PokerStars Festival Rozvadov: Kiselev leads remaining 29 going into final day of High Roller

It's been another eventful day here in Rozvadov as Day 2 of the PokerStars Main Event powered on, and the PokerStars High Roller kicked off. With 118 entries in total, the remaining 29 will all share a piece of the €228,920 prizepool - and the winner will take home a cool €47,929.

As we pass the 1AM mark in the King's Casino and the clock comes to a stop - 29 remain.

Among them are the star of today's show Randy 'nanonoko' Lew, who picked off player after player in a murderous fashion - including 2015 November-niner Pierre Neuville in his fourth and final bullet.

Lew's flurry of action came following a double up in Level 7. With only 16,000 chips in the pot on a A♦8♥6♦A♠9♠ board, it looked like it was going to be an uneventful showdown. But when Rasmus Agerskov's bet of 10,700 prompted an effective all-in from Lew and a call, the pot swelled to 97,000. Agerskov flipped over A♣5♣ as Lew showed A♥9♦ for the nut full house. Lew wound up bagging 186,500 at the close of play.

PSF Rozvadov high roller - day 1 nanonoko Tomas Stacha-4152.jpg

Nanonoko - the star of the show

Leading the field is Russian Daniil Kiselev who bags 286,000. Anestis Anagnosidis sits in a close second on 239,000 all thanks to a Jack on the river that saved him from an early exit. The Greek moved all-in with a short stack of 16,900 chips on the button to two calls with J♦J♥. They looked good against Tomas Soderstrom's 8♣8♦ but not so good against Leonardo Mancuso's K♦K♣. The board eventually came 9♥4♥4♣T♣J♠ to send a stunned Soderstrom to the rail.

PSF Rozvadov high roller - day 1 Daniil Kiselev Tomas Stacha-4470.jpg

A happy chip-leader Daniil Kiselev

Other notable names still in contention include EPT13 Barcelona Main Event champ Sebastian Malec who bags up 223,000, Eugene Katchalov who sits on 72,500 and Pierre Perrino who bubbled the Main Event earlier on today alongside the two other bubble boys to finish with an above-average 136,000.

But it hasn't been a good day for everyone. Vladimir Troyanovskiy who took down the King's High Roller earlier this week for €52,208 was eliminated early on alongside Polish PokerStars Team Pro Marcin Horechi.

The remaining 29 will battle it out tomorrow from 2pm when play resumes, until we crown an eventual winner. The full prize-money list can be found here, and full chip counts can be seen below:

Daniil KiselevRussia286000
Anestis AnagnostidisGermany249000
Dorin RautaRomania236500
Sebastian MalecPoland223000
Boris KuzmanovicCroatia220000
David UrbanSlovakia194000
Paul SkipperUnited Kingdom190500
Randy LewUnited States186500
Stefan SchulzeGermany172500
Antoine VrankenNetherlands147000
Pietro Errante ParrinoItaly136000
Oren RosenIsrael116500
Zoltán BánCzech Republic115500
Eric MorIsrael106500
Jean-Paul ZaffranFrance94500
Robert ZipfGermany76500
Michael UguccioniItaly75500
Martin BartošSlovakia73000
Santosh SrinivasIndia72500
Eugene KatchalovUnited States72500
Vytautas LaurinaitisLithuania70000
Aviv MeiriIsrael66000
Michael KoranSwitzerland63000
Emil LukáčSlovakia61000
Gediminas JanuškevičiusLithuania59500
Mirko WillschGermany50000
Nasr El NasrGermany42000
Phillipp TeipelGermany41000
Leonardo MancusoItaly41000

We'll see you tomorrow folks.

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