PokerStars Festival London: Flying in from across the globe

Nearly 20 million people came as tourists to London last year, making it the second most visited city in the world. This week, the PokerStars Festival in the Hippodrome did its bit to add to the tally for 2017, but where did they all come from? Well, I'm glad you asked.

Our indefatigable media co-ordinator Jen Mason scanned 778 passports this week and memorised all of them, allowing her to produce the following pie-chart representing the nationalities breakdown of this field.

(This data is based on the 944 total entries, including the Day 1D re-entry flight, but the nationality spread through that additional flight is roughly the same as the previous days.)

As you might expect, nearly half of the field came from the U.K. itself, but 57 countries had representatives here. Pretty much all corners of Europe were also on the list but they also came from as far afield as Argentina, Iran, Mongolia and Vietnam. (Whoever it was who came from Australia, well, good for the Air Miles, right?)

The complete breakdown of countries is there beneath the wonderful pictorial representation.


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Nationalities for PokerStars Festival London Main Event: United Kingdom - 410, France - 94, Spain - 43, Italy - 40, Norway - 33, Germany - 25, Israel - 23, Romania - 17, Poland, Portugal, Sweden - 16 each, Denmark - 15, Cyprus - 14, China - 12, Greece, Ireland, Japan, Lithuania, Netherlands, USA - 10 each, Lebanon - 8, Bulgaria, Switzerland - 7 each, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Hungary - 6, Canada, Moldova, Russia - 5 each, Czech Republic, India, Vietnam - 4 each, Malta, Slovakia - 3 each, Argentina, Croatia, Egypt, Iran, Mongolia, Morocco, Pakistan, Peru, Turkey - 2 each, Albania, Australia, Bangladesh, Estonia, Finland, Hong Kong, Iceland, Latvia, Malaysia, Monaco, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine - 1 each.

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Howard Swains
@howardswains in Live Poker