APPT Manila Main Event Live Updates - Day 1b


4:05am Done and dusted

We've wrapped for the day here at City of Dreams Manila. We had another 546 unique players today. 760 runners overall. It was great day of poker. Record breaking attendance wise - the biggest international field in the history of the Philippines.

Our chip leader board today for the day reads as follows:

1) James Mitchell (UK) 284, 100

2) Duy Ho (Phillipines) 278, 500

3) Michael Fullmer (Singapore) 267, 100

4) Yudong Yang (China) 257, 400

5) James Mendoza (Phillipines) 257, 300

The top 162 players will be paid out.

Final table payouts as follows:

1st: PHP 12,970,000

2nd: PHP 7,960,000

3rd: PHP 4,475,000

4th: PHP 3,438,000

5th: PHP 2,318,000

6th: PHP 1,664,000

7th: PHP 1,400,000

8th: PHP 1,205,000

9th: PHP 1,029,000

For full Official Payouts List please CLICK HERE

We're back again tomorrow from 2pm local time. See you then.

Today's chip leader James Mitchell (UK)

3:54am Mendoza!

Level 12: Blinds: 1000/2000, ante 300

James Mendoza (Phillipines) has really hit his straps early this morning. Taking down a number of large pots and getting up around the 260k mark in chips and possibly becoming our chip leader in the process.

We're almost done here...average stack is 87k.

3:38am Mitchell making a mark

Level 12: Blinds: 1000/2000, ante 300

James Mitchell (UK) has quietly worked his way to 220k+ in chips. A very impressive stack hiding in the back of the room.

3:24am Gupta makes a play

Level 12: Blinds: 1000/2000, ante 300

Huge pots are going down all over the place. Sajal Gupta shoved his remaining 60k chips into a pot worth over 100k on a board that read 7♣ - K♥ - 6♥ - 6♦ - 7♦. Missing his open ended draw and represented the boat Gupta put his sole opponent into the tank for a long, long time. He eventually folded showing K♣ - Q♣, Gupta showing 8♣ - 9♣, taking down a pot worth over 160k with nothing.

3:09am Edmung Eng running hot late

Level 11: Blinds: 800/1600, ante 200

I caught the end of a monster 90k pot which Edmund Eng (Singapore) scooped with J♥ - J♦. On the felt was 2♥ - K♥ - J♠ - 4♠ - 4♣. His trip jacks took it down but mayhem had occurred before I'd arrived. Eng is now sitting pretty with near 140k in chips. Average stack is 77k.

2:56am One hour remaining

Level 11: Blinds: 800/1600, ante 200

We have one hour of play left folks. I can confirm we had 760 runners today, add that to yesterday and we had a total of 1366 players over the two days - which is a record for the largest international tournament with a buy-in of ₱30,000 or more in the history of the Philippines and a record for the APPT Manila. -Pending Official Numbers-

2:38am Stochita vs Pape

Level 11: Blinds: 800/1600, ante 200

The board read 5♥ - 8♦ - K♥ - 2♥ - 7♠ and Piet Pape (Germany) bet 8k into it after Ionut Aurelian Stochita (Romania) had checked ahead of him. Stochita studied the board and the bet for a long while, eventually making the call. Pape showed J♣ - 9♣, while Stochita turned over A♦ - 3♣. Ace high being good enough. Stochita raked it in and has around 120k, whilst Pape is a way down on his earlier large stack.

2:23am Capinpuyan emerges

Level 10: Blinds: 600/1200, ante 200

Michael Capinpuyan (Phillipines) has emerged as the possible chip leader after taking down consecutive pots. I missed the big one, but witnessed him bet 5k from the big blind after numerous limps ahead of him. He just tossed in a 5k chip like chump change. Folds all round occurred after his raise. He barely noticed everyone getting out of his way as he battled away stacking his chip tower. He showed AQ. After a quick count he has near 240k in his stack.

2:01am Yang adds some more to the pile

Level 10: Blinds: 600/1200, ante 200

Yudong Yang (China) continues his strong work at the back of the room. Betting 6.5k from the big blind position when checked to on a board reading 5♦ - A♥ - 4♣ - 9♥ - 3♣. He has had a very strong three or so hours and has maintained his large stack.

In fact as I went back over to recheck his chips Yang won 13k by calling a shove, his A♦ - T♣ holding up in the showdown. He has over 150k now.

1:46am Costiniano keeps on keeping on

Level 10: Blinds: 600/1200, ante 200

John Niko Costiniano (Phillipines) has been quietly accumulating a very solid stack all night. I've been keeping an eye on him and his stack hasn't fluctuated at all. No ups and downs. Just big. He re-raised a 5.5k to 15.5k and took down another near 30k pot pre-flop just minutes ago. His count is 150k now.


1:21am Le causing havoc

Level 9: Blinds: 500/1000, ante 100

I can't seem to get away from this table. Lots of action. Thai Loc Le bet 21.6k in the big blind pre-flop. Canlin Chen (China) in the small blind couldn't get away from his hand and called the bet. A flop of T♦ - 4♦ - A♥ was dealt. Canlin checked it. Le bet another 18k. Canlin went deep into the think tank, but eventually threw his cards away. Le pulled in near 50k, but he must have taken a few hits in the 20 minutes since the Arevelo showdown cause he has under 100k in his stack now.

Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin deep in concentration

1:04am Arevelo vs Le

Level 9: Blinds: 500/1000, ante 100

Fernando Arevelo (Colombia) pushed his 15.6k into the middle and big stack Thai Loc Le (Vietnam) called it. Arevelo turned over bullets and Le showed pocket 10's. The board gave neither player any help, allowing Arevelo to double up. They seem to be having a bunch of fun at this table. Mohammad Samara providing plenty of laughs.

12:53pm Tumboli pushing ahead

Level 9: Blinds: 500/1000, ante 100

Zarvan Tumboli (India) was raking in the chips as I went past his table. His personal stack is definitely at the high end of the spectrum right now, upwards of 170k. Average stack in 52k.

12:40am Big Blind and Big Stack

Level 9: Blinds: 500/1000, ante 100

Yudong Yang (China) caught my attention because of the pile of chips in front of him. Easily 120k. He was in the big blind of this particular hand. His opponent bet from the button and Yang called the 1.6k. A flop of 3♦ - 4♣ - 7♦ came down. Check-check. The turn was a 6♣. Check - check. The river came out a 9♠. The button checks and Yang bets 1.6k which pompts the fold. A nice little score to add to his bounty.

12:25am Some stacks from around the room

Level 8: Blinds: 400/800, ante 100

Wandering about the room I'm noticing a dew more nice piles stasrting to stack up. Two from my last go around, Simon Burns (UK) has 120k, and Zhining Chen (China) has 147k. Average stack is nearing 50k.

Assaf Cohen, sitting amidst the big stacks

12:06am Cohen holds up

Level 8: Blinds: 400/800, ante 100

Assaf Cohen (Israel) bet 1.6k pre-flop and got two callers, Mohammad Samara (Jordan) and Canlin Chen (China), the big and small blinds respectively. The flop shot out 5♣ - 4♣ - 2♣ and Cohen led the betting again after checks in front of him. He made it 4.6 k to play, Samara bowed out, but Canlin liked the action and called. The turn came out 2♠. Check - check. The river was a Q♥ and this time Canlin led out with 3.7k which Cohen called and quickly showed 6♠ - 6♣, which had Canlin's A♣ - 5♥ beat.

That particular table has two of the biggest stacks, Mohammad Samara and Thai Loc Le (Vietnam) both are sitting pretty with over 120k to their names.

11:56pm Daesoon Kang mixing it up

Level 8: Blinds: 400/800, ante 100

Daesoon Kang (Korea) has been very active at his table. Seeing a lot of flops. Trying different plays. It must be working. He has upwards of 120k now. Average stack is 47k.

11:43pm Enriquez making bold plays

Level 7: Blinds: 300/600, ante 100

Patrick Emmanuel Enriquez (Phillipines) made a pot sized bet of 27.5k looking at board of T♦ - 7♠ - 6♣ - 2♣ - 8♣ pushing out the two players who'd made smaller bets ahead of him. He has near 100k in chips now.

11:20pm Keon Yong Ma Doubles up

Level 7: Blinds: 300/600, ante 100

Kong Yong Ma (Korea) was looking at a board that read 9♠ - 3♠ - 8♥ - 8♠ - 6♥ and he liked it a lot, shoving his remaining stack of 50k into the middle. He got one caller (who ran from the table after the hand). Ma had him just covered. His opponent showed A♠ - 4♠, pretty happy with his nut flush, but Ma was the master, showing 8♦ - 6♦, a full book, and now a stack over 100k in front of him.


10:45pm Ji Woon Kim makes the call

Level 6: Blinds: 250/500, ante 75

Ji Woon Kim (Korea) bet 4k after an earlier raise 1.2k only to have Dung Nguyen (Vietnam) push his 15k stack. Kim make quick call and showed T♥ - T♠. Nguyen showed 5♦ - 5♣. The cards came out as J♣ - 7♣ - 3♦ - A♣ - 7♥. Pocket 10's winning the day and Kim collecting a nice pot of over 30k.

10:21pm Tollefsen survives

Level 5: Blinds: 200/400, ante 50

Henrik Tollefsen (Norway) is back in the Main Event again today. He shoved his pocket 9's with a below average stack, and came up against another shove of AK. Fortunately for the Norwegian he hit a 9 on the flop making a set and collected over 50k. Average stack right now is 40k.

10:05pm Piet Pape making waves

Level 5: Blinds: 200/400, ante 50

Piet Pape (Germany) has had nice week here in Manila. He finished 60th in the APPT National for 73k PHP and also finished 9th in the Megastack for 216k PHP. Right now in the Main Event he has 135k and one of the chip leaders.

600 players and counting!

9:48pm Nice hand in the corner

Level 5: Blinds: 200/400, ante 50

Lam Kim Long (Vietnam) bet 1k pre-flop and only got the one caller, Masakazu Miyamoto (Japan) sitting in the big blind. The cards cycled out as 5♥ - J♥ - K♣. Miyamoto checked and Long bet out 1.6k. Miyamoto called. The turn was 8♠. Again Miyamoto checked and Long bet, this time for 3.5k. Miyamoto makes the call. The river bricked, 2♠, and we replayed the previous two streets. Miyamoto checks, Long bets, 6.5k this time and once more Miyamoto calls him. Long showed his hand first, 6♠ - 8♦. Miyamoto flipped up K♦ - 3♠ and raked in a pot worth over 20k.

9:32pm Shashank takes it down

Level 4: Blinds: 150/300, ante 50

Came by as Rathi Shashank (Hong Kong) was pulling in a pot of near 25k. The board read 3♠ - 7♦ - 8♣ - A♦ - 9♣ and Shashank showed his A♥ - 9♥ to break his opponent's heart. Rathi mentioned that a few hands ago he was almost dead in the water. He's nearing 60k in chips now.

9:19pm Enriquez nears 100k

Level 4: Blinds: 150/300, ante 50

Patrick Emmanuel Enriquez (Phillipines) just picked up another nice pot at his table showing pocket jacks which easily beat out his opponent's pocket 6's. He's nearing the 100k stack mark.

Chen An Lin (Taiwan) is back in the mix today

8:58pm Samara with a stack

Level 4: Blinds: 150/300, ante 50

Another healthy pile of chips belongs to Mohammad Samara (Jordan). He has around 110k in front of him. Average stack in 34k.

8:42pm Biryukova get richer

Level 4: Blinds: 150/300, ante 50

Elena Biryukova (Russia) called a bet of 750 directly after the break and was looking at a flop of T♦ - 2♦ - 9♦. The action was checked to her and she bet out 3k and it was enough to take down the pot. She was looking really strong from the get-go today and has a stack of over 100k.


8:10pm Drillon re-raises

Level 3: Blinds: 100/200, ante 50

With a flop on the board that read 8♦ - 9♦ - Q♠ and a bet of 1575 out in front of him with one caller, Jose Drillon (Phillipines) bet 5.5k from the big blind. The position bet cleared the house and he took down a near 10k pot.

Yisha Chen (China), who finished in 2nd Megastack, trying her luck today in the Main Event

7:45pm Hao Kai Wu wins big

Level 3: Blinds: 100/200, ante 50

With the board reading J♥ -Q♦ - 9♠ - 6♣ after the turn David Jian Xiang Sion (China) bet 4.5k, Hao Kai Wu (Taiwan) re-raised to 11k and Sion called. The river was 9♥ and Sion checked. Wu tossed in a 5k chip and Sion did the same. Wu showed his 9♦ - T♥ for trips, Sion showing his K♦ - Q♠ defeatedly. Wu takes down a 30k pot.

7:23pm Gupta with re-raise

Level 2: Blinds: 75/150

Sajal Gupta (India) raised to 500 from an early position and Mu Chen (China) re-raised to 1.6k in the small blind. Gupta thought long and hard. When he'd finished his calculations he bet out strong for 5k. Chen didn't want any of it.

7:02pm Peng Zhou pushes

Level 2: Blinds: 75/150

Sean Tay (Singapore) got the ball rolling on this hand raising to 500 pre-flop. He only got one caller, the man sitting next to him, Peng Zhou (China). The cards read 4♣ - 3♥ - 2♥ after the flop. Tay made it 800 to play, Zhou re-raised to 2k and Tay called without much thought. The turn came out T♠, and the fireworks began. Tay checked it, Zhou bet to the tune of 6k, which Tay re-raised to 12k. Zhou didn't really hesitate here, he just shoved. Tay went into think mode, and eventually showed pocket queens as he lay down his hand. Zhou mucked without revealing. Great hand to watch.

6:43pm Del Rosario shows strength

Level 1: Blinds: 50/100

Edward Del Rosario (Phillipines) made a pot sized bet of 5.3k on a flop of 8♥ - 9♦ - 2♠ as I walked across this hand in the back corner of the room. He'd re-raised on Tony Tan (Singapore), who'd called Hayato Kitajima's (Phillipines) raise to 1.3k. Folds all round. Nice pot.

6:23pm Bruni starts solid

Level 1: Blinds: 50/100

Kenny Shih (Hong Kong) bet out 250 under the gun and Sandro Bruni (Italy) in the small blind made the call. The flop came out 5♠ - 3♣ - 8♥. Both players checked it. The turn delivered 4♥, Bruni liked it and bet 400, Shih called. The river card was a T♣ and Bruni fired another shot, this time 800 worth and it was enough to get Shih off his hand. Bruni picked up a number of early pots today.

6:15pm Underway

Level 1: Blinds: 50/100

Cards have been shuffled and dealt. Two hundred plus players and rising...

4:25pm Let's do this

Main Event Trophy

Hey everyone, time to roll again - and after yesterday you have to be pumped about the possibilities. We destroyed the previous record for the largest international tournament with a buy-in of ₱30,000 or more in the history of the Philippines - having 604 entries, beating the previous record of 594 on the very first day! There were 479 unique entries and 125 re-buys. 167 runners made it through the gauntlet and got through into Day 2.

Word around the place last night was that today may be as big as yesterday numbers-wise...with that Platinum Pass up for grabs and cash prize growing entry to entry who could argue otherwise.

Cards will dealt in around 90 minutes time here at the CIty of Dreams, Manila. I'll here from start to close. See you then!

PokerStars Blog reporting team on the ₱55,000 Main Event: JJ DeCeglie. Photography by Chris Librojo.

JJ DeCeglie
@PokerStars in Live Poker