PokerStars Festival Marbella: More familiar faces about for Day 1B


Buenos Dias mi amigos, and welcome back to the Casino Marbella guessed it, sunny Marbella. The south of Spain is glorious right now, but for the players who have come here to take part in the €1,100 PokerStars Festival Marbella Main Event, the outdoor distractions are going to have to wait.

Today is Day 1B, meaning yesterday was...yep, you guessed it again: Day 1A. We had 302 entries on Wednesday, and we've already eclipsed that here with 400 sat down during Level 2. That number is only going to grow as more players take their seats. Remember, there's a €700K guarantee that's looking to be beaten.

But who's here? Well, two former champions in this very event are in the building. Isidoro Barreña took his one down in 2015, while Ludovic Geilich was the inaugural champ in 2013. Barreña is already sat down, while Geilich was spotted this morning at the hotel breakfast buffet, so it's likely he'll be playing today.

PS_Marbella_Festival-107_Isidoro Barrena.jpg

Barreña (right) going for another Marbella title

Another dude you may know who we also clocked at breakfast is EPT6 Copenhagen champ Anton Wigg. The Swede is already sitting in the Day 1B action.

PS_Marbella_Festival-112_Anton Wigg.jpg

Wigg at work

Sebastian Malec was hanging around the tournament area yesterday too, so it would be surprising not to see the EPT13 Barcelona victor taking a shot in this one. Meanwhile, the last ever Eureka Poker Tour winner Hubert Matuszewski is also out in the field.

To find out how things went yesterday, you can refresh your memory here. You can also take a look at the Day 1A survivors' chip counts here.

Remember, anyone who busted in Day 1A or Day 1B still has a shot of making it through to Day 2. Tonight, at 10pm, there's a turbo Day 1C flight with 20-minute levels, only available for players who have already fired a bullet. In that, we'll likely see Team PokerStars Pros Fatima de Melo and Marcin Horecki, Team Online's Lex Veldhuis, and PokerStars Brand Ambassador Stephen Hendry all back for another shot.

The players will play 11 45-minute levels before the chip bags are brought out. Stick with us on the PokerStars Blog throughout the day for features, interviews and more.

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Jack Stanton is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Jack Stanton
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