PokerStars Festival Rozvadov: A dramatic bubble-burst in the High Roller

Who says money bubbles are painful? In Rozvadov they've been a walk in the park.

In the Main Event yesterday the bubble burst a mere two hands into hand-for-hand play - but it happened even faster moments ago in the High Roller with 22 players remaining and just two away from a €3,437 min-cash.

I arrived at the tables for the first hand-for-hand, where I faced three all-in's on the four remaining tables.


Here's how they played out:

All in number one

PSF Rozvadov high roller - final day Tomas Stacha-4712.jpg

With blinds at 3000/6000, Michael Uguccioni raised to 12,500 in early position followed by a flat from Robert Zipf one seat over.

With a little over 10 big-blinds remaining, Frenchman Jean Paul Zaffran announced all-in by placing his remaining 71,000 chips in the middle.

It put Uguccioni in an awkward position wedged between the two. After asking for a count, Uguccioni eventually re-shoved for a little over 140,000.

Zipf grimaced before folded what he later said was ace-king.

At showdown Zaffran flipped over 8♦8♠ to Uguccioni's delight as he showed 9♣9♥.

The board ran clean and Zaffran was eliminated to reduce the field to the final 21.

All in number two

PSF Rozvadov high roller - final day Tomas Stacha-0578.jpg

Meanwhile on table two, a big pot was brewing between David Urban and EPT13 Barcelona champ Sebastian Malec.

With over 100,000 in the pot on an A♠6♣2♣ board, Malec continued in the small blind with a bet of 55,000, It prompted a long tank from Urban before a delayed call.

The 8♥ turn was good enough for Malec to announce all-in for 177,500 - enough to cover Urban by a mere two blinds.

"I don't have an Ace" announced Urban in an attempt to get a read from Malec. "If I did I'd snap it."

After a while Urban shows the K♣ before throwing his other card into the muck.

All-in number three

PSF Rozvadov high roller - final day Tomas Stacha-0572.jpg

And finally on table number three, Santosh Srinivas placed his remaining 35,000 in the middle which received a call from Zoltan Ban in the big blind.

With more than enough chips to cover Srinivas, Zoltan turned over K♦Q♣. It gave Srivinas a glimmer of hope as he showed 8♠8♥.

But it wasn't to be for Srinivas as the board ran K♠6♥5♦2♥3♣ and made the Indian today's unfortunate bubble boy.

PSF Rozvadov high roller - final day Tomas Stacha-0590.jpg

As we reach the mid-way point of Level 10, the post-bubble bust-out bonanaza has led to the elimination of a further five players, including PokerStars Team Online Randy 'nanonoko' Lew who's optimistic 3♥3♦ shove for 100,000 wasn't enough to hold against Zoltan Ban's 5♣5♥.

With 15 now left in the field, stay tuned for an update as we approach the final table here bubble here in Rozvadov.

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Dan Jones
@PokerStars in Live Poker