I'm pretty sure my opponent in the hand is a professional player, but I don't know him very well. He opens to 900 from the cutoff and I defend from the big blind.

Flop: A♠Q♠J♦ (pot 2,400)

"I check, he bets 1,025 and I call."

Turn: 8♦ (pot 4,650)

"This card puts a second flush draw on board, I check again, he bets 3,025 and I call."

River: 9♦ (pot 10,700)

"The river completes the backdoor flush draw and now any ten makes a straight. I lead for 9,600."

So think you've got a good read on Cody and can crack the code? We'll reveal the answer in this post at 18.30 BST. In the meantime tweet us @PokerStarsBlog with your guess.

Spoiler alert:

Time is up and this is what Jake had to say about the hand. Remember we left the hand with Cody having fired a big river bet. Was it for value or as a bluff? "My opponent tanked for four minutes and ended up calling with pocket aces for top set and I had K♠5♠ for a missed flush draw.

So it was a bluff from Cody and this is what he had to say about his river bet. "This is a great card that I can credibly represent. I've got loads of Q-10, A-10, J-10. I could easily have Q-X and A-X of diamonds and I think he checks back the river with his two-pair hands. It's not like I wouldn't be leading all those hands too, so I had to bluff at this. I'm trying to get him to fold a weaker two-pair or ace-king. Or a random ace. It was a really tough hand for people to guess, mainly because I could have K♠7♠ or K♠2♠ there. It doesn't really matter what my other spade is."

So there you have it, did you get it right?

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in Live Poker