Sunday Million Live: Final day live updates

• Congratulations to Philipp Salewski, winner of the Sunday Million Live and €111,674
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9pm: Philipp Salewski wins the Sunday Million Live (€111,674); Dominik Alexander Kabas eliminated in second (€92,011)
Level 36 - Blinds 1,500,000/3,000,000 (500,000 ante)

It's all over and Philipp Salewski has won the first ever Sunday Million Live. On the final hand he limped from the button with A♠J♠, Dominik Alexander Kabas shoved for 34.6 million with K♣7♥ and Salewski snap called.

The 3♠4♥4♠ flop left Kabas drawing thin, the 4♦ turn bought some chopportunities but the Q♦ changed nothing and it meant Salewski was the champion! The two players shook hands and exchanged a few kind words as they left the table. A full wrap of the final day's play is on the way. --NW


Well played Philipp Salewski

8:45pm: A short break
Level 35 - Blinds 1,000,000/2,000,000 (300,000 ante)

The players are taking a short five to ten minute comfort break. Salewski still leads with 62.9 million to the 38 million of Kabas --NW

8:40pm: Salewski stretches into the lead
Level 35 - Blinds 1,000,000/2,000,000 (300,000 ante)

There haven't been any big pots as yet, but even the small and medium pots are significant with just 50 big blinds in play. Those small and medium pots have been going the way of Philipp Salewski and, as a result, he as a 2:1 chip lead. It's 67.7 million for Salewski and 33.2 million for Kabas. --NW

8:30pm: Heads-up chip counts
Level 34 - Blinds 800,000/1,600,000 (200,000 ante)

Just seven big blinds seperate the two remaining players. Dominik Alexander Kabas is playing a stack of 57.2 million and Philipp Salewski has 43.7 million.

A reminder that there is €10,000 still to play for, Kabas locked up €92,011 in the four-way deal and Salewski has €101,674 tucked away. --NW

8:30pm: Jozef Komorny eliminated in third place (€81,093)
Level 34 - Blinds 800,000/1,600,000 (200,000 ante)

We're heads-up in Rozvadov and it's Jozef Komorny who's out in third. It was always going to be a struggle for him to come back from the short stack and so it proved. In his exit hand Kormony limped from the small blind with 8♣6♣ and Kabas checked his option with 6♦3♠.

On the 4♠3♣2♥ flop Kormony check-called a bet of 2.5 million and the 6♥ fell on the turn. This improved Kormony to top pair (he also had an inside straight draw) and it was enough for him to shove his final 8.3 million into the middle. With two pair Kabas snap called and Kormony saw the bad news.

The Q♣ river meant that Kormony was eliminated and that we're heads-up for the title in Rozvadov. -NW


Third palce for Kormony

8:20pm: Big double for Salewski
Level 34 - Blinds 800,000/1,600,000 (200,000 ante)

The tide is turning at this final table and it's turning towards Philipp Salewski. He's the new chip leader after doubling through Dominik Alexander Kabas. The latter shoved from the small blind with Q♥T♦ and Salewski called all-in from the big blind for 22 million with A♥3♥.

The 8♥2♥9♠4♥4♦ board meant it was all over on the turn as Salewski made the nut flush. After that hand he's up to 45 million and Kabas is down to 43.2 million. -NW

-STB_7007Sunday Million Live Rozvadov 4.9.2017 final dayPCMON2017Tomas Stacha.jpg

Philipp Salewski has pulled himself back on top

8:15pm: Salewski doubles through Komorny
Level 34 - Blinds 800,000/1,600,000 (200,000 ante)

Philipp Salewski three-bet all-in for seven big blinds with A♥Q♣ and Jozef Komorny - who already raised to 5 million, called off the extra with 9♥8♥.

The board ran A♦T♠4♠Q♥2♠ and Salewski survived. He's up to 23.6 million (14 big blinds) and Komorny is down to 9.9 million (6 big blinds). -NW

8:10pm: Komorny doubles through Kabas
Level 33 - Blinds 600,000/1,200,000 (200,000 ante)

Finally, a chink in the armor of Dominik Alexander Kabas, with both his opponents playing under 10 big blinds, the German shoved all-in with A♦5♦. That got rid of Philipp Salewski, but Jozef Komorny was going nowhere. He had A♥K♥ and called all-in for 9.2 million.

The cards were flipped and James Hartigan said: "The way Kabas is running the flop will probably be all diamonds," it wasn't, but the 5♥2♠4♣ flop did give Kabas the lead. The 2♥ turn helped Komorny as it gave him a flush draw and he got there the hard way on the K♦ river. Komorny doubles to 19.2 million and Kabas slips to 70.4 million. --NW

8pm: All Kabas, all the time
Level 33 - Blinds 600,000/1,200,000 (200,000 ante)

Flop better Dominik Alexander Kabas! Flop better! He got trappy, limping Q♣Q♥ from the small blind and Philipp Salewski checked his option with K♣3♥. The chip leader flopped a set on Q♠4♣2♥ and continued the deception, he checked and Salewski did likewise.

If a set wasn't enough, Kabas improved to quads on the Q♦ turn, he fired out a bet and Salewski called. On the 9♦ river Kabas went for more value, but his bet of 4.8 million went uncalled and Salewski mucked his cards. -NW

-STB_7036Sunday Million Live Rozvadov 4.9.2017 final day Dominik Alexander KabasPCMON2017Tomas Stacha.jpg

Kabas eyeing up your chips

7:55pm: Kabas in charge
Level 33 - Blinds 600,000/1,200,000 (200,000 ante)

Dominik Alexander Kabas is the man in control of this final table. He already had the chip lead, and he just won a big pot against Jozef Komorny to extend that lead. Kabas raised to 2.5 million from the button with T♠9♦, Philipp Salewski passed A♠4♦ from the small blind and Komorny then defended from the big blind with 6♠5♣.

The T♥8♦2♣ flop was checked through and the K♦ fell on the turn. Komorny led for 3 million on the turn and Kabas smooth called. The K♠ completed the board and Komorny bet again. This time it was 6.5 million for Kabas to call and he damn near snap-called.

He took that pot and chipped up to 71.8 million, Salewski has 19.1 million and Komorny is down to 9.6 million. -NW

7:45pm: Karel Kovarik eliminated in fourth place (€76,522)
Level 33 - Blinds 600,000/1,200,000 (200,000 ante)

A set-up of a hand means we've lost Karel Kovarik in fourth place. Dominik Alexander Kabas opened with pocket tens and Kovarik looked down at pocket nines. He had 15.7 million in total and took more time than was really needed to move all-in. It got back to Kabas and he snap-called.

Kovarik saw the bad news and slammed his pocket nines down on the felt. The board ran 6♣6♥Q♥7♥4♠ and although Kovarik picked up a flush draw on the turn, he missed the river and is out in fourth. --NW

-STB_7042Sunday Million Live Rozvadov 4.9.2017 final day Karel KovarikPCMON2017Tomas Stacha.jpg

Karel Kovarki's nines couldn't cut it

7:35pm: Kabas gets there
Level 33 - Blinds 600,000/1,200,000 (200,000 ante)

If in doubt, call a couple of streets and get there!

We jest of course, but that's just what happened in a hand between Philipp Salewski and Dominik Alexander Kabas. The former raised it up from the button with K♦J♦ and Kabas called with a dominated K♥5♦.

Salewski barreled the 3♦T♦3♥ flop and 7♣ turn and Kabas check-called both streets with just king-high. His inferior king-high turned into the best hand on the 5♥ river, and it checked to showdown. Kabas is up to 40.1 million after winning that hand and Salewski is down to 27.8 million. --NW

7:30pm: Bring it back
Level 33 - Blinds 600,000/1,200,000 (200,000 ante)

We're back! The deal is done and cards are back on the air.

7:20pm: Ratified
Level 33 - Blinds 600,000/1,200,000 (200,000 ante)

We have a deal. Players have agreed on the following circumstances and payouts after some intense negotiation involving high-level poker diplomats.

Philipp SalewskiGermany36,800,000€101,674
Dominik Alexander KabasGermany29,900,000€92,011
Jozef KomornySlovakia19,200,000€81,093
Karel KovarikCzech Republic15,600,000€76,522

This deal also leaves €10,000 for our eventual champion.

7:10pm: Deal talk
Level 33 - Blinds 600,000/1,200,000 (200,000 ante)

The players are talking over a deal. Luca Vivaldi - who's the tournament director - is going to crunch the numbers for the players. He'll offer them both ICM and chip chop numbers and then it'll be up to the players (and one advisor) to negotiate a deal.

These are the stacks of the four players:

Philipp SalewskiGermany35,000,000
Dominik Alexander KabasGermany29,300,000
Jozef KomornySlovakia19,500,000
Karel KovarikCzech Republic16,700,000

And this is what's still left to play for:

1st - €136,000
2nd - €100,000
3rd - €73,500
4th - €53,700

A reminder that, as part of any deal, the players will have to leave 10% of the remaining prize pool to play for. --NW

7:02pm: Andrei Kurdyukov eliminated in fifth place (€39,680)
Level 34 - Blinds 600,000/1,200,000 (200,000 ante)

Down to his final big blind, Andrei Kurdyukov was likely getting it in pretty wide. As it is, he picked up A♠9♣ and that was more than enough to go with. Philipp Salewski held pocket jacks, he raised and that was enough to get Jozef Komorny to fold pocket sixes.

The hands were revealed and the players looked on as a 5♦5♠J♠ flop hit the felt. "Welcome to boatsville!" said Joe Stapleton in the commentary booth. Salewski had flopped a full house and although the 8♠6♠ turn and river improved Kurdyukov to a flush, it wasn't enough and he exited in fifth. --NW

-STB_7046Sunday Million Live Rozvadov 4.9.2017 final day  Andrei KurdyukovPCMON2017Tomas Stacha.jpg

That's the end of the line for Andrei Kurdyukov

7pm: Salewski's double leaves Kurdyukov on life support
Level 33 - Blinds 500,000/1,000,000 (100,000 ante)

Philipp Salewski just won the biggest race of his life to go from short stack to chip leader. Andrei Kurdyukov raised to 3 million with pocket nines, Salewski shoved for 15 million with A♦Q♥ and Kurdyukov, who had Salewski covered by 1.2 million, called.

The 7♣A♠J♦ flop moved Salewski into the lead and he stayed there on the 4♣6♣ turn and river. --NW

6:50pm: Werner Nather eliminated in sixth place (€29,000)
Level 33 - Blinds 500,000/1,000,000 (100,000 ante)

Poor Werner Nather, he just got creative - one of the first times we've seen such play at this final table - and he paid the price. Pre-flop, Dominik Alexander Kabas min-raised from a stack of 16 big blinds with 6♦6♠. Nather held J♠T♥ and called from the small blind.

The two saw a 6♥2♠8♣ flop hit the table. Nather elected to lead for 2.2 million and Kabas played it cool by just calling. Nather improved on the J♦ turn, but he was still drawing dead. He wasn't to know, of course, and led for 3.4 million. He had just 4.1 million back, Kabas decided now was the time to shove with his set and Nather called off his remaining chips with top pair. The inconsequential Q♠ river completed the board and Nather was on his way.

That knockout takes Kabas into the chip lead with a stack of 31.1 million. --NW

-STB_7052Sunday Million Live Rozvadov 4.9.2017 final day Werner NatherPCMON2017Tomas Stacha.jpg

Creativity didn't work out for Werner Nather this time

6:40pm: Kurdyukov continues to chip up
Level 33 - Blinds 500,000/1,000,000 (100,000 ante)

With just 100 big blinds in play, and six players remaining, every pot won is precious and Andrei Kurdyukov just took another much needed pot. Dominik Alexander Kabas min-raised with pocket fours from the hijack, Kurdyukov had pocket sevens and elected to flat call from the button.

That gave Philipp Salewski a great price to call from the big blind with 7♦5♦, so it was three-way to a flop. That flop fell K♠7♣6♣. Kurdyukov bet his flopped set and both opponents folded. --NW

6:30pm: Kurdyukov back in the game
Level 33 - Blinds 500,000/1,000,000 (100,000 ante)

A crucial double up for Andrei Kurdyukov means he's up to 14 big blinds and back in the game. Jozef Komorny raised it up with K♥Q♣ and called the extra when Kurdyukov shoved for 6.5 big blinds with A♣T♠.

Neither player connected with the 4♥2♠8♦8♣9♦ board and Kurdyukov survived. He's up to 14.1 million and Komorny is down to 17.7 big blinds. --NW

-STB_6994Sunday Million Live Rozvadov 4.9.2017 final day  Andrei KurdyukovPCMON2017Tomas Stacha.jpg

Andrei Kurdyokov showing us the direction his chip count just went

6:25pm: No action for Nather
Level 33 - Blinds 500,000/1,000,000 (100,000 ante)

From a stack of under nine big blinds, Werner Nather raised to 3 million straight. The reason soon became clear, he had pocket aces. Would an all-in shove have worked better?

In the end it didn't matter as no one had a hand to take him on with and he picked up some much needed blinds and antes. -NW

6:15pm: Komorny takes the chip lead
Level 33 - Blinds 500,000/1,000,000 (100,000 ante)

On the first hand back from the break, Jozef Komorny took the chip lead. He was in the big blind with J♠6♠ and Philipp Salewski completed from the small blind with Q♠7♥. Komorny tapped the table and the two players saw a 5♦5♣4♦ flop hit the table. Both players checked and the 6♣ landed on the turn.

It was an interesting card as Salewski now had an open-ended straight draw and Komorny had hit top pair. When Salewski checked the action to him, Komorny took the opportunity to bet. He fired out 1 million and Salewski called. The 6♦ river improved Komorny to a full-house and this time he bet 2.8 million. There was no snap-fold from Salewski and indeed after a spell in the tank, he made the hero call. He saw the bad news and slipped down to 16.2 million, whilst Komorny is now up to 25 million. -NW

-STB_7024Sunday Million Live Rozvadov 4.9.2017 final day Jozef KomornyPCMON2017Tomas Stacha.jpg

Jozef Komorny is back on top

6:00pm: We're back
Level 33 - Blinds 500,000/1,000,000 (100,000 ante)

The final six players are back and the blinds have reached the seven-figure mark. Here's how the final six stack up coming into Level 33.

Karel KovarikCzech Republic24,200,000
Philipp SalewskiGermany21,100,000
Dominik Alexander KabasGermany20,800,000
Jozef KomornySlovakia19,700,000
Werner NatherGermany7,800,000
Andrei KurdyukovRussia6,900,000

5:45pm: Break time
Level 32 - Blinds 400,000/800,000 (100,000 ante)

That's the end of level 32 and the players are now on a 15-minute break. --NW

5:40pm: Kurdyukov makes a tight fold
Level 32 - Blinds 400,000/800,000 (100,000 ante)

The action folded to Karel Kovarik, who was on the button, and he looked down at A♣K♥. He moved all-in for 22.75 million and we then saw that Andrei Kurdyukov had 4♦4♥. The Russian had just 6.9 million and was this his time to take a stand? Evidently not as he elected to fold his pair. Werner Nather folded the big blind and as he took the pot Kovarik showed his hand to the table.

5:25pm: Filip Zak eliminated in seventh place (€21,400)
Level 32 - Blinds 400,000/800,000 (100,000 ante)

We'll never know if Filip Zak's fold of ace-king cost him a bunch of money, but we do know that it earned him almost €6,000 as he laddered one spot to seventh.

That was as far as he went though. In Zak's exit hand, Karel Kovarik opened to 3 million with pocket jacks, Andrei Kurdyukov called with A♦T♦ and Zak then moved all-in for 4.2 million with pocket tens.

Kovarik then tried to re-raise all-in, but because Zak's shove was for only 1.2 million more than Kovarik's open, the Slovakian couldn't reopen the action. His only option was to call, and once this was explained, he called and Kurdyukov also called.

On the 4♦3♠2♠ flop, Kovarik followed through with his all-in plan and moved all-in for 8.3 million. Kurdyukov had a wheel draw and the overcard, but he folded and the cards were revealed. The 5♠ turn would've given Kurdyukov the wheel had he stuck around, Zak now had chop outs, but the 4♣ river was a brick and he was eliminated in seventh place. -NW

-STB_6981Sunday Million Live Rozvadov 4.9.2017 final day Filip ZakPCMON2017Tomas Stacha.jpg

Filip Zak peaces out.

5:15pm: Markus Kowalski eliminated in eighth place (€15,500)
Level 32 - Blinds 400,000/800,000 (100,000 ante)

From the button, Jozef Komorny moved all-in for just over 14 million with 9♣9♦. Markus Kowalski had only 2.4 million and called all-in with J♥T♠. The 5♣Q♠K♠ flop wasn't bad for Kowalski, as he now had an open-ended straight draw (although Komorny had two of Kowalski's outs).

But, the 4♣ turn and 5♥ river kept Komorny in front and eliminated Kowalski. -NW

-STB_7031Sunday Million Live Rozvadov 4.9.2017 final day Markus KowalskiPCMON2017Tomas Stacha.jpg

Markus Kowalski

5:10pm: Not a Zak attack
Level 32 - Blinds 400,000/800,000 (100,000 ante)

"That wasn't a Zak attack, that was a Zak surrender," said James Hartigan.

Here's what made the PokerStars commentator say those words. From early position Filip Zak raised to 2.3 million with A♣K♣, leaving himself just six big blinds behind. The action folded to Jozef Komorny, he had pocket tens and moved all-in.

Back on Zak, he tanked for a while and then folded the ace-king, leaving himself with just six big blinds. A strange fold on the face of it, but what do you think? Let us know via @PokerStarsBlog on Twitter. -NW

-STB_7034Sunday Million Live Rozvadov 4.9.2017 final day Filip ZakPCMON2017Tomas Stacha.jpg

What do you think of this Zak attack?

5:01pm: Salewski shoves
Level 32 - Blinds 400,000/800,000 (100,000 ante)

"The first pot, the first pot I win," said Philipp Salewski as he raked in chips.

It was indeed the first pot that the German has won at the final table and he had to shove to earn it. It came in a blind-on-blind battle against Werner Nather. The latter min-raised with A♠2♥ and Salewski - who had him covered - shoved for just over 16 big blinds.

Nather gave it a dwell but ultimately folded. He's down to 10 million. -NW

-STB_7072Sunday Million Live Rozvadov 4.9.2017 final dayPCMON2017Tomas Stacha.jpg

Philipp Salewski gets his debut final table pot

4:50pm: Patrick Vogelsanger eliminated in ninth place (€11,300)
Level 31 - Blinds 300,000/600,000 (100,000 ante)

Down to just eight big blinds, Patrick Vogelsanger moved all-in from under-the-gun+3 with 7♦7♠ and Dominik Alexander Kabas called with Q♣Q♦.

The 9♠K♦5♣4♥2♦ board kept Kabas in front and eliminated Vogelsanger in ninth. With that hand Kabas takes the chip lead and is up to 40 big blinds. At the other end of the scale Filip Zak is down to seven big blinds and Markus Kowalski has just six big blinds. The bad news for them is that the blinds are about to go up. -NW

-STB_7059Sunday Million Live Rozvadov 4.9.2017 final day Patrick VogelsangerPCMON2017Tomas Stacha.jpg

Patrick Vogelsanger

4:35pm: Back-to-back Zak attacks and Kovarik strikes back
Level 31 - Blinds 300,000/600,000 (100,000 ante)

Filip Zak just picked up ace-king twice in succession. On the first he open-raised and got it through uncontested. On the second he again open raised from a stack of 14 big blinds and picked up calls from Karel Kovarik (K♣Q♣) and Andrei Kurdyukov (A♣J♠).

The 4♥5♠6♦ checked through, as did the 5♦ turn. On the Q♦ river Kovarik shoved for his remaining 6.7 million and picked up the pot. With that boost he's up to third in chips with 12.95 million.

It's been an incredibly cagey start to the final table but the pay jumps are getting significant with the difference between ninth and eighth €4,200. The chip leader now has 26 big blinds, whilst the shortest stack has eight big blinds. -NW

4:20pm: Kovarik gets a double
Level 31 - Blinds 300,000/600,000 (100,000 ante)

The shortest stack of the final nine belongs to Karel Kovarik. He had just 2.825 million and moved all-in with A♣6♦. Andrei Kurdyukov had pocket fours, but elected to pass and the action passed to Philipp Salewski. The chip leader held K♦Q♠, he called and put Kovarik at risk.

The A♥2♥3♦ flop was great for Kovarik and the hand was over on the 9♠ turn. Kovarik doubled to 7.45 million and Salewski drops down to 17.075 million. --NW

-STA_1242Sunday Million Live Rozvadov 4.9.2017 final dayPCMON2017Tomas Stacha

Karel Kovarik

4:05pm: Nather chips ups in a curious hand
Level 30 - Blinds 200,000/400,000 (50,000 ante)

"We should be racing, we should be flipping," said Joe Stapleton from the commentary booth. The players couldn't hear him, but the man had a point.

Markus Kowalski was the player who got the action started. He raised to 925,000 with Q♥J♥ and it folded to Andrei Kurdyukov in the small blind. The chip leader had pocket sixes, would he put Kowalski to the test?

No. He flat called.

It looked like a good decision when we learned that Werner Nather, who was in the big blind, had A♠K♠. He had around 16 big blinds, but an all-in shove was not forthcoming. Instead, Nather made it 2,350,000 to go. Kowalski folded - and slipped under 10 big blinds - and Kurdyukov elected to just smooth call.

The Q♠7♣A♦ flop was all Nather and Kurdyukov folded to Nather's flop bet of 2.4 million. Nather is up to 11 million, while Kurdyukov drops to 19.75 million. -NW

3:57pm: Kowalski shoves
Level 30 - Blinds 200,000/400,000 (50,000 ante)

The action folded to the hijack and Patrick Vogelsanger opened to 925,000 with A♠9♥. Markus Kowalski was in the small blind and he moved all-in for 3.85 million. Vogelsanger never looked like he was willing to call it off. He folded and preserved his stack of 19 big blinds and Kowalski chipped up to over 5 million. -NW

3:50pm: Shake up the blinds
Level 30 - Blinds 200,000/400,000 (50,000 ante)

The floor announced some changes to the structure. Levels will now be adjusted based on the amount of players left.

When we get down to five players, levels will shrink to 40 minutes.

When we reach four players, we'll have 30-minute levels and when we're down to three, levels will be just 20-minutes long. --AV

3:45pm: We're back
Level 30 - Blinds 200,000/400,000 (50,000 ante)

The final nine are back and there's about 14 minutes left in Level 30.

Action time.

-STA_8888Sunday Million Live Rozvadov 4.9.2017 final dayPCMON2017(c)Stacha Tomas

3:20pm: The final table line-up
Level 30 - Blinds 200,000/400,000 (50,000 ante)

This is how the final nine at the Sunday Million Live will line-up. Andrei Kurdyukov still leads, but only by one big blind from Philipp Salewski. There will now be a short break, written updates and cards-up coverage will commence at roughly 3:45pm.

-STA_1318Sunday Million Live Rozvadov 4.9.2017 final day FTPCMON2017Tomas Stacha

1Jozef KomornySlovakia10,675,000
2Markus KowalskiGermany4,350,000
3Filip ZakCzech Republic8,350,000
4Dominik Alexander KabasGermany12,675,000
5Karel KovarikCzech Republic4,125,000
6Andrei KurdyukovRussia22,825,000
7Werner NatherGermany6,525,000
8Patrick VogelsangerSwitzerland8,600,000
9Philipp SalewskiGermany22,400,000

3:17pm: Simon Schobel eliminated in 10th place (€8,300)
Level 30 - Blinds 200,000/400,000 (50,000 ante)

The final table of the Sunday Million Live is set and it's the unlucky Simon Schobel who has just missed out on making it.

Jozef Komorny shoved from the small blind and Schobel called off his last 4 million with A♦J♥. Komorny was drawing live with Q♠9♣ and flopped best on Q♣T♦3♦. The 9♠ improved him to two pair but gave Schobel additional straight outs. The A♣ hit Schobel's hand, but not hard enough to save him. He departs in tenth, whilst Kormony is up to around 11 million.

There will now be a short break while they do a redraw of the final nine and get official chip counts of the final table players. We'll be back shortly. --NW

3:10pm: Heiko Maass eliminated in 11th place (€8,300)
Level 30 - Blinds 200,000/400,000 (50,000 ante)

Heiko Mass was down to just three and a half big blinds and he looked down at 9♦5♥ in the small blind. Ahead of him, Andrei Kurdyukov raised to 800,000 on the button with K♦5♦ and Maass decided he had enough of a hand to stick his chips in with and, when it folded back to him, Kurdykov put in the extra 550,000 required to call.

A 2♥7♦A♠J♥6♣ run out meant Kurdyukov stayed in front. We're now down to 10 players and with one more elimination the final table will be set. --NW

-STA_8908Sunday Million Live Rozvadov 4.9.2017 final dayPCMON2017(c)Stacha Tomas

Heiko Maass

3:05pm: Salewski sucks some up
Level 30 - Blinds 200,000/400,000 (50,000 ante)

Philipp Salewski has taken a large lead at the outer table, crossing the 20 million mark.

A big chunk of those chips came from Jozef Komorny. Salewski raised to 850,000 that hand and Komorny three-bet to 2.2 million from the button.

Salewski called and and the flop came T♠J♦9♦. Salewski bet 2 million when checked to and Komorny called. A 5♥ came on the turn and Komorny checked again. Salewski moved all in and that took down the pot.

Komorny was left with 5.6 million after the hand while Salewski chipped up to 20.5 million. --AV

3:00pm: Mario Langer eliminated in 12th place (€6,100)
Level 30 - Blinds 200,000/400,000 (50,000 ante)

Mario Langer was brought in from the feature table to fill Ralph Habig's seat and he didn't last long. The executioner, again, was Dominik Alexander Kabas. Perhaps he has a grudge with that seat.

Langer was down to 2.5 million and moved all in from the button. Kabas called from the big blind and tabled 4♦4♥. Langer showed A♣6♠ for a flip but the board brought him no help.

It brought a lot for Kabas though since he hit a full house on the 9♠K♥3♠4♣3♦ board. Kabas chipped up to 13.5 million. --AV

-STA_1254Sunday Million Live Rozvadov 4.9.2017 final dayPCMON2017Tomas Stacha

Mario Langer

2:53pm: Ralph Habig eliminated in 13th place (€6,100)
Level 30 - Blinds 200,000/400,000 (50,000 ante)

Another elimination at the outer table to tell you about. It started with an all-in shove from early position from Dominik Alexander Kabas. He had 5.825 million and Jozef Komorny wanted a count. He tanked and folded what he later claimed was pocket jacks, but Ralph Habig was not going to let his cards go. He had less - about 4 million - and he called all-in.

Habig: A♦K♥
Kabas: 6♠6♣

The 6♥5♠J♥ gave Kabas a set and an iron grip on the hand as Habig needed runner-runner. It was at this point that Kormony claimed he'd folded jacks, and to be fair, he did look a bit gutted so it's not as outlandish claim as it may sound. The 3♠ turn and 7♣ river meant there was no reprieve from Habig and he wished the table good luck as he left. Down to 12 now and Kabas is up to 10.5 million after that knockout. --NW

-STA_1212Sunday Million Live Rozvadov 4.9.2017 final dayPCMON2017Tomas Stacha

Ralph Habig

2:47pm: Daniyal Rizwan Butt eliminated in 14th place (€4,500)
Level 30 - Blinds 200,000/400,000 (50,000 ante)

One of poker's old sayings is 'never go broke in an unraised pot' but that's just what happened to Daniyal Rizwan Butt. He limped from the small blind from a stack of around nine big blinds and Jozef Komorny checked his option.

-STA_1217Sunday Million Live Rozvadov 4.9.2017 final dayPCMON2017Tomas Stacha

Daniyal Rizwan Butt

The flop fell 7♥K♦4♠, Rizwan Butt led for 425,000, Komorny raised it up to 1.4 million, Rizwan Butt shoved for a little over 3 million and Komorny snap called. He showed 7♦4♥ for a big blind special that had flopped two-pair. Rizwan Butt had K♣J♦ and needed help. None arrived on the A♠T♣ turn and river and he was knocked out in 14th place.

After that hand Komorny is up to 10.5 million. --NW

2:33pm: Mikhail Filatov eliminated in 15th (€4,500)
Level 29 - Blinds 150,000/300,000 (40,000 ante)

Another pair of aces, another elimination.

Philipp Salewski raised to 650,000 from middle position and Mikhail Filatov moved all in for 4.35 million from the button. The blinds folded and Salewski snap-called. Filatov showed A♥T♣ and Salewski, of course, showed A♦A♣.

The Q♣Q♠T♦5♣K♦ brought Filatov a pair of 10s, but it wasn't enough to take down aces. Filatov won €4,500 for finishing 15th while Salewski chipped up to 13.5 million. --AV

2:10pm: David Rodriguez eliminated in 16th place (€4,500)
Level 29 - Blinds 150,000/300,000 (40,000 ante)

We have our first elimination after the redraw and it came courtesy of Filip Zak.

Zak raised to 800,000 from early position and David Rodriguez moved all in for 2.5 million from the cutoff. Action folded back around to Zak and he snap-called.

Rodriguez showed A♥Q♦, but Zak turned over A♣A♠. Aces held on the T♥6♦5♦6♠9♥ board and Rodriguez won €4,500 for finishing while Zak chipped up to 11.175 million. --AV

-STA_1250Sunday Million Live Rozvadov 4.9.2017 final dayPCMON2017Tomas Stacha

David Rodriguez

2:02pm: We're back
Level 29 - Blinds 150,000/300,000 (50,000 ante)

Play has resumed on the live webcast and so can our written updates. The remaining 16 players have all locked up €4,500, there's a minimum of €11,300 should they make the final table and €136,000 for whoever wins the tournament. You suspect that there might be a deal though, given the amount at stake and the chip stacks. All that is to come though. --NW

1:32pm: The final two tables
Level 29 - Blinds 150,000/300,000 (50,000 ante)

Here's how the final two tables stack up. Now that we're down to the final two tables, we'll be blogging on a 30-minute delay to bring us in line with the webcast coverage. So check back in around 2pm local time for further written updates. In the meantime, why not check in with the Single Day High Roller updates from Macau.

381Mikhail FilatovCzech Republic6,400,000
382Simon SchobelGermany5,925,000
383Ralph HabigGermany6,625,000
384Karel KovarikCzech Republic4,150,000
385Dominik Alexander KabasGermany7,025,000
386Philipp SalewskiGermany5,200,000
387Daniyal Rizwan ButtGermany2,750,000
388Jozef KomornySlovakia8,800,000
TV1Markus KowalskiGermany3,200,000
TV2David RodríguezSpain3,150,000
TV4Andrei KurdyukovRussia19,225,000
TV4Heiko MaassGermany4,450,000
TV5Werner NatherGermany5,175,000
TV6Mario LangerAustria5,550,000
TV7Filip ZakCzech Republic6,425,000
TV8Patrick VogelsangerSwitzerland4,425,000

1:30pm: Down to two tables
Level 29 - Blinds 150,000/300,000 (50,000 ante)

We're down to 16.

Paul Boizesan, who started yesterday with the chip lead, moved all in with ace king and ran it into A♣9♠. There was an ace and a nine on the A♠9♦T♣6♠J♥ board and that was it for Boizesan.

Boizesan finished 17th and the tournament paused while the floor redrew to our final two tables. --AV

1:20pm: End of the road for Roscan, two KOs for Komorny
Level 29 - Blinds 150,000/300,000 (50,000 ante)

Andrei Roscan's wild ride has come to an end. Roscan made his final move with ace-queen offsuit and Jozef Komorny called with J♦J♠. The board was a lowly 6♣4♣4♦8♠9♦ and that was it for Roscan.

Roscan was eliminated in 19th place while Komorny chipped up to 7.7 million.

Then Komorny took out another player.

A super short-stacked Uwe Klos moved all in with 4♥3♠ from the small blind and Komorny called with Q♠7♠ from the big blind.

Komorny hit a queen on the 8♣Q♣T♦ flop and Klos hit a 3♥ on the turn. Then a J♥ came on the river to end things for Klos. Klos hit the rail in 18th while Roscan's stack grew to 8.5 million. --AV

1:10pm: Klos takes another hit
Level 29 - Blinds 150,000/300,000 (50,000 ante)

A few hands after losing to quads (see below) Uve Klos took another big hit to his stack. He shoved for around 3 million from under-the-gun and Mario Langer called all-in for 2.45 million total and everyone else folded. Langer opened Q♠Q♥ and was in good shape against Klos's K♣3♣. The J♥4♦6♠6♥4♥ board kept Langer in front and he did a fist pump and let his rail know that he'd just doubled up.--NW

1pm: Life by quads
Level 29 - Blinds 150,000/300,000 (50,000 ante)

The action folded around to Uve Klos, who was on the button. He put in a raise and Jozef Komorny then shoved for 1.875 million from the small blind. The big blind folded and Klos called off the extra.

Klos: A♥Q♠
Komorny: 7♥7♦

It was a race, but not for long as the 3♦7♣7♠ flop left Klos drawing dead. The inconsequential 3♠ and 2♦ completed the board. After that hand Kormorny climbs to around 4.2 million, while Klos drops down to just over 3 million. --NW

12:55pm: Watch it (semi) live
Level 28 - Blinds 100,000/200,000 (25,000 ante)

Want updates from the feature table? Then check out the live stream, which is on a 30-minute delay but has hole cards and top-notch commentary from the PokerStars TV team.


12:45pm: Rollercoaster for Roscan
Level 28 - Blinds 100,000/200,000 (25,000 ante)

Andrei Roscan had a rollercoaster of a day yesterday. Towards the end he was one of the chip leaders, but he fell to just a handful of big blinds after doubling up a pair of players.

Roscan managed to make it back up and start the final day with 4.5 million, and now it looks like his rollercoaster continues.

Things went downhill when Karel Kovarik raised to 600,000 from middle position and then David Rodriguez moved all in for 2.975 million from the hijack. Roscan re-shoved from the small blind and Kovarik got out of the way.

Rodriguez tabled 8♦8♣ and Roscan showed A♦K♦ for a flip. Rodirguez then hit a set on the turn of a J♥4♥7♠8♠6♠ board and he doubled up to about 7 million while Roscan was left with a lone 1 million.

Roscan then chipped up a bit when moved in a few times and got no callers. The Kovarik raised to 450,000 and Roscan jammed for 1.7 million. Kovarik called and showed K♦9♦ while Roscan had top pocket pair with A♠A♥.

The 2♣Q♣9♥6♦5♠ board brought Kovarik a pair of nines but it wasn't enough to beat aces. Kovarik chipped down to 3.2 million while Roscan double to over 4 million. --AV

12:35pm: Huge double for Vogelsanger
Level 28 - Blinds 100,000/200,000 (25,000 ante)

After an open to 450,000 from Paul Boizesan, there followed an all-in shove from Dusan Trojeak and an all-in call from Patrick Vogelsanger. Boizesan stepped aside and the cards were revealed.

Trojeak: 9♣9♠
Vogelsanger: A♠K♥

The 4♣4♠7♠ flop kept Trojeak in front, but the K♠ turn vaulted Vogelsanger into the lead and he held on the J♦ river. It was Vogelsanger who was all-in, he had 2.825 million and doubled to over 6 million. Whilst Trojeak had chips left, he had less than a big blind and was eliminated shortly afterwards. --NW

12:20pm: Three tables
Level 28 - Blinds 100,000/200,000 (25,000 ante)

The two double ups were just a speedbump, the fast-paced action continues. Christopher Adams was the first to fall and then Edoardo Poggiali quickly followed him out. Jan Timo Jobmann then fell in 25th and we're down to our final three tables. --AV

12:15pm: Treble up for Poggiali
Level 28 - Blinds 100,000/200,000 (25,000 ante)

The shortest stack at the start of play belonged to Edoardo Poggiali. With 175,000 he had less than a big blind, 25,000 of that went in before he was dealt any cards and the other 150,000 also soon found it's way into the middle.

He picked up calls from both the blinds and looked on as the board came 3♣9♦Q♣K♥3♠. At showdown Poggiali showed Q♥Q♦ for a full house. Not surprisingly it was good. He raked in a pot of 625,000 to climb to the giddy heights of three big blinds.

Edit: the spin up ended there though as a short time later he was eliminated in 26th place. --NW

12:10pm: Straight flush
Level 28 - Blinds 100,000/200,000 (ante 25,000)

The day started off with a bang. Jakub Odvarko moved all in from under the gun in first hand of play for 1.725 million and Ralph Habig rejammed from early position. Action folded around and Odvarko showed 6♣6♥ to Habig's 7♦7♥.

The flop came 5♦7♣8♣ to give Habig a set, but Odvarko got an open-ended straight draw. A 5♣ came on the turn to add a straight flush draw and then a 9♣ on the river completed it.

Odvarko doubled up to about 3.8 million while Habig dipped to 4.3 million. --AV

12:00pm: Fire it up
Level 28 - Blinds 100,000/200,000 (ante 25,000)

The final day of the first Sunday Million Live is underway. Cards are in the air and we'll play two 50-minute levels before we take our first break of the day. --AV

11:30am: Getting ready

Just 27 players have a chance to become the first Sunday Million Live champion and pick up the trophy and €136,000 prize money that goes with that honour.

Strong favourite at the start of the day will be Andrei Kurdyukov. He held a big stack throughout the latter stages of Day 2, and right at the death he won a huge pot with ace-king against queens to extend his lead at the top. He has almost double the chips of his nearest challenger.


Andrei Kurdyukov

Start of Day 3 chip counts

NameChip count
Andrei Kurdyukov13,550,000
Philipp Salewski 6,925,000
Karel Kovaoik6,375,000
Ralph Habig6,075,000
Frank Rohrmüller5,650,000
Uwe Klos5,400,000
Simon Schobel4,500,000
Andrei-Gabriel Roscan4,500,000
Heiko Maass4,450,000
David Rodriguez4,200,000
Daniyal Rizwan Butt3,425,000
Mikhail Filatov3,250,000
Paul Boizesan3,175,000
Filip Zak3,125,000
Dusan Trojeak3,025,000
Patrick Vogelsanger3,000,000
Domonik Alexander Kabas2,900,000
Jozef Komorny2,825,000
Markus Kowalski2,800,000
Werner Nather2,275,000
Jan Timo Jobmann2,150,000
Chrisoph Cajochen2,125,000
Mario Langer2,000,000
Jakub Odverko1,750,000
Christopher Adams1,525,000
Jonas Steinmüller400,000
Edoardo Poggiali 175,000

As well as our written updates, you can watch feature table cards-up coverage. That footage is subject to a 30-minute delay and can be accessed here. With blinds starting at 100,000/200,000 (ante 25,000) it could be a fast start as 17 of the remaining players have under 20 big blinds to start the day. Cards are in the air at noon. --NW

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in Live Poker