PokerStars Festival Rozvadov: The Midday update from Day 1B of the Main Event

As the enormous clock in the tournament area ticks down towards the end of Level 5, we thought we'd bring you all the happenings here from Day 1B of the PokerStars Festival Rozvadov Main Event.

Right now, there are 214 players left from the 248 who have taken their seats so far, but registration is open right up until the beginning of Level 7. The main stories from early on in the day were that of Martin Kabrhel, Andreas Eiler and Vladimir Troyanovskiy.

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Kabrhel (right) and friends

If you're not familiar with Kabrhel yet, let's just say that sometimes he can play a little aggressively - both in terms of his betting and his talking. A lot of the time it works for the Czech player; just take a look at his deep run at the final EPT stop in Prague back in December. There, Kabrhel played his game to his perfection - developing a rivalry with Philipp Gruissem in the process - on his way to an 18th place finish and a €34,630 score. That brought his live earnings up to $2,104,301.

But today was a short day for Kabrhel. His 30,000 starting stack began to dwindle almost immediately, and not long into Level 2 he found himself all in and needing to hit. He had ace king and was up against Mario Tiedmann's pocket nines, but found no help on the runout.

"Can you please register me for Day 1d tomorrow? I already busted", Kabrhel said as he exited. That means we'll definitely see him again in this event.

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Eiler's running good in Rozvadov

On the flipside, Austria's Andreas Eiler had an amazing start to the day, doubling up his starting stack in the first level and eliminating Christian Taepper in the process. Picking up the action on the turn of a 5♦8♣A♥T♠ board, Taepper made it 1,255 to play only for Eiler to raise to 4,225. Dan Long Banh made the call, and Taepper came along too.

The river was the 4♥ and Taepper led for 5,700 after Banh had checked to him. Eiler then shoved, getting a fold from Banh and a tank-call for his last 9,000 from Taepper. However, it turned out to be the wrong decision; Taepper's pocket fives looked good having flopped a set, but Eiler had hit a miracle river with his 3♠2♠ to give him the wheel. Eiler moved up to 60,000 after that one, and will be looking for another deep run after finishing fifth in the King's High Roller last night for €16,150.

Speaking of that high roller, we didn't expect to see its winner - Vladimir Troyanovskiy - arriving quite so early. After all, he was playing heads up with Eugene Katchalov until 4:30am last night. But he's here to play, as is Katchalov. Both have around starting stack right now (30,000).

But who's leading?

The chip leader currently is local hero Michal Mrakeš with 110,000, who took down a huge pot to bust one player and leave another with just 1,000.

On a K♦8♦5♠2♣4♠ board, Mrakeš, Ilber Tairi and Uwe Geiermann had all their chips in the middle. Then we saw the cards:

Tairi: 5♦5♣
Geiermann: 8♥8♠
Mrakeš: K♣K♥

WHAT. A. FLOP. The set over set over set gave Mrakeš almost four times what he started with, sent Tairi to the rail, and left Geiermann in dire straits. Mrakeš has $564K in career earnings, so it's safe to say he knows what he's doing.

All that's left to tell you is that Twitch superstar and PokerStars Team Online member Jaime Staples is in the building...he's just not playing. He'll be in the action tomorrow for Day 1C.

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