PokerStars Festival Marbella: Main Event down to seven, Margets third in chips

I think that headline says it all, don't you?

But OK, I'll give you more details. They're down to seven in the PokerStars Main Event, but that could change quickly as there are some short stacks in desperate need of a double up right now.

PS_Marbella_Festival-462_Iñigo Naveiro.jpg

Naveiro leads

Iñigo Naveiro is chip leader right now (3:30pm) with 6.41 million (40 big blinds), while Leo Margets is in third place with 3.46 million (21 bigs).

Margets won a nice pot off Ignacio Bárcenas to shoot up the counts. With the 9♣9♦ she opened to 215K with blinds at 50K/100K, and Bárcenas three-bet it up to 560K, which Margets called. The flop came down A♣6♥4♥ and Margets check-called 350K to see the 7♣ turn. Both checked, just as they did on the 7♥ river. Margets showed her pocket nines, and Bárcenas mucked.

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Good day so far for Margets

We then lost Switzerland's Marco Paul Lander in eighth (€15,900). He got his 28-big blind stack all in with pocket jacks pre-flop, but was up against Bárcenas' pocket queens, which held up.

PS_Marbella_Festival-455_Marco Paul Lander.jpg

Lander out in 8th

Prior to that, John Divers of Scotland was eliminated in ninth place (€12,350). His pocket tens couldn't outflop Lander's pocket jacks. That set up our official final table.

PS_Marbella_Festival-467_Final Table.jpg

It's set to be pretty fast-paced for the next few levels as the stacks get shorter and shorter. Here are the full counts at the end of Level 31:

Iñigo Naveiro6,415,00040.1
Fernando Couto Gonzalez3,890,00024.3
Leo Margets3,460,00021.6
Ignacio Barcenas Romera3,030,00018.9
Fabrizio Privitena2,745,00017.2
José Carlos López2,600,00016.3
Ignacio López de Maturana1,630,00010.2

When they return, blinds will be 80K/160K. Stay tuned on the PokerStars Blog.

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Jack Stanton is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Jack Stanton
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