Omar del Pino dominates, leads the final six in the PokerStars Festival Marbella Main Event

Omar del Pino

The short version of today's action is that Omar Del Pino is the chip leader with 11.19 million chips and there are six players remaining in the PokerStars Festival Marbella Main Event.

The long version, which you can read below, is that this was a day full of drama and there's nowhere else to start than the rapid downfall of Endrit Geci, the player that had dominated this tournament for the past two days. He started the day as chip leader and had a stack of over 4 million. In fact had he made the final table (spoiler alert) that stack would've been good for third place.

It wasn't to be though. He lost half his stack in a big pot against Romain Feriolo, in which he made a good laydown with ace-king when Feriolo had pocket aces. His slide continued though and it was Del Pino - who assumed the mantle of chip leader - who really did the damage. Geci's two-pair was no good against Del Pino's straight and then when he did get it in good against Del Pino - with jacks against nines - the poker gods decided to pop a nine out on the flop.

Endrit Geci

That saw Geci's run ended in twelfth place and it was at this point that Del Pino came into the ascendency. The knockout of Geci took him to the top of the chip charts and it was a spot that he never relinquished. This is how the final six will stack up when play resumes at noon tomorrow, with blinds at 100,000/200,000 (BB Ante 200,000).

Omar Del PinoSpain11,190,000
Ole Rauff HansenDenmark6,910,000
Romain FerioloFrance6,885,000
Tomas SaltonasLithuania2,450,000
Iñigo NaveiroSpain2,315,000
Zhong ChenNetherlands1,150,000

Inbetween Geci's exit in twelfth and the bagging and tagging of chips a lot of poker was played. It took over five more levels for the field to be whittled down from 11 to six and Nicki Vestergaard was the first to fall. The ESPT6 Madrid champion picked a bad time to three-bet all-in with a suited ace because Paul Van Oort had two of the other aces. Hamish Morjaria's tournament dreams went up in flames in a similar way as his A♠6♣ was no match for Iñigo Naveiro's pocket tens.

Nicki Vestergaard, 11th

Hamish Morjaria, 10th

With that the unofficial final table was set. Naverio was runner-up in this event last year but he wasn't the only player making a return trip to the final table. Fernando Curto finished fourth here last year and eighth in 2013. Sadly for the Spaniard, he couldn't better either finish, he busted in ninth place, losing a race with ace-queen to Del Pino's pocket jacks.

So then there were eight, but not for long. There was a strong Dutch presence at this final table but they were one man lighter when Paul Van Oort was dispatched in eighth place, it was Dutch on Dutch action as Teunis Kooij sent his fellow countryman to the rail.

Paul Van Oort waits to get paid

At that stage Kooji was flying high with 6.5 million chips, but he would be the player to fall in seventh. It took three hours to go from seven to six and during that time Zhong Chen was the player who was usually dwelling in the basement. However, Chen made quads against Kooji and having also lost a big pot to Romain Feriolo, Kooji was suddenly the short stack. When he shoved with a small ace he found himself racing against the K♦T♥ of Del Pino. A king on the flop meant it was all over for Kooji, who collected €23,500. You can see a full list of the payouts here.

Play resumes at noon local time, join us then as the final six play for a first prize of €179,000 and a $30,00 PSPC Platinum Pass.

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8:40pm: Teunis Kooij busts in 7th (€ 23,500)
Level 32 - Blinds 100,000/200,000 (BB ante 200,000)

Play has concluded for Day 3 of the Main Event. We just lost Teunis Kooij in 7th. He was the shortest in chips at the table and jammed his 1.3 million all in on the button. Omar Del Pino was in the big blind and he made the call.

Kooij A♣6♣
Del Pino K♦T♥

Kooij had the best of it but he still had enough outs to dodge, to induce a sweat.


Right out of the starting blocks, the king paired for Del Pino and Kooij couldn't recover. He will have to settle for 7th place. Meanwhile, Del Pino will be coming back tomorrow with over 11 million chips in play.

The clock has been paused and our final six will return tomorrow at 12pm to continue their campaign to win the PokerStars Festival Marbella Main Event. A full wrap and chip counts will follow shortly. --LY

Teunis Kooij and Omar Del Pino

8:30pm: Big pot for Rauff Hansen
Level 31 - Blinds 80,000/160,000 (BB ante 160,000)

Three players saw a 5♠7♦8♦ flop hit the felt and Tomas Saltonas (big blind) and Iñigo Naveiro (under-the-gun) checked the action to Ole Rauff Hansen (button). The Danish player thought for so long that I wondered if he knew the action was on him. Evidently he did, because he eventually checked.

The Q♦ turn was also checked to Rauff Hansen and this time the Dane did bet, 450,000 was the price and it was one Naveiro was willing to pay. On the 3♥ river Naveiro check-called a further 675,000 and saw the bad news when Rauff Hansen turned over K♦J♦ for a king high flush. --NW

8:20pm: Iñigo Naveiro doubles up
Level 31 - Blinds 80,000/160,000 (BB ante 160,000)

Romain Feriolo opened to 350,000 from early position and Iñigo Naveiro three-bet all-in for 1.935,000. Zhong Chen requested a count and then called, which got rid of Feriolo. Naveiro opened A♣Q♣ and he was racing against Chen's pocket tens.

The 9♦2♠8♠8♣Q♠ flop delivered a Hollywood ending for Naveiro and a nightmarish one for Chen. That double up boosts Naveiro to over 4 million and leaves Chen with just 1.15 million. --NW

8:10pm: Chen doubles
Level 31 - Blinds 80,000/160,000 (BB ante 160,000)

We have seen a lot of blind on blind action taking place recently, the previous few hands haven't reached the flop but that changed just now.

It was Teunis Kooij who was first to act, sat in the big blind and he set Zhong Chen all-in, which Chen snapped.

Chen 4♣4♦
Kooij 8♠7♥


It was all over from the flop, with Chen hitting quads and sealing up a double in the process. He had 1.445 million at the start of the hand, which puts him up to 3 million now.

Sadly for Kooij, he drops to 1.16 million, which puts him firmly in the danger zone with less than 10 big blinds. --LY

Zhong Chen

8:05pm: Saltonas getting short
Level 31 - Blinds 80,000/160,000 (BB ante 160,000)

Afer losing a pot to Omar del Pino, Tomas Saltonas is now the shortest stack of the seven players. The hand in question started with a raise from Del Pino and Saltonas defended from the big blind. The 2♣8♣J♣ flop checked through and the K♣ landed on the turn. Saltonas led for 350,000 and Del Pino called. The J♥ completed the board and Saltonas instantly checked. Del Pino wanted a look at the stack of Saltonas - he had about 1.75 million back - and then bet 1.15 million. Saltonas took a few deep breaths and then folded. --NW

7:50pm: The drought has ended
Level 31 - Blinds 80,000/160,000 (BB ante 160,000)

Following ten hands with no postflop action, the drought we are pleased to tell you, has come to an end.

Romain Feriolo and Teunis Kooij have just locked in horns in a hand that took us all the way to a showdown.

First Feriolo uncharacteristically limped in late position. Not put off by this change in playing style, Kooij upped it to 555,000 and the Frenchman peeled.


It was an interesting board and Kooij continued for a smaller sizing of 325,000, which Feriolo upped to 700,000 and Kooij called.

On to the turn and it was an A♥. This time both players checked it and the dealer laid a Q♣ on the river. Kooij checked a final time and Feriolo put 1 million over the line. Kooij made the call and saw that Feriolo had hit a straight at the last with J♣T♣. The disappointment was evident and he showed A♦A♣ for a turned set. --LY

7:45pm: A whole lot of raise and takes
Level 31 - Blinds 80,000/160,000 (BB ante 160,000)

We've not seen a flop for eight hands, in fact we've not had a three-bet or even a limp for eight hands. Each of the last eight hands has involved a simple raise and take. --NW

7:35pm: Not much happening
Level 31 - Blinds 80,000/160,000 (BB ante 160,000)

The start of level 31 has been very sedate, no big pots of note have been played. --NW

7:20pm: Play resumes
Level 31 - Blinds 80,000/160,000 (BB ante 160,000)

Time to level up! It's pretty much as you were in terms of chip counts, Omar Del Pino leads and Zhong Chen is still the short stack.

Omar Del PinoSpain9,210,000
Ole Rauff HansenDenmark5,650,000
Teunis KooijNetherlands5,100,000
Romain FerioloFrance3,780,000
Tomas SaltonasLithuania3,195,000
Iñigo Naveiro MartínSpain2,200,000
Zhong ChenNetherlands1,685,000

Omar del Pino

7pm: Take a break
Level 30 - Blinds 60,000/120,000 (BB ante 120,000)

Yes it's that time again, see you back here in twenty minutes. --LY

6:55pm: Naveiro takes some back
Level 30 - Blinds 60,000/120,000 (BB ante 120,000)

Iñigo Naveiro is the table short stack but just now he pulled a little back. Following an under-the-gun open from Omar Del Pino and a call from Tomas Saltonas on the cutoff, Naveiro squeezed 1.4 million from the button. It was enough to secure folds against both players and Naveiro adds 800,000 to his stack, taking him up to 2.2 million. --LY

6:45pm: All-in and chop
Level 30 - Blinds 60,000/120,000 (BB ante 120,000)

Tomas Saltonas opened to 260,000 from early position and Zhong Chen then shoved all-in. When it folded back to Saltonas he called and it was time to reveal the cards. Chen showed A♦K♠ and Saltonas opened A♥K♥. It looked like a chop was on the cards and that's exactly what happened as the community cards bricked out. --NW

6:30pm: Rauff Hansen puts Kooij in a weird spot
Level 30 - Blinds 60,000/120,000 (BB ante 120,000)

This was a strange hand. It began with a raise to 260,000 from Teunis Kooij. Ole Rauff Hansen smooth called from the small blind and Romain Feriolo came along from the big blind. A Q♥T♥5♦ flop hit the felt and Kooij c-bet 310,000. Rauff Hansen was the only caller. The 5♠ turn paired the board and Rauff Hansen checked it over to Kooij, who bet 775,000. Rauff Hansen then spent a decent amount of time in the tank before raising to 1.4 million. Kooij pointed out that this was an underraise and Rauff Hansen put in the extra chips required.

Kooij wasnted to know how much Rauff Hansen had back (about 1.2 million) he thought for about another minutes and then folded. --NW

6:15pm: Tough fold for Rauff Hansen
Level 30 - Blinds 60,000/120,000 (BB ante 120,000)

It all began with a 250,000 early open from Ole Rauff Hansen. Iñigo Naveiro called on the button and Zhong Chen completed from the big blind.


There was no further betting on the flop and on the turn, Chen checked again and Rauff Hansen made it 325,000 to proceed. Naveiro folded and with action back on Chen, he shipped his remaining 1.09 million. It wasn't a huge call relative to the size of the pot, or in terms of big blinds but Rauff Hansen clearly didn't like the situation and took a minute or so to think before sending his cards into the muck.

Chen showed 2♦2♠ for a set and that hand takes his stack up to 2.15 million. --LY

6:05pm: Stacks
Level 30 - Blinds 60,000/120,000 (BB ante 120,000)

As level 30 starts this is how the final seven players are set.

Omar Del PinoSpain8,600,000
Teunis KooijNetherlands6,505,000
Ole Rauff HansenDenmark4,150,000
Romain FerioloFrance3,100,000
Tomas SaltonasLithuania3,000,000
Iñigo NaveiroSpain2,805,000
Zhong ChenNetherlands1,450,000

5:55pm: More chips for Del Pino
Level 29 - Blinds 50,000/100,000 (BB ante 100,000)

Every time anyone gets close to the chip count of Omar Del Pino he sprints away from the pack again. He just won a big pot against Iñigo Naveiro Martín and now has 8.6 million which is roughly 2 million clear of his nearest rival.

In the pot in question Naveiro Martin opened to 250,000 from the cutoff and was called by Zhong Chen (small blind) and Del Pino (big blind). The 8♥J♦8♦ flop was checked through and the Q♥ fell on the turn. Del Pino led for 380,000 and Naveiro Martin was the only caller. The J♠ completed what was now a double paired board and Del Pino checked the action to Naveiro Martin. He bet 1.325 million and, after about 20 seconds, Del Pino made the call. Naveiro Martin showed A♥3♥ for a busted flush draw, Del Pino opened T♣9♣ for a straight. After that hand Naveiro Martin is down to 2.85 million. --NW

5:40pm: Paul Van Oort out in 8th (€ 17,000)
Level 29 - Blinds 50,000/100,000 (BB ante 100,000)

There has been a much faster pace of play since the last elimination, with a lot of three-betting taking place. The following hand saw the trend continue and kicked off with a 220,000 open from Paul Van Oort in the cutoff. Iñigo Naveiro flatted from the small blind and then Teunis Kooij squeezed from the big to 805,000.

With the action back on Van Oort, he shipped over the top and once Naveiro had moved aside, Kooij called.

Kooij A♦A♠
Van Oort A♥T♥


Kooij was the huge favourite preflop and he held the lead all the way to the end. He eliminates his friend and fellow countryman in 8th place and will take in excess of 6 million going forward.

Van Oort has made his way to the payout desk to collect his winnings and with 7 left, only 1 more needs to go before play finishes for the day. --LY

Paul Van Oort

5:05pm: Fernando Curto finishes in 9th (€ 13,010)
Level 29 - Blinds 50,000/100,000 (BB ante 100,000)

Just moments after returning from the break, we have already lost one player, with Fernando Curto finishing in 9th.

Paul Van Oort opened the action to 220,000 and Curto moved all in for 1.3 million. Omar Del Pino was sat to his left and he flat called. Once the blinds and Van Oort had gotten out of the way, the cards were spun over and they were off to the races.

Del Pino J♠J♥
Curto A♠Q♦


It was a great flop for Del Pino, who hit a set and Curto was drawing thin with a king needed to make a straight.

The 5♠ turn and 4♦ river bricked for Curto and he will walk away from the final table € 13,010 better off.

Del Pino has a monstrous 7.5 million or so chips in front, with 8 remaining. --LY

Fernando Curto

5pm: Counts
Level 29 - Blinds 50,000/100,000 (BB ante 100,000)

As the players take their seats for level 29 this is how they stack up. Omar Del Pino still leads and Fernando Curto is the shortest stack of the remaining nine. --NW

Omar Del PinoSpain6,690,000
Ole Rauff HansenDenmark4,480,000
Iñigo Naveiro MartínSpain3,905,000
Teunis KooijNetherlands3,505,000
Romain FerioloFrance3,435,000
Paul Van OortNetherlands3,115,000
Tomas SaltonasLithuania2,410,000
Zhong ChenNetherlands1,930,000
Fernando CurtoSpain1,350,000

The final nine

4:40pm: Time for another break
Level 28 - Blinds 40,000/80,000 (BB ante 80,000)

Level 28 has come to an end and the players are now on a 15-minute break. --NW

4:30pm: Saltonas takes from Naveiro
Level 28 - Blinds 40,000/80,000 (BB ante 80,000)

Tomas Saltonas began the betting with a raise to 180,000 and was three-bet by Iñigo Naveiro on his direct left. Saltonas peeled and it was heads up to the flop.


On the flop, Saltonas immediately moved all in for around 1.2 million. It was enough to convince Naveiro to fold and Saltonas moves up to 2.25 million. --LY

4:20pm: Railing Fatima Moreira de Melo
Level 28 - Blinds 40,000/80,000 (BB ante 80,000)

We spent some time on the rail watching Fatima Moreira de Melo as she plays Day 2 of the High Roller. Check out the video below to see how she's getting on.

4pm: A tentative start to the final table (€ 11,000)
Level 28 - Blinds 40,000/80,000 (BB ante 80,000)

There has been little to report during the opening hands on our final table. Players are probably adjusting to playing 9-handed again for the first time in a while and there are those all important ladders to consider. So far, everyone has locked up at least €13,010 but with €179,000 up to, there is still a huge amount at stake. --LY

3:50pm: The final nine
Level 28 - Blinds 40,000/80,000 (BB ante 80,000)

The re-draw has been conducted and this is how the final nine line up.

1Fernando CurtoSpain2,565,000
2Zhong ChenNetherlands1,580,000
3Omar del PinoSpain6,615,000
4Ole Rauff HansenDenmark3,120,000
5Romain FerioloFrance4,275,000
6Paul Van OortNetherlands3,205,000
7Tomas SaltonasLithuania2,160,000
8Iñigo Naveiro MartínSpain3,470,000
9Teunis KooijNetherlands3,830,000

3:40pm: Hamish Morjaria eliminated in 10th place (€11,000)
Level 28 - Blinds 40,000/80,000 (BB ante 80,000)

The unofficial final table of the PokerStars Festival Marbella is set and it's Hamish Morjaria who's fallen just short. He three-bet all-in from the big blind for around 900,000 after Iñigo Naveiro Martin had opened to 170,000 from the cut-off.

The Spaniard snap called and showed pocket tens. Morjaria had A♠6♣ and needed help. None arrived on the Q♦7♠3♣J♠9♥ run out and he exited in 10th place. There will now be a short break while tournament staff conduct a re-draw of the final nine players. --NW

Hamish Morjaria

3:30pm: Nicki Vestergaard out in 11th (€ 11,000)
Level 27 - Blinds 30,000/60,000 (BB ante 60,000)

Nicki Vestergaard was looking for an opportunity to get his 800,000 or so chips in and he thought he'd found it when Paul Van Oort opened just now. He shoved over the top and when everyone else was out of the way, Van Oort snap called and they were heads up,

Van Oort A♥A♣
Vestergaard A♠3♠

It was very bad news for Vestergaard who needed a blessing from the poker gods to get him out of trouble.


It wasn't to be though, and Vestergaard will have to make do with 11th place. --LY

Nicki Vestergaard

3:20pm: One for Del Pino, one for Kooij
Level 27 - Blinds 30,000/60,000 (BB ante 60,000)

Two pots that mande it to the river played out on the adjacent tables at the same time. Over on table one Omar Del Pino raised to 125,000 and picked up calls from Tomas Saltonas and Paul Van Oort. On the J♦2♠5♠ flop Del Pino c-bet 165,000 and Saltonas was the only caller. The J♠ fell on the turn and Del Pino slowed down, he checked the action to Saltonas and he bet 340,000. Call from Del Pino.

The structure of the hand got weirder on the 2♣ river as Del Pino now led for 425,000. Saltonas had 1.75 million back and he tanked for so long that the clock was called. Eventually he folded and the pot went to Del Pino, who's now up to 6.8 million. Saltonas recovered some of the chips he lost on the very next hand as he opened and then four-bet pre-flop after Fernando Couto had put in a three-bet. So he now has around 2.05 million.

As this happened on table one, on table two Teunis Kooij and Iñigo Naveiro Martin tangled in a pot. Kooij opened to 125,000 from under-the-gun, Naveiro Martin three-bet to 405,000 out of the small blind and Kooij called. The A♦8♥3♥ flop checked throguh and the 7♦ fell on the turn. Naveiro Martin bet 350,000 and Kooij called. There was no further betting on the 2♥ river and Kooij's pocket nines were best at showdown as Naveiro Martin had 9♠7♠. --NW

3:10pm: Two shoves, no calls
Level 27 - Blinds 30,000/60,000 (BB ante 60,000)

Nicki Vestergaard has shoved twice in the last two orbits, but he's not received any customerrs. He has about 900,000 and is the shortest stack in the tournament. --NW

3pm: Don't hold back guys!
Level 27 - Blinds 30,000/60,000 (BB ante 60,000)

Ole Rauff Hansen and Romain Feriolo have just gotten tangled up in a pot. It began with a 130,000 button open from the Dane and Feriolo defended his big blind.


Feriolo checked and Rauff Hansen continued for 80,000 and Feriolo didn't waste any time raising it up to 225,000. Rauff Hansen wasn't finished though and went over the top again, making it 575,000. He then smiled when Feriolo made five-bet to 1.225 million.

After a minute in the tank, Rauff Hansen passed and Feriolo showed ace-high with A♦7♠. That play has netted Feriolo a nice chunk to add to his stack. --LY

2:50pm: Naveiro takes from Kooij
Level 27 - Blinds 30,000/60,000 (BB ante 60,000)

Teuni Kooij got the betting started with a cutoff open to 125,000. Only Iñigo Naveiro wanted to get involved, calling from the big blind.


The flop saw Naveiro check and Kooij continue for 80,000. Naveiro called and the dealer put out a 4♠ on the turn. This time it went check-check.

The river was the A♥ and Naveiro checked for a third time. With the action on Kooij, he made it 150,000 to get to showdown but Naveiro wasn't done yet. He upped it to 540,000 and Kooij matched it but mucked when he saw Naveiro's trips with Q♠7♥. --LY

2:45pm: Meanwhile in the High Roller...
Level 27 - Blinds 30,000/60,000 (BB ante 60,000)

The €2,000 High Roller touranment is taking place hust a short hop, skip and a jump from the Main Event. That event attracted a total of 175 entries (149 uniques + 26 re-entries). All told that created a total prize pool of €336,000 and it will be shared by the top 23 finishers. A min-cash is worth €3,900 and the winner will collect €78,000. Among the 47 players still in are Fatima Moreira de Melo and Sam Grafton. --NW

Fatima Moreira de Melo

2:35pm: Chip counts
Level 27 - Blinds 30,000/60,000 (BB ante 60,000)

As level 27 gets under way this is how the final 11 players stack up.

Omar Del PinoSpain6,275,000
Romain FerioloFrance4,775,000
Ole Rauff HansenDenmark3,480,000
Tomas SaltonasLithuania3,100,000
Fernando CurtoSpain2,410,000
Iñigo Naveiro MartinSpain2,290,000
Teunis KooijNetherlands2,060,000
Zhong ChenNetherlands1,715,000
Hamish MorjariaUK1,610,000
Paul Van OortNetherlands1,600,000
Nicki VestergaardDenmark1,025,000

2:15pm: Take 20
Level 26 - Blinds 25,000/50,000 (BB ante 50,000)

It's time for a break. --NW

2:05pm: Endrit Geci out in 12th (€ 9,900)
Level 26 - Blinds 25,000/50,000 (BB ante 50,000)

It has been an unbelieveable run for Endrit Geci since the start of Day 3, but not in a good way. Though he started the day as chipleader, very little has gone his way in the last two hours and the most recent hand was no exception.

The short version of events is that Geci made the initial open and was three-bet by Omar Del Pino Hanouadi, before he four-bet all-in over the top. With little more than 800,000 in total, Del Pino called the rest and the cards were turned over.

Geci J♣J♠
Del Pino Hanouadi 9♠9♣

The Brit was the massive favourite but the Q♠9♥8♦ pushed Del Pino Hanouadi way out in front. The 5♠3♥ turn and river, couldn't bring it back for Geci and he leaves us in 12th place.

Del Pino Hanouadi meanwhile, has a huge 5.4 million chips in play. --LY

Endrit Geci

2pm: Tore Andre Pedersen finishes 13th (€ 9,900)
Level 26 - Blinds 25,000/50,000 (BB ante 50,000)

It was a great opportunity for Pedersen to almost triple. After a late position open and a button flat, Hamish Morjaria squeezed all-in from the small blind and Pedersen immediately got his chips all-in too. With the everyone else moving aside, the two turned over their cards and it was Pedersen who had the best of it.

Pedersen J♥J♠
Morjaria A♥J♣

The board ran out 6♣8♠5♠A♣3♠, connecting with Morjaria's hand and securing him the pot. He just had Pedersen covered and the Norwegian hits the rail in 13th. --LY

Tore Andre Pedersen

1:55pm: Two more are out
Level 26 - Blinds 25,000/50,000 (BB ante 50,000)

It has been a frantic five minutes, with two more players busting in close succession. Full details will follow shortly. --LY

1:50pm: Geci's slide continues
Level 26 - Blinds 25,000/50,000 (BB ante 50,000)

Endrit Geci is down to 850,000 after losing a big pot to Omar Del Pino. We only caught the river action, but on the river of a K♦J♦A♣6♠5♠ board Del Pino bet 860,000 and Geci snap called with A♠J♥. His two-pair was no good though as Del Pino held Q♦T♠ for a flopped broadway straight. He's now up to 5 million. --NW

1:40pm: Alexander Zur Linden eliminated in 14th place (€8,900)
Level 26 - Blinds 25,000/50,000 (BB ante 50,000)

Action action action! Another elmination with the last German player - Alexander Zur Linden - sent to the rail. We were only alerted to the action by the words 'all-in and call' and arrived to see Zur Linden all-in with A♦6♦ up against the 8♦8♠ of Teunis Kooij. A 4♣J♠9♠5♣T♣ board kept the pair in front and reduced the field to 13. --NW

Alexander Zur Linden

1:30pm: Sérgio Felipe Da Silva Veloso eliminated in 15th place (€ 8,900)
Level 26 - Blinds 25,000/50,000 (BB ante 50,000)

The action folded to Fernando Couto in the small blind and he came in for a raise, Sérgio Felipe Da Silva Veloso was in the big blind and he shoved all-in for 605,000. Couto got a count, gave it some thought and then called with K♠J♥. He was behind to A♦8♠ but again he would hit the flop to eliminate a player as the board ran 3♦J♦7♥Q♦9♣. --NW

Sergio Felipe Da Silva Veloso

1:20pm: Junior Borges Fagundes eliminated in 16th place (€ 7,900)
Level 26 - Blinds 25,000/50,000 (BB ante 50,000)

Junior Borges Fagundes pushed his final 600, 000 in whilst holding a pair of tens, it was a race as Fernando Couto gave him a spin with ace-king. An A♥Q♣2♠8♠6d] board meant Couto hit the flop to eliminate Borges Fagundes. --NW

Junior Borges Fagundes

1:15pm: There's a new chipleader in town
Level 25 - Blinds 20,000/40,000 (BB ante 40,000)

It is a long time since we have been able to say this...someone other than Endrit Geci is the chipleader. Geci was at the centre of the action in the following hand though, clashing with Romain Feriolo in a premium v premium hand battle.

It all started with an open from Feriolo, to 95,000. Geci three-bet to 260,000 and Feriolo went over him again, four-betting to 595,000. Geci made the call and the flop came...


Feriolo continued for 575,000 and it was a call from Geci, taking them to the turn.

It was a 6♥ and Feriolo continued his aggression, setting the price for Geci to proceed to an even 1 million. Again, Geci stuck around.

Finally it came an 8♣ on the river and Feriolo insta-shoved the rest. After confirming how much it was to call (1.795 million), Geci went into the tank and after four minutes of thinking, the clock was called by Feriolo.

Geci really seemed to dislike his spot and grudgingly passed A♠K♠ face up. Feriolo responded by showing A♥A♦ and Geci hit the table in delight at his fold. Feriolo seemed pretty happy too as he started sorting through the mountain of chips in front of him. He has broken through the 5 million mark, which gives him the chiplead. Meanwhile Geci still has 2.14 million to play with. --LY

Romain Feriolo

1:10pm: Two table re-draw
Level 25 - Blinds 20,000/40,000 (BB ante 40,000)

Table 1

1. Nicki Vestergaard - 700,000
2. Omar del Pino - 3.1 million
3. Tomas Saltonas - 2.45 million
4. Fernando Curto - 1.2 million
5. Sérgio Felipe Da Silva Veloso - 600,000
6. Zhong Chen - 1.4 million
7. Paul Van Oort - 2 million
8. Junior Borges Fagundes - 750,000

Table 2

1. Teunis Kooij - 1.15 million
2. Endrit Geci - 4.3 million
3. Hamish Morjaria - 825,000
4. Alexander Zur Linden - 905,000
5. Tore Andre Pedersen - 1.025 million
6. Ole Rauff Hansen - 2.2 million
7. Iñigo Naveiro - 2.45 million
8. Romain Feriolo - 2.8 million

12:50pm: Khalil Chami (18th) and Fernando Suarez Gomez (17th) depart
Level 25 - Blinds 20,000/40,000 (BB ante 40,000)

Two exits in as many minutes have taken the field down to 16 and a re-draw.

In the first hand of note Fernando Curto opened to 90,000, Khalil Chami called on the button and Romain Feriolo then three-bet to 265,000 from the small blind. Chami was the only caller.

On the K♥A♦3♥ flop Feriolo checked, Chami pushed and Feriolo snap called. Chami opened A♠5♠ but he was behind to Feriolo's A♣Q♦. The 6♠K♠ turn and river kept Feriolo in front and ended Chami's deep run. He picks up €6,900 for his deep run.

By virtue of busting one minute later, Fernando Suarez Gomez picked up € 7,900! He got his last 1.1 million in pre-flop with A♣Q♠ but was in deep trouble against Omar Del Pino Hanouadi's K♥K♣. The 8♣T♣7♥3♥5♣ board was bereft of aces and Suarez Gomez tapped the table before departing. --NW

Khalil Chami

Fernando Suarez Gomez

12:40pm: We get to showdown
Level 25 - Blinds 20,000/40,000 (BB ante 40,000)

The last few hands have passed by with relatively little to note. Sergio De Silva Veloso jammed the button and stole the blinds and for the most part, pots have been won without showdown.

Just now we did see a buck to that trend, with Iñigo Naveiro Martin and Omar Del Pino Hanouadi getting tied up in a pot blind v blind, that made it all the way to a showdown.


Though we missed the preflop action, we can tell you that Naveiro Martin bet 85,000 on the flop and then called the 220,000 three-bet from Del Pino Hanouadi.

The Q♠ turn saw a check from Naveiro Martin, a 265,000 barrel from Del Pino Hanouadi, which was smooth called, taking them to the river.

It was an A♥ and both players checked quickly.

The pot went to Del Pino Hanouadi, who held 6♠6♥, trumping Naveiro Martin's 3♠4♠. --LY

12:30pm: Morjaria makes a move
Level 25 - Blinds 20,000/40,000 (BB ante 40,000)

There was a raise to 85,000 under-the-gun from Junio Borges Fagundes and Fernando Suarez Gomez, who was next to act, flat called. The action then folded around to Hamish Morjaria and he moved all-in. It looked like it was about 700,000 total, although the exact amount is unknown, as both opponents folded without even requesting a count. --NW

12:15pm: Perez out in 19th
Level 25 - Blinds 20,000/40,000 (BB ante 40,000)

With only 85,000 left and sat under-the-gun, David Perez was all out of options. He got his last two big blinds in and found a caller from Alexander Zur Linden on his direct left. Everyone else passed and the two turned their cards over.

Zur Linden K♦Q♥
Perez J♠7♠

Though Zur Linden was ahead, Perez was very much live as the duo headed to the flop.


There was a king on the flop for Zur Linden pushing him further into the lead but Perez hit a pair too. Our all-in player was hoping for another jack or a seven to keep him in the game.

Neither the 3♥9♥ turn and river helped him though and we say goodbye to Perez in 19th place. He will take home € 6,900 for his efforts. --LY

Perez - out in 19th

12:10pm: Short stacks go to war
Level 25 - Blinds 20,000/40,000 (BB ante 40,000)

David Perez and Khalil Chami were the two shortest stacks at the start of play, with 480,000 and 475,000 respectively, and they just clashed in an all-in pot. Chami opened with A♠T♦, Perez shoved with pocket sevens and Chami called all-in. The 4♥5♦J♣T♥8♠ board favoured the overcards and Chami doubled up.

That loss left Perez with just 90,000 and he has now busted. Details on his exit coming right up. --NW

12:03pm: Cards are in the air
Level 25 - Blinds 20,000/40,000 (BB ante 40,000)

Day 3 is now underway, with our 19 remaining hopefuls in their seats, ready to play some poker. --LY

11:15am: Who'll make the final table?

A field of 1,027 has been culled to just 19 and today that number will be reduced to eight as we play down to a final table. The pressure and the money jumps will increase exponetially today, the 19 remaining players are all guaranteed €6,900 but should they make the final table that number rises to €17,000.

The man to catch is still Endrit Geci. The Day 1 chipleader led from wire to wire on Day 2 and has a healthy chip lead coming into play today. In fact he already has better than an average stack for the final table. At the other end of the scale the bottom four players all begin play with under 20 big blinds. Cards are in the air at noon.

Endrit GeciUK4,090,000
Romain FerioloFrance2,860,000
Tomas SaltonasLithuania2,675,000
Ole Rauff HansenDenmark2,345,000
Iñigo Naveiro MartinSpain2,250,000
Paul Van OortNetherlands1,885,000
Fernando Suarez GomezSpain1,635,000
Omar Del Pino HanouadiSpain1,500,000
Alexander Zur LindenGermany1,470,000
Fernando CurtoSpain1,410,000
Tore Andre PedersenNorway1,320,000
Junio Borges Fagundes Portugal1,310,000
Nicki DalgaardDenmark1,305,000
Teunis KooijNetherlands1,205,000
Zhong ChenNetherlands1,105,000
Sérgio Felipe Da silva VelosoPortugal695,000
Hamish MorjariaUK695,000
David PerezSpain480,000
Khalil ChamiFrance475,000

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Marbella: Nick Wright and Lisa Yiasemides. Photography by Rene Velli.

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