PokerStars Festival Rozvadov: Koleno leads the last 12 as Main Event very slowly approaches final table

It's already been a long nine-hour-plus day here at King's Casino, as we watch the PokerStars Festival Main Event ever so slowly trickle its way down to a final table.

When we last spoke we had 16 remaining, and two 75-minute levels later we're only down to 12. But here's all the important info you need to get you up to speed.

PSF Rozvadov main event final day Stanislav Koleno Tomas Stacha_3STB_1885.jpg

Stanislav Koleno

Our chip leader right now is Stanislav Koleno, who has been on a tear ever since Michael Rohde doubled him up.

On a 2♣K♠7♣ flop and with four players in the action, Marian Flesar checked and Koleno led out for 375,000. It was then on Rohde and he raised it to 1.3 million. Artürs Ščerbaks got out the way, as did Flesar, and it was back on Koleno had a decision. "You're not folding, you're gonna call," said Rohde. He was wrong though; Koleno jammed, albeit only for 1.7 million total, and Rohde snap-called with the K♥T♣ against Koleno's A♣9♣. The turn came the 8♦, but the 6♣ river gave Koleno the nut flush.

The 16th place finisher was Roman Kleyman, who found himself in a three-bet pot against Leonardo Romeo. The board showed the Q♠3♠J♣7♠ when the action was picked up, and we saw Kleyman lead into it for 450,000. Romeo then shoved for around 1.6 million and Kleyman didn't rush into a decision. He went deep into the tank and roughly three minutes later made the call to put his tournament at risk.

PSF Rozvadov main event final day Roman Kleyman Tomas Stacha-1936.jpg

Roman Kleyman

Romeo flipped the Q♥T♥ for top pair, and that was best against Kleyman's A♠7♦ for just third pair but the nut flush draw too. There was 4 million in the middle (making this the biggest pot of the tournament so far), and in the end the 9♥ river couldn't improve the Russian's hand, so he was outta here to collect €6,803.

Next to drop was Robert Schunemann, who jammed for just over a million with the respectable A♥Q♥. Cenk Oguz made the call with the 9♦9♥ and we were off to the races. It was a sprint that Oguz would win when the board ran out 7♣7♠T♠6♠J♠, meaning the nines held up. After a prize pool pay jump, Schunemann won €8,680 for 15th.

PSF Rozvadov main event final day Robert Schünemann Tomas Stacha-1991.jpg

Robert Schünemann

Then we lost Patrick Börnicke in 14th. The German busted to Stanislav Koleno in a blind on blind all-in pre hand in which Koleno jammed the small blind with the Q♥7♣ and Börnicke called the big blind with K♠5♦. The dealer put out a 6♦A♣6♥7♥4♣ board and that meant Börnicke was sent to the cagel where he'll also be given €8,689.

PSF Rozvadov main event final day Patrick Börnicke Tomas Stacha-1956.jpg

Patrick Börnicke

And finally Arünas Jocius busted in unlucky 13th for €8,689. He was the short stack with just 470,000, so it was no surprise he shoved when he picked up the K♦J♦. Unfortunately for him, Jan Stariat called and had him dominated with the K♣Q♠ as they went to the board. It started off looking good for Jocius, as the J♣ appeared in the door of the flop. Unfortunately it was joined by the 9♣ and Q♥, followed by the 9♦ and Q♦.

PSF Rozvadov main event final day Arünas Jocius Tomas Stacha-1873.jpg

Arünas Jocius

Here are the chips right now:

Stanislav KolenoSlovakia4990000
Marián FlešárSlovakia4385000
Michael RohdeGermany4065000
Péter KamarásHungary3475000
Oguz CenkBelgium3260000
Sonay KehyaNetherlands"3180000
Leonardo RomeoItaly2550000
Artürs ŠčerbaksLatvia2320000
JAn StariatCzech Republic1660000
Petr SvobodaCzech Republic1440000
Michal Jan LubasPoland1145000
Mindaugas JonuškisLithuania940000

We need four more eliminations before we reach our official final table, but first the players have gone on a 45-minute dinner break. Keep checking back with us on the PokerStars Blog and we'll let you know who makes the final eight.

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Jack Stanton
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