PokerStars Festival Dublin: Stay warm and entertained with the Bluetooth Beanie

Chris Moneymaker was handed the microphone to perform "Shuffle up and deal" duties today and the man from the sweltering American Deep South couldn't resist a sly dig at the weather in the Emerald Isle.

"Welcome to sunny Dublin," he said. "That's the first time I've ever said that. Been here twice, rained both times." One could immediately tell what a riveting postcard-writer Mr Moneymaker must be.

But Moneymaker is right: it's sunny here in Dublin today and weather is set fair from now until the end of the week. But it's also true that it's not always the case in these parts, a fact acknowledged by the free gift being offered to players registering for the event.

On every chair at the start of the day, players found a PokerStars beanie hat, a clear indication that winter is coming. Keep those ears warm folks.


Tournament director Luca Vivaldi models the Bluetooth Beanie

However closer examination of the gift also revealed that this is no ordinary beanie hat. It works against the wind, that much is true, but it also doubles as a pair of headphones. This is a "Bluetooth Beanie" with a set of mini speakers knitted into each side of the hat.

As your ears are toasting in any conditions, you can also stay entertained with music from your phone, tablet or laptop. It's a remarkable simple and remarkable effective gadget.


The Bluetooth Beanie is the latest in a fine series of free gifts available to PokerStars Festival players. Who can forget the hip-flask with built-in shot-glass available at the London event in January?

Remember, registration is open for six levels today and then for six levels tomorrow too, so if you want one of these gifts, you'll need to get down to the Regency Hotel and sign up.

In the meantime stick around for interviews and feature articles from us, then hand-by-hand coverage via Poker News.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in Live Poker