PokerStars Festival London: £400,000 Main Event guarantee waiting to be shattered


More shimmering action at the PokerStars Festival London

Good afternoon all, and welcome back to a grey and overcast London. Or, to put it another way, welcome to London.

It may be wintry outside, but conditions are far more clement at the Hippodrome Casino, in Leicester Square, where it is a busy day at the PokerStars Festival London.

The £2,200 High Roller event will play to its conclusion--and with 47 players left, there's a long and winding road still ahead--while the £990 Main Event kicks off with its Day 1A.

The most significant note to make about the Main Event is its guarantee: the prize pool will be at least £400,000, even if it's just you and me who turn up. (And, to be honest, I'm not that good. We can do a heads-up deal if you like.)

Of course, that juicy guarantee is largely in place because we expect this to be a big one. With three "regular" starting flights--starting today (at 2pm), tomorrow (at 11am) and Friday (at 11am)--followed by a turbo, second-chance, Day 1D at 10pm on Friday, theres a very high chance of more than 500 runners.

Only time will tell, but don't delay if you fancy it.

Players get 30,000 chips for their £990, with blinds in Level 1 at 50/100. They will play 12 45-minute levels today, with 20-minute breaks after Levels 3 and 9 and a 75-minute dinner break after Level 6.

While all that is going on, the 47 survivors, from 178 entries, in the High Roller will be battling into the money, then to a final table, and then to a champion. Thirty-four places pay and there is £67,290 slated for the winner. (Full prize schedule.)

There are still some big names in that one, so it's going to be worth watching throughout.

As was the case yesterday, we will have feature articles and interviews here on PokerStars Blog, while our friends at Poker News keep their eye on chip counts and specific action hands.

Key tournament facts:

£990 Main Event

Dates: January 25-29, 2017
Buy-in: £900 + £90
Registration open until: Start of Level 7 (8.30pm)

Starting stack: 30,000
Level 1 blinds: 50/100

Additional information: Three starting flights -- Days 1A, 1B & 1C on Wed-Fri. Players eliminated on Day 1 can play the turbo Day 1D at 10pm Friday. (NB: No "new" entries into this flight; re-entries only.)

Live updates: via Poker News

£2,200 High Roller plays to a winner

Howard Swains
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