PokerStars Festival London: Bottoms up for the Main Event

Regular attendees of PokerStars Live events down the years have probably got a drawer full of t-shirts, another for hoodies and a third for caps. They're the holy trinity among a sea of items that were included PokerStars player bags down the years. Sure there were some funky gadgets too and the bags themselves were pretty cool, but once you've got one free PokerStars t-shirt you've basically got them all.

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Now, anyone who ever attended a UKIPT tournament knows that those events were as much about the craic as the cards and it's a sentiment the tour manager has carried over into the festival era.


Anyone for a wee dram?

Waiting at the tables for all entrants of the Main Event was a PokerStars Hip Flask. This wasn't just some bog standard 8oz stainless steel portable receptacle, though. There was a twist, a surprise. If you give the back of the flask a solid tap with the back of your hand then the circular PokerStars logo section pops out. It then extends to form a metal beaker into which you can pour whatever happens to be in your hip flask (as my less than glamorous assistant demonstrates here). "I fell in love with it at a trade show and I thought it would be a great gift," said David Curtis who's the Tour Manager for PokerStars Events in Europe.

The general reaction was nods of approval, especially when the twist was revealed. "I like it. It's pretty cool," said Daniel Efeturk before play began. "It's just nice to get a gift. I won't be using it today, though," he joked. David Docherty, a proud Scotsman from the home of whisky, soon joined him at the table. "Sick," he began. "I only dabble in whisky at New Year's," he added. Docherty, who finished eighth in the last UKIPT London Main Event, may not be allowed back into Scotland with remarks like that.

Niall Farrell though will not have his Scottish credentials revoked. "Rather have this than a hoodie," he remarked.

Whilst you might not be able to wear this gift when you make the final table and run out of clothes, it's likely it will endure for longer and see a lot more use once the event is over. Cheers to that!

You can follow live updates of Day 1A of the Main Event and Day 2 of the High Roller with our friends at PokerNews.

All the PokerStars Festival London schedule information is available on the PokerStars LIVE App, which is available on both Android or IOS.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in Live Poker