PokerStars Festival Rozvadov: Schulze catapults to big Main Event chip lead as bubble approaches

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Schulze sits on top right now

We have a new chip leader in the PokerStars Festival Rozvadov Main Event, and it's Germany's Felix Schulze.

He's up to 450,000 right now, while the average stack is only 135,846 towards the end of Level 14. His big upwards chip swing came courtesy of a three-way all-in, featuring fellow German Niko Wieland, and an unknown short-stacked player who met his demise.

Schulze kicked off the hand with an under-the-gun open to 5,400, which the shorty called, as did the small blind player, and Wieland then defended from his big blind. The dealer spread a 5♣8♥7♣ flop which checked to Schulze, who then took a moment to eye up his opponents. After a peek at the short-stacked player - who reports say was looking like he was ready to shove - Schulze checked too. Indeed, the shorty did indeed jam.

That shook off the small blind player, but Wieland made the call. With the action back on Schulze, he then check-raised it up to 69,600, only for Wieland to them move all-in himself! Schulze snapped it off and the three hands were flipped.

Schulze had the 8♦8♣ for top set, while Wieland had been coolered with his 7♦7♠ for middle set. The short-stacked player had the Q♦Q♠ for an overpair to the board, which meant a queen could still save him. The turn 5♠ turn only improved Schulze to a winning full house, so unless a queen or the case seven hit the river he was destined for the chip lead. The 9♠ was neither of those. Wieland lost 194,500 in that hand and dropped to just 15,000.

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Kassam going strong

Meanwhile, PokerStars Festival London winner Rehman Kassam is up to 350,000 now. If he wins the first two Festival Main Events back to back, that will be an incredible feat.

One notable player to be eliminated in cruel fashion was PokerStars Team Online's Randy 'nanonoko' Lew. He explained his bust out hand in a tweet:

As we type there are just 237 now remaining, with 215 players making the money. That means in 21 bust-outs we'll be on the stone bubble.

Check back with us on the PokerStars Blog soon as we'll bring you all the bubble bursting action.

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Jack Stanton
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