PokerStars Festival Rozvadov: Main Event final table player profiles

Get to know a bit more about our final table players, including their position and chip counts at the beginning of this final table:

Stanislav Koleno
Position: 5th
Chips: 4.34 million

PSF Rozvadov main event final day Stanislav Koleno Tomas Stacha-1959.jpg

Slovakia's Stanislav Koleno is one of the more accomplished live tournament players left in the field, with a resume that boasts $389,247 earnings. His biggest cash came only last month, when he finished second in the Czech Republic's €700 No Limit Hold'em Premier Million for an incredible €160,000. That means that even if he won this Main Event, it wouldn't be his biggest score! Koleno also has plenty of cashes from Eureka and Estrellas events, as well as a win in a 2015 WSOP circuit event here in Rozvadov for €49,781.

Marián Flešár
Position: 3rd
Chips: 5.215 million

PSF Rozvadov main event day 2 Marian Flesar Tomas Stacha-4383.jpg

Another player hailing from Slovakia, Marián Flešár has $66,419 in career earnings. His biggest cash, from a tournament in Nottingham back in October 2016, was for £24,360, but he also has more than a dozen smaller cashes to his name.

Michael Rohde
Position: 1st
Chips: 6.355 million

PSF Rozvadov main event final day Michael Rohde Tomas Stacha-1966.jpg

Germany's Michael Rohde has just one poker cash to date (a fifth place finish in a weekly tournament held in Rozvadov, good for €1,732), meaning whatever happens on this final table he'll be walking away with the biggest score of his poker life.

Péter Kamarás
Position: 5th
Chips: 5.01 million

PSF Rozvadov main event final day Peter Kamaras Tomas Stacha-1742.jpg

Hungary's Péter Kamarás has had an incredible run in this event. He ended Day 1A with the chip lead, came into Day 2 with the chip lead, and came into this third and final day with the chip lead too. It's clear to see why when you see he has won $465,000 in live tournaments to date. Kamarás' cashes spread all around the world, but his biggest include a fourth-place finish in the IPT1 Nora Gorica Main Event (€57,000); another fourth-place finish in the IPT2 Nora Gorica Main Event (€55,000); and a third-place finish in the 2015 Barcelona Poker Cup at EPT12 (€46,900). A win today would give him a new career best.

Oguz Cenk
Position: 2nd
Chips: 5.92 million

PSF Rozvadov main event final day Oguz Cenk Tomas Stacha-1999.jpg

Belgium's Oguz Cenk also has career earnings in the six figures, with $218,000 and counting. His largest score came at the 2011 Euregio Poker Challenge, in which he finished second for €20,010. Other cashes come from a variety of different tours, mostly held in his native country.

Jan Stariat
Position: 7th
Chips: 1.9 million

PSF Rozvadov main event final day Jan Stariat Tomas Stacha-1996.jpg

There are no recorded live cashes from native Czech player Jan Stariat, but he clearly knows what he's doing; you don't navigate your way through a 1,123-strong field without a trick or two up your sleeve. Stariat is an online player who's relatively new to live poker, and won his entry into this event for just €82 on PokerStars. What a spin-up!

Petr Svoboda
Position: 8th
Chips: 1.285 million

PSF Rozvadov main event final day Petr Svoboda Tomas Stacha-2002.jpg

Czech player Petr Svoboda cashed an event earlier in this PokerStars Festival - a €550 PLO tournament - for €1,173. That brought his live winnings up to $13K, so even if he goes out in eighth tonight he'll have more than doubled that total in one single score.

Michal Jan Lubas
Position: 6th
Chips: 3.575 million

PSF Rozvadov main event final day Michal Jan Lubas Tomas Stacha-1949.jpg

Poland's Michal Jan Lubas' poker career really got a kickstart at EPT13 Barcelona when he finished third in the PokerStars cup for €60,200. That's his biggest win to date, contributing the vast majority to his $68,897 total earnings. Four of his five cashes have come from PokerStars events.

Jack Stanton
@J_W_Stanton in Live Poker