PokerStars Festival Hamburg: Main Event starts today and Nebojsa Musulin is an Open champion

Another day and another Euro to play for here at the PokerStars Festival Hamburg. The final day of the High Roller will play to a winner from 5pm, but before that the focus is very much on the Main Event. Day 1A kicked off at 1pm and at the time of publishing, 90 players had entered.

They'll play twelve 45-minute levels and hopefully bag a stack for Day 2 on Saturday. If they fail to do that though, all hope is not lost. At 8pm on Friday, a re-entry only Day 1D flight will take place and will only be open for those who played, and busted, one of the first three flights.

PSF_Hambu_Manuel_Kovsca_Jan von Halle 3.jpg

Jan von Halle: playing the Main Event after busting the High Roller

Those hoping Day 1A will be the only flight that have to play to get through to Day 2 include German poker legend Jan von Halle, Peter Jaksland, Sergej Babarez, Angelo Benedetto, Ilja Neuenschwander and Andrey Andreev. The latter of these players failed to get through Day 1 of the High Roller despite using both bullets, and he's already the shortest stack in the Main Event. PokerNews is your destination for live updates.

A total of 28 players did make in through to Day 2 of the High Roller though, and 13 of them will leave satisfied later today if they manage to make the money. One player will leave very happy as the winner will take away €46,380. For details of what occurred on Day 1, click here.

PSF_Hambu_Manuel_Kovsca_Toni Vardjavand 18.jpg

Toni Vardjavand: in pole position

Talking of winners, Nebojsa Musulin is one of them. The €220 PokerStars Open came to a conclusion last night with Musulin winning €13,020 after a three-way deal and a thrilling heads-up battle against Michel Rieckoff. The heads-up was thrilling because Musulin managed to mount a miracle recovery after being down to as low as one big blind at one stage. Runner-up Rieckoff walked away €12,000, while third placed Gordon Kühnel earned €10,000 for his efforts.

PSF_Hambu_Manuel_Kovsca_Winner_Event#3_Pokerstars_Open_Nebojsa Musulin.jpg

Nebojsa Musulin: spun a winning tune

Musulin, a 42-year-old Serbian living in Berlin, is a DJ known in Berlin's music scene under the nickname 'Guess'. "Today I didn't care about money, the most important thing for me was to win the trophy" he said. "I was down to one big blind but, as they say, 'one chip one chair'".

The PokerStars Open had a total of 450 players with a €90,000 prize, pool, which was shared out amongst 69 players. Full final table results below:

Dates: November 18-21, 2017
Buy-in: €220

1Nebojsa Musulin€ 16,800€ 13,020
2Michel Rieckhoff€ 10,620€ 12,000
3Gordon Kühnel€ 7,600€ 10,000
4Mike Pascal Walter€ 5,990 
5Kai Bongers€ 4,710 
6Kai Münster€ 3,680 
7Ionnis Gytas€ 2,770 
8Sami Jacobs€ 1,930

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Marc Convey
@The_Conv in Live Poker