PokerStars Festival Hamburg: Who will follow Holke, Peters, Alt and Danzer?

May 2015. The month and year that a PokerStars event first took place in Hamburg, and specifically in Casino Schenefeld. The inaugural German Eureka Poker Tour event was a great success and so we returned last year to rinse and repeat. And here we are again for a third year but under a different guise. The Eureka Poker is no more but nothing has been lost and we return under the PokerStars Festival banner. Here's a round up of the major talking points from those first two events:


Tom Holke in his moment of glory

Holke and Peters shine brightest

Tom Holke was the standout player from the first Main Event, long before he actually took down the tournament for €107,920. The proud German was proudly showing off his country's colours in the hat, scarf and flag combo he wore from day one (see above photo for evidence). Holke played with joy and rode his enjoyment all the way to a first recored cash, a six-figure one! German poker legend Jan Heitmann bubbled the tournament that was (understandably) dominated by Germans.


Hamburg a happy hunting ground for Tobias Peters

The host country didn't have it its own way the whole week though. Tobias Peters - a player from the Netherlands - a neighbouring country and long-time fierce football rival - took the High Roller trophy back across the border. The Dutch grinder beat 81 players en route to a first place prize of €37,548. The especially long final table had to come back for a third day to be concluded and Peters took the extra and the trophy after he, Steven Abbey and Ali Sameeian made a three-way deal. A total of 11 players cashed and only two (including Peters) were not German, so it was still pretty much dominated by local players.

Festival results:

Frederic Albino€220 NLHE Turbo€ 2,936
Tobias Peters€2,200 High Roller€ 37,548
Ramali Kusnadi€330 PLO€ 19,710
Ahmad Kahvand€220 NLHE Turbo€ 5,150
Sahand Kurdo€330 Hamburg Cup€ 16,684
Mihai Taizs€220 NLHE Turbo€ 5,500
Tom Holke€1,100 Main Event€ 107,920

Goodbye Eureka

Holke's third recorded cash occurred the next (and last) time the Eureka Poker Tour came back in September last year, and it was in the Main Event once more. He wasn't able to defend his title, but cashing represented an admiral effort on his part.


Dinesh Alt banked the win

The title was taken out of the country for the first time too as Dinesh Alt banked the win. The Swiss player battered a 327 entry field to take home €69,120. George Danzer bubbled the final table after dominating proceedings for the previous two days, John Forst almost made back-to-back final tables (13th here; 6th in 2015), and (by then former) High Roller champion Peters cashed, coming 31st, to continue his fine form in Hamburg.


George Danzer dominated

Peters' High Roller title had already been passed along to Danzer earlier in the week. The three time WSOP bracelet winner kicked off his week of fine form by storming to victory in €2,200 buy in event. He beat Christian Stratmeyer heads up, and 57 other entries before €34,330 top prize was his.

Festival results:

Vallo Maidla€440 PLO€ 6,602
George Danzer€2,200 High Roller€ 34,330
Enrico Bonke€220 NLHE Turbo€ 2,745
Marco Wodrich€330 Hamburg Cup€ 20,240
Thomas Schroepfer€2,200 PLO High Roller€ 22,290
Marco Freese€550 Turbo Monster Stack€ 10,695
Thoams Kazemieh€150 Hyper Turbp€ 3,601
Dinesh Alt€1,100 Main Event€ 69,120

Welcome Festival

Holke, Peters, Alt and Danzer did themselves and the Eureka Tour proud, but it's a new era now. The PokerStars Festival is in town and new titles are there to be won. Despite the new name and branding, the schedule's pretty much the same. Check out the preview of all to expect from Hamburg this week by clicking here.

PSF_Hambu_Manuel_Kovsca_Branding 3.jpg

Check back in with us over the next six days for all of the latest developments. If you'd rather follow along with the action as it happens, check in with our friends at PokerNews.

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