PokerStars Festival London: Hand of the day


Needle in a haystack comes to mind when trying to catch down decent action in a tournament that's spread over three floors, five different areas and near 50 tables. Imagine firing up PokerStars and trying to observe 50 tables across a computer, tablet and phone. You'll miss a lot of big hands. But, often our job is made easier for us by the fact that poker players alert us when there's big action taking place.

We don't mean they wave or shout at us to come to the table - although very occasionally that does happen - it's more that the general buzz around a table attracts us. A bit like bees to a honey jar, we can sense there's some good stuff to be had. Basically after keeping a poker face for so long, all the pent up emotion comes out when a player needs no longer keep their cards close to their chest because they're now face-up on the table.

A short time ago there was enough noise coming from table nine to suggest something serious was going down. Four players were on their feet and the 'wows', 'oh my gods' and general murmurings of disbelief suggested we were looking at an 'onlive' hand. That is a hand that the tinfoil hat brigade would have you believe only happens online, but was now happening live.

We arrived at the table with the hand all but over and with some of the cards face-down. However, the players pieced together action that had gone like this:

Raphael Rene Khalili, raised to 2,000 from under-the-gun, Martin Hogarty called from under-the-gun+1, Michael Brown (who was the biggest stack of the lot), three-bet to 8,000 from the hijack, Emmett Davis then jammed from the big blind and one by one the other three players called to create a four-way all-in!

This is what each player had:

Khalili: K♠K♣
Hogarty: pocket tens
Brown: A♣A♦
Davis: Q♥Q♣


Brown had the biggest stack and the best hand...

Only jacks were missing from this battle of the premium pairs. The fun and games weren't over though as the board added to the drama, coming as it did 7♣2♠5♣T♦Q♦. Aces got cracked, obviously. The turn gave Hogarty the lead with a set of tens but the river sent Davis into the lead, with a set of queens. He was the second biggest stack so he scooped the entire 120,000 chip pot, Brown was left with 35,000 and Khalili and Hogarty was eliminated.

Poker, it's a funny old game.


...but Davis won the pot

You can follow hand hand coverage of Day 1C of the Main Event courtesy of our friends at PokerNews.

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Nick Wright
@PokerStars in Live Poker