PokerStars Festival London: #Starsfun begins with win for Persaud


Let the StarsFun begin

Once you get immersed in the poker world it does become a bit of a bubble. I'm sure many of you out there have had conversations with, for want of a better phrase, 'non-poker friends', in which they're astounded that there's strategy to the game and that's it not at all like playing roulette or other casino table games.

As poker writers, we have those same conversations and are often met with confused looks as friends try and comprehend what the hell there is to write about this 'simple' card game.

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Well, we're not ashamed to admit that we became those friends when we heard that there was to be a #Starsfun Roulette Tournament during the PokerStars London Festival. Come again, a roulette tournament? How does that work? Where's the edge? Won't everyone just be going 'all-in' or lose all their chips? What sort of strategy could there possibly be? Won't it just be a massive luck fest? These were just some of the questions that flashed through our minds. Followed by, you know what, that does sound like fun! A nice break from having to think about the optimal river bluffing frequency or how many value combos your opponent has.

And 13 players obviously agreed as they all headed down to the speakeasy-style Lola's Underground Casino here at The Hippodrome Casino yesterday to take part in a £110 tournament. Much like poker only taking a minute to learn, the rules of the tournament were deceptively simple.

• Players split into three heats - two of four players, one of five
• Top two from each heat qualify for the final
• Each heat (and the final) lasts for five spins
• Each player begins with 500 points in chips (100 individual chips, each worth five points)
• Players must wager at least 50 points per spin
• The player(s) with the most chips at the end qualify/wins


Place your bets now

When all was said and done it was experienced poker player Nik Persaud who emerged victorious. He took the first prize of £800 and beat Guillem Cusco Bach (2nd, £350) and Marijonas Rocius (3rd, £150) to the title.


Persaud's greatest ever spin up?

The Roulette tournament was the first of three special #StarsFun events that are taking place during the festival here at The Hippodrome Casino. Today it's blackjack's turn in the limelight, while a craps tournament follows on Saturday. Like the roulette tournament, both cost £110 to enter.

If poker's more your bag then you can follow live updates of Day 1C of the PokerStars Festival London Main Event via our friends at PokerNews.

All the PokerStars Festival London schedule information is available on the PokerStars LIVE App, which is available on both Android or IOS. Also make sure to follow the @PokerStarsLive Twitter account of event information and announcements.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in Live Poker