PokerStars Festival Rozvadov: Kabrhel has the ME chip lead; Kleyman scores double knock-out

You're never going to guess who's the PSF Rozvadov Main Event chip leader. Go on, guess. I bet you can't. I'd bet my life savings you can't. I'm all in that you can't.

*colleague whispers in ear*

What?!! Whaddaya mean Kabrhel's name is in the headline followed by 'has the chip lead'? Gah. Well that's that game ruined. Enjoy my life savings won't you? Don't spend the £20 all at once.

PSF Rozvadov main event day 2 Martin Kabrhel  Tomas Stacha-1722.jpg

Swell from Kabrhel

Martin Kabrhel is indeed the chip leader right now. A few hands ago he'd managed to get his stack up to 1.3 million - which at the time was 500,000 more than his closest competitor. However he just lost a few chips in this last orbit.

Kabrhel opened from the cutoff and Michael Rohde three-bet from the big blind, which the Czech called. They saw a 4♣Q♣K♥ flop and both checked to the T♥ turn. Now Rohde led out for 55,000 but Kabrhel didn't budge, taking them to the 3♠ river. Rohde continued for 65,000, and here's where things got interesting.

Kabrhel announced "I'm all in" and tossed in two black 100K chips. The dealer then placed an all-in triangle next to his chips, as is the usual standard. Thing is, Rohde didn't hear Kabrhel, anddidn't see the all-in triangle. He thought it was just a raise to 200,000, so he pulled back his 65,000 and matched that amount.

The floor was called and Rohde's error was explained to him, and he was told he could either fold or call all-in (i.e. the 200K he'd put in didn't stand). In the end he decided to call in for his entire 296,000 stack, and it ended up being a good thing he did. Kabrhel showed the J♣7♣ for busted straight and flush draws, meaning Rohde's A♦K♠ for top pair was good. The bizarre thing after the fact is that Kabrhel was complaining the ruling, arguing that the 200K should stand, and yet a fold from Rohde was the only way he could win the pot!

Anyway, Rohde doubled up to 800,000, and despite that loss Kabrhel is still out in front with 940,000* at 4K/8K/1K blinds.

*Scratch that. We've just been told he's won a 250,000 pot, so he's back up to around 1.2 million.

Meanwhile on the next table down, Roman Kleyman got very lucky to win a big pot and move into second place with 820,000. Huseyin Arkun was short and moved all in from under the gun for 126,000. It folded to Kleyman and he flat called, only for Michael Hierl to jam over the top for 226,000.

Kleyman went into the tank but eventually called off the remaining 100K with frustration, seemingly knowing he was beat. He was right; his T♥T♦ was way behind both Hierl's A♦A♠ and Arkun's Q♠Q♥.

...Until the K♣T♠5♣ flop. Kleyman had hit a set, and it held up after the 6♦ turn and 3♥ river to bust both Hierl and Arkun. The two Germans hit the rail, while Kleyman moved into second.

PSF Rozvadov main event 1C Husein Akun Tomas Stacha-1302.jpg

Arkun can't believe it

It's the Martin Kabrhel show here in Rozvadov, with 89 of 1,123 remaining. Keep checking back with us to hear all the latest stories from the floor.

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