PokerStars Festival Marbella: And then there were three

When we last checked in with the Main Event there were seven players left. We predicted that it might not stay that way for long as there were four stacks of less than 20 big blinds left in the tournament. Well, we don't always get it right, but in two hours the field of seven has been reduced to just three.

Fabrizio Privitena out in seventh

It's never easy. That's what they say and when Fabrizio Privitena shoved for 11 big blinds with Q♠T♠ and Ignacio López de Maturana found pocket aces it seemed for sure like it was ciao to the last Italian in this event.

However, the J♥9♣2♠ flop meant that Privitena suddenly had eight outs to crack aces. The board ran 9♥9♦ though and Maturana improved to a full house. Still a great run by Privitena who collected €22,300 for a fine showing this week in Marbella.


Privitena - pushed out in seventh

Lopez ladders to sixth

The exit of Privitena meand that José Carlos López had laddered up one spot, but at this time he was the clear short stack and there would be no more rungs added to his ladder. He found a good hand to get his final 5.5 big blinds in with though - pocket fives fittingly - and found himself involved in a race against Leo Margets, who held K♥J♥.

A king on the flop gave Margets the lead and left Lopez with just two outs. Neither appeared on the turn or river and he was out in sixth for a chunky payday of €31,200.


Lopez - laddered to sixth

Battle of the blinds busts Bárcenas

By this point it was only really Iñigo Naveiro who had a comfortable stack he was the dominating stack, with everyone else jostling for position. So, when the action folded to Leo Margets in the small blind and a short-stacked Ignacio Bárcenas in the big blind, she elected to shove with K♠5♣. Bárcenas had a hand he was willing to call off with and a premium one at that. He showed Q♠Q♥ and looked set to double up.

Poker can be a cruel game though and although the T♥6♠7♦ flop was safe enough the K♦ turn put Margets into a lead. It was one she held on the 2♦ river. A disappointing end for Bárcenas then but he headed to the payout desk some €42,100 richer.

PSF_Marbella_main_event_day_4_Ignacio Barcenas.jpg

Barcenas after he busted to Margets

Curto cut down in fourth

At the start of the day Fernando Curto was the chip leader but his race was run in fourth when he lost a race. In a battle of the blinds Curto raised it up with A♠Q♣, Iñigo Naveiro - who was the chip leader - set him in with pocket twos and Curto tank-called it off. The 2♦K♥7♣ flop all but ended proceedings and the 9♥3♥ turn an river changed nothing. Curto collects €54,100 for finishing fourth.


Curto shakes hands with Margets after busting out

Current chip counts

That knock out by Naverio meant that the rich got richer as the chip leader strengthened his grip at the top of the tree. With blinds at 100,000/200,000 ante 25,000 this is how the final three stack up.

Iñigo Naveiro 16,000,000
gnacio López de Maturana 4,000,000
Leo Margets3,800,000


Iñigo Naveiro has over 65% of the chips in play

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Nick Wright
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