PokerStars Festival Rozvadov: 10 reasons to come and play poker at King's Casino

As a first-timer here in Rozvadov, I've got to admit: I didn't know what to expect. When you search for the place on Google Maps it looks like it's a small village in the middle of nowhere.

And then you get here, and...that's exactly what it is. But when you start to get a feel for the place, the beauty of King's Casino shines through. After all, you're in town for the poker, and that's the main attraction here. But there are plenty of things to enjoy while you're off the felt, too.

So if you're about to head over to Rozvadov, or you're planning a trip here for a future event, here are 10 reasons why King's Casino is an amazing place to play cards.

1. Great choice of games

King's Casino is a poker mecca, great for all bankrolls. During this PokerStars Festival, you'll find tournaments ranging from €100 buy-ins right up to €5,300, plus the regular weekly tournaments like the €15K GTD €120 Big Friday. Then, if you're unlucky enough to bust a tourney, you can always hop in a cash game. As I type this, the cash game area is chockablock, with €1-3, €2-5, €5-10, €10-25, €25-50 No Limit Hold'em games running, and €5-5, €10-10, €25-25, and €50-50 Pot Limit Omaha action on too.

PSF Rozvadov branding Tomas Stacha-0479.jpg

Thriving action

2. Free food and soft drinks

It's the little things sometimes that make all the difference. So many poker rooms around the world charge extortionate prices for a can of Diet Coke and a sorry excuse for a burger, but here at King's, there is a free 24-hour buffet in the Players' Lounge; and lemme tell ya - it's good. Brando Donapai, the restaurant manager at King's, said: "When people think about a free buffet, they expect the worst. They have in mind cheap and tasteless canteen food. Here at King's, we prefer a slightly different approach."

Kings Restaurant_24Feb17-thumb-450x300-310657.jpg

The Players' Lounge with free buffet

3. Fantastic restaurant

On top of the free buffet, there is also a fantastic restaurant offering up amazing dishes of both local and global cuisine. From kobe beef to fresh lobster, you'll be able to dine in style without breaking the bank, as both the food and wine is very reasonably priced. "We want only the best and we are always ready to do everything to give our guests everything they wish," Donapai said. "We fly in fresh vegetables from Italy twice a week. We buy our fish from the best fisheries and we have Omaha steaks that most places can only dream of."

Countryman and 2016 WSOP November Niner Vojtech Ruzicka once said, "[it is]one of the best restaurants in the whole [of the] Czech Republic. Trust me, I'm a foodie!"

4. Cheap bar

We're in the Czech Republic...need I say more?

5. Party

If you're here for an event like the PokerStars Festival, there will be a players' party offering up free drinks and an excellent time. But even if you fancied getting out of the casino for a while, there are a few clubs and bars nearby.

6. Friendly staff

As this place is all about poker, that means the player's are treated very well. Anything you need, the friendly staff at King's will be on hand to help.

7. Massage service

While you won't find Thee Best Hands - PokerStars' usual massage service - here at King's, you will find the Casino's very own masseuses on hand around the poker room. We haven't had one ourselves, but the faces we've seen mid-rubdown have looked very happy indeed.

8. Hotel attached

There's really nothing better after a long day at the poker tables than being able to just skip up some stairs or hop on an elevator and be in your room. That luxury is available here at King's, as the hotel is attached to the Casino. In fact, a brand new hotel is being built right now with over 100 new rooms.

9. Karlovy Vary

Just an hour away from the Casino is Karlovy Vary, a beautiful spa town founded in 1370 by Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia. Get a massage while you're there!

Karlovy Vary_24Feb17-thumb-450x300-310659.jpg

Karlovy Vary

10. Beautiful scenery

The surrounding area of King's Casino in Rozvadov is gorgeous. Lush, green forest landscapes stretch for miles around, making it excellent golfing territory. Or, if you're into fitness like Team Pro Bertrand 'Elky' Grospellier, an amazing place to go for your morning run.

We'll see you at King's Casino in Rozvadov soon!

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Jack Stanton
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