PokerStars Festival Rozvadov: A midday-ish update from Day 1A

As level six comes to a close on Day 1A of the Main Event here at PokerStars Festival Rozvadov, we're now way over the mid-way mark. It's strange giving a midday-ish update given that it's just gone 9pm here in the Czech Republic, but as the saying goes, when in Rome-zvadov...

... do as the Czechs do! And from what we've seen of the action so far that means turning up to play. Although the late-registrants continue to find their way to the tables, an impressive 183 players have started the day, with 136 remaining in the four levels left to play.

PSF Rozvadov Main Event 1A Patrick Börnicke Tomas Stacha-9923 copy.jpg

Patrick Börnicke leads right now

Of those still with a seat at the table are current chip-leader Patrick Börnicke who secured the first knockout of the day when he called a river shove on an A♣7♠3♦5♠K♠ board with 4♦2♦ to hit a straight against his opponents A♥A♠. PokerStars Team Pro Marcin Horecki is also still alive, but barely. The Polish pro now sits just below starting stack on around 24,000 chips following a short-stacked double up.

PSF Rozvadov Main Event 1A Marcin Horecki Tomas Stacha-9811.jpg

Horecki's short but confident

Here are the chip-counts of the top ten as we hit the break:

Patrick Börnicke 150,000
Steve Toisul 110,000
Antje Henschel-Schmidt 98,000
Vasilij Shvarev 98,000
Jeffrey Szlanyinka 95,000
Gonzalo Araujo 90,000
Francois Mittertreiner 90,000
Nikolai Lagoda 85,000
Antonina Anapolska 77,000

It hasn't been fun and games for all. Former November-niner Pierre Neuville was eliminated in level five when his top two pair ran into a disguised bottom set. It's also been a testing day for WSOP bracelet winner Jörg Peisert who sits on 18,000 chips - half the field average.

PSF Rozvadov Event 19 Kings High Roller Tomas Stacha--10.jpg

Neuville, in happier times

But the day is still young - or old - actually, it's neither - it's kind of in the middle.

Stay tuned for more.

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Dan Jones
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