ANZPT Adelaide: Heads up - now for the big money

Down to the final two

Karl Krautschneider has been eliminating most of the players from this final table and has therefore commanded the majority of the chips. Tony managed to close that gap slightly by busting Daniel. Here's where they stood at that point:

Karl Krautschneider, Aus, PokerStars qualifier, 2,454,000
Tony 'Bond18' Dunst, USA, PokerStars player, 1,824,000

Tony, always noted for his aggression in these situations, then got even closer to parity before Karl won a crucial hand, seeing his "nothing" become an up-and-down draw on the turn - and a straight on the river against Tony's two pair.

Now Karl had his lead back again.

The two exchanged chips for a while until a flush draw, so often a feature on the final two tables, settled the tournament.

Just before 5pm, with the blinds at 12,000-24,000, Karl raised to 60,000. Called. After seeing a flop of 4-2-K with two clubs. Tony checked, Karl made the same bet of 60,000. Tony then raised another 140,000 and Karl took some time to contemplate his move - he had 8-9 of clubs, and decided to push.

Tony had been dealt the Kd-2d, so his two pair meant for an automatic call in a heads-up situation.

The 3d hit the felt on the turn, and with the crowd stretching over the ropes to see the action, we witnessed the end of this main event when the 7c came on the river to complete Karl's flush.

Tony Dunst finishes 2nd in the first ANZPT main event, winning $111,520