PokerStars Festival Hamburg: Fabian Gumz enjoying the Festival's first year

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The new era of PokerStars Live events started just over a year ago with the very first PokerStars Festival in New Jersey, United States. Since then the tour has stopped in 12 other destinations across South America, Asia and here in Europe. This week in Hamburg we're enjoying the 13th Festival, and the last of 2017. It really is a global tour.

Those (almost) 13 Main Events along with all the side events at every stop has offered up a lot of opportunities for players to rack up multiple cashes. So, one year in, who are the most successful players in terms of number of cashes? Here's the top ten table:

PlaceNameCountryNumber of cashes
1stPark Yu CheungHong Kong12
2ndDaniel UlvrellSweden10
3rdSander van WesemaelNetherlands9
4thFabian GumzGermany8
4thRobert AuerAustria8
4thAlan King Lun LauHong Kong8
4thJack En Ching WuTaiwan8
8thJesse RosenSouth Africa7
8thPete Yen Han ChenTaiwan7

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Fabian Gumz: eight Festival cashes so far, including one this week

Fourth on that list is Fabian Gumz who is playing in the Day 1B today. He's cashed an amazing 18 times this year already for a total of $73,306. He'd only cashed for around $3,000 before this year so 2017 certainly marks a breakout (or transition) year for the young German. Here's a specific look at his PokerStars Festival record:

TournamentDestinationMonthPlace Cash
€ 330 No Limit Hold'em - Hamburg Poker CupHamburgNovember24th€ 850
€ 2,200 No Limit Hold'em - PokerStars National High Roller #13DublinSeptember6th€ 10,060
€ 170 No Limit Hold'em #8DublinSeptember7th€ 197
€ 170 No Limit Hold'em PokerStars Megastack #1DublinSeptember35th€ 360
€ 200 No Limit Hold'em - FPS Turbo EditionLilleJuly2nd€ 5,650
 € 1,100 No Limit Hold'em - PokerStars Festival Main Event #13LilleJuly47th€ 2,690
€ 300 + 30 No Limit Hold'em PokerStars Cup #30RozvadovMarch41st€ 700
€ 250 + 25 No Limit Hold'em Open #2RozvadovMarch1st€ 23,770

We witness Gumz win two pots on the bounce to get back above his 30,0000 starting stack. He was under the gun and went to a Q♦3♠9♠ flop. The action checked around to Parwesh Kumar in the cutoff who bet 3,600. Two players folded before Gumz check-raised all-in for 20,250. Kumar went deep into the tank before emerging to fold.

Kumar tried to win those chips back the very next hand, but failed. He opened to 1,300 from the cutoff and Gumz peeled from the big blind before both players checked an A♥A♦9♠ flop. Gumz had a 1,800 bet called on the Q♦ turn and the players went back to checking on the K♦ river. Gumz opened A♣4♥ and Kumar mucked.

We caught up with Gumz in the break and he told us a bit about his year in poker:

"I've had a decent year. It's been a good transition into live poker after playing a lot online before. I've had some good deep runs but nothing too special.

"I really like the PokerStars Festivals. I've been to Rozvadov, Marbella, Dublin - I kind of follow the tour! PokerStars makes fun for the players, good tournaments and I like these structures."

We'll keep an eye on Gumz and see if he can move further up that leaderboard as the week progresses.

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Marc Convey
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