PokerStars Festival Rozvadov: Kamaras leads once again with 37 left; ElkY and London champ still in

Listen up. It's now 3:40am. We've been at this for more than 16 and a half hours now. We're sleepy, hungry, and a little achey. But you know what? Today was too good not to tell you about.

When the 507-strong Day 2 field sat together for the first time at midday today, we thought there was no way it would be whittled to a final three tables, despite the 12 60-minute levels. Unfortunately we were right; 37 still stand, meaning tomorrow will require plenty of action before we reach the final table.

PSF Rozvadov main event day 2 omg chip leader Peter Kamaras Tomas Stacha-4522.jpg

Kamaras thanks the heavens...again

The man most likely to be taking a seat on it right now is the same guy who ended Thursday's Day 1A on top: the spectacularly-bearded Peter Kamaras. He had a steady day before getting an enormous double up right at the end of the day to surge to the chip lead. You can view all of the overnight chip counts here.

In the hand in question, Kamaras made it 42,000 to go and Stanislav Koleno called from the small blind, as did Oleg Mandzjuk from the big. The flop came the K♠3♣5♥ and it checked to Kamaras, who made a 58,000 c-bet. Koleno called it, but Madnziuk gave it up. The 8♠ turn saw both check, taking us to the 5♠ river - talk about an action card.

Kamaras tanked for a good while before continuing again for 125,000. Koleno tanked too and then bumped it up to 325,000, only for Kamaras to shove all-in for 847,000. That bet took the wind out of Koleno, but after another spell in the end he eventually made the call.

Kamaras: 3♦3♥
Koleno: A♠Q♠

Koleno had rivered the flush, but it wasn't good enough to beat Kamaras' rivered full house. The Hungarian ended the day with 2.541 million, and is sat in pole position.

The biggest story of the day? Well that surely belonged to Mr. Martin Kabrhel. The now-infamous Czech was up to his usual tricks all day, using speech play and some funky moves to get his opponents to make mistakes. We took a closer look at Kabrhel's antics earlier on, which you can read here.

PSF Rozvadov main event day 2 Kabrhel  Tomas Stacha-1614.jpg

Kabrhel made some noise

He was the first player to crack the million chip mark, and remained out in front for a couple of levels. However, his stack began to dwindle at the business of the day, and he bagged up 563,000.

Then we had the sole remaining PokerStars Team Pro, none other than Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospellier. ElkY came into Day 2 with a 69,700 stack, which he soon ran up to above 200K. After spending a few hours on the TV table, the Frenchman eliminated Lukasz Tomecki with his A♠Q♣ against Q♦J♥ all-in pre, to bring his stack up to 600K.

PSF Rozvadov main event day 2 Elky Tomas Stacha-4406.jpg

Deep run for ElkY

Then, just before the start of the day's final level, ElkY secured a big double up. In a heads-up pot against Arunas Jocius, the two went to a K♠J♠9♣ flop, on which ElkY bet 66,000. Jocius called to see the 4♥ turn, and there was no slowing down from the Twitcher. ElkY continued for 155,000, only for Jocius to jam over the top. ElkY snap-called with the Q♣T♥ for a flopped straight, which was best against Jocius' A♦K♦. That brought him up to 1.6 million, and he'd then finish things with a very respectable 1.694 million.

The third, and perhaps most exciting development of the day is that of Rehman Kassam. The Brit took down the inaugural European PokerStars Festival in London back in January for £89K, and is now very deep in this one too, ending play with 570,000. If he can make it two out of two for PokerStars Festivals, then you might as well just hand him the trophy if he turns up to the next Festival in Chile.

PSF Rozvadov main event day 2 Rehman Kassam Tomas Stacha-4264.jpg

Kassam's the man

But where there are survivors there must be casualties. PokerStars Team Online's Jaime Staples and Randy 'nanonoko' Lew busted early on the day, sending Staples on a plane to Panama for the PokerStars Championship and Lew straight into the €2,200 High Roller here at King's. The good news for Lew is that he ended Day 1 of that event in 8th place with a 186,100 stack, where he now sits nine eliminations away from the money.

Vojtech Ruzicka busted in 40th (€4,269) with 30 minutes left on the day when he lost an all-in race with the A♠K♦ versus Marian Flesars T♠T♦ despite an ace hitting the flop (the turn was the T♣). Moreover, €5,300 King's High Roller winner Vladimir Troyanovskiy fell after less than a level today, and Eugene Katchalov couldn't make it to the money either.

Here's a reminder of what the remaining 37 players are competing for (you can view the entire prize pool and payouts here):

1   € 146,464
2   € 105,265
3   € 75,654
4   € 54,373
5   € 39,078
6   € 28,086
7   € 20,186
8   € 14,508
9   €14,508

Tomorrow (Monday) is the final day of this event, so despite the fact there are still 37 players left, we'll definitely be crowning a PokerStars Festival champion tomorrow, come rain or shine (or sleepless nights). Make sure you join us back here on the PokerStars Blog from 12:30pm Czech time when cards are back in the air.

Until then, why not have a read through all of our coverage from Rozvadov?

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