ANZPT Adelaide: Final table set

We're down to the final table of the ANZPT Adelaide event - and the nine players will be back tomorrow to slug it out for the bumper $170,215 that comes with first place.

Spare a thought for Tian Shou, the day's early chip leader, who went out in tenth, one short of the final after being outdrawn. With blinds at 8,000-16,000, he moved his remaining 150,000 chips into the middle with 8-8. Bruno Portaro, having already raised to 50,000, made the call showing Q-9.

A queen fell on the flop, and that was enough to send Shou spinning to the rail, albeit with $8,805 to help dull the pain.

After official chip counting and bagging up, as well as a redraw, tomorrow's final table will look like this:

Seat 1: Bruno Portaro, Aus, 552,000
Seat 2: Mike Stecker, USA, 390,000
Seat 3: Karl Krautschneider, Aus, PokerStars qualifier, 662,000
Seat 4: James Broom, Aus, 443,000
Seat 5: Julius Colman, Aus, 596,000
Seat 6: Tony Dunst, USA, PokerStars qualifier, 635,000
Seat 7: Dean Nyberg, Aus, 438,000
Seat 8: Daniel Noja, Aus, 304,000
Seat 9: Celina Lin, Aus, PokerStars sponsored, 260,000

All credit to Celina Lin today, who at one stage was last out of the remaining 25 players. Also noteworthy was Bruno Potaro's comeback after he had less than 3,000 at one point on Day 1.

The final table begins at 12:30pm on Saturday, Adelaide time.