PokerStars Festival Rozvadov: Looking back on Luca's triumph of love, and other winners from King's

What does your girlfriend make of your love of poker? Does she get angry at you for spending too much time on the felt? Do you find yourself having to make apologetic meals when it gets a bit too much and promising that you'll pay her more attention?

Here's a suggestion. And it's only a suggestion.

How about you dump her, find a girl who loves the game as much as you do and you can play cards around the world together? The end of arguments, a life of living happily ever after. You never know, perhaps one day you could even find yourself facing each other for a title.


Ivan Luca and girlfriend Maria Lampropoulos

Unbelievably, this was the exact situation Ivan Luca found himself in last time we were in Rozvadov when he faced his own girlfriend Maria Lampropoulos on the final table for the Season 6 stop of the Eureka Poker Tour.

The Argentinian couple didn't just make the final table together. After knocking out player after player, they ended up achieving something remarkable: facing each other heads-up for the title.


Maria and Ivan heads up for the trophy

With the final day landing on International Women's Day, it seemed written in the stars for Maria to take down the tournament. But it wasn't to be. Having come off a heater to rival that of Fedor Holz's run in 2016, Luca ended up taking home the trophy and an impressive €106,000.

I wonder whether there were any arguments off the back of it...

This was just one of the many stories to come out of Rozvadov from the Eureka Poker Tour which has visited the village over the past four years.

As well as the incredible story of Luca and Lampropoulos, there's the story of Bart Lybaert who took it down in Season 3 for his first major cash at the tender age of 21. And the classic rags-to-riches tale of online qualifier Martin Meciar who spun up his €27 euro buy-in to secure a €93,000 victory in Season 4.


Lybaert (right) - Eureka3 Rozvadov champ 2013

So as the Eureka stop turns into the PokerStars Festival, who's next in line to take the first ever PokerStars Festival to hit continental European soil? Will it be one of the many Team Online Pro members expected to enter the main event? Could it be Kings Casino owner and high-stakes destroyer Leon Tsoukernik? Or perhaps even Rozvadov's first Czech victor?

Stay tuned to PokerStars Blog to find out.

The history of Eureka in Rozvadov

Eureka3421Bart Lybaert (€115,000)
Eureka4493Martin Meciar (€93,000)
Eureka5664Raphael Wimmer (€99,685)
Eureka6682Ivan Luca (€106,186)

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