ANZPT Adelaide: Hot inside and outside

Obviously you know it can get fairly hot in Australia, but right now we're sweltering in a 43-degree heatwave that has even the most hardy of locals in a sweat.

Outiside everyone is keeping to the shade, trying to stay out of the hot spots. It is the same inside the SKYCITY casino in Adelaide, where the short stacks in the first ever ANZPT event are trying to survive and avoid getting burnt.

Emad Tahtouh and Tony Hachem, both PokerStars sponsored players, got off to good starts. Tony doubled up early when his Ad-9d made the flush against an opponent holding Ah-Kc.

Earlier, Tony had been preparing for today's play at breakfast when fellow combatants, Bruno Potaro and Steve Topakis, challenged him to 100 push ups. Unfortunately he only made it to 80 because he broke into laughter! He's still in a good mood now with
plenty of chips with which to take a tilt at the title.

Emad's double up has put a smile on his face for the first time this year, when he flopped a straight against his opponent's two pair. Shortly after Emad was
moved to his good friend's table - Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem. They believe
this is the first time they have played on the same table in a tournament, and they also have the inimitable Billy the Croc at their table so action should be fast and furious.


Emad Tahtouh

One of the great survival stories from yesterday is Melbourne player Bruno Potaro. Seated at the table with PokerStars sponsored player Ray Sukkar, and Aussie Millions fourth-place finisher Chris Chronis, Bruno Found himself short stacked.

For three hours his stack moved between 2,000 and 8,000 chips until late in the day when he managed to make a late charge. By the start of play today he had 77,000 and is a good chance to make the money.

Ray and Bruno had stayed at the same table for the whole of day 1B, unfortunately short-stacked Ray was one of the early departures this morning, while Chris Chronis was eliminated late on the first day. To prepare for play this morning, Bruno went down to the beach to have a swim and contemplate his strategy.