PokerStars Festival London: Bach busts to leave us with eight


Seven of our last eight (Rehman Kassam not pictured

Level 28 of the PokerStars Festival Main Event very nearly set a record. Very nearly. The clock had only about five minutes on it and not a single player had been eliminated, making it the first level of the entire tournament to suffer a knockout drought.

But then Guillem Cusco Bach, who was among the short-stacks, found J♦J♥ and Rehman Kassam, who was nearer the other end of the leader board, picked up A♠A♥. It all went in. A dry board later and Bach was out.

So it was that the tournament hit its official final table and the last eight went on a 75-minute dinner break. When they return, they'll have the following stacks.

Daniel HarwoodUnited Kingdom6,875,000
Rehman KassamUnited Kingdom5,400,000
Yuriy BoykoIreland4,850,000
Ludovic GeilichUnited Kingdom4,140,000
Clement TripodiFrance2,965,000
Alexis FleurFrance1,750,000
Lam Van TrinhUnited Kingdom1,195,000
Eric CechAustralia 1,080,000

We also now know a little bit more about all of our final table players. We'll have final table player profiles up very soon.

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Howard Swains
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