ANZPT Adelaide: Table 1 the place to be if you want to win

Just in front of where we sit is Table 1, one of two tables that will not be broken today. Even now, at this early stage, the chips there make it look like a final table:

Seat 1 Tian Shou 383,000
Seat 3 Nobbi Tanaka 140,000
Seat 5 Julius Colman 210,000
Seat 6 Derren Bullock 200,000
Seat 7 James Obst 190,000
Seat 8 Elliot Smith 210,000
Seat 9 Mike Stecker 120,000

Shou had won two big pots both against Obst by showing 10-10 to make a full house, and A-Q to make Aces up with a queen kicker. Shou had managed to get all-in on the river both times.

The average chip stack at this stage was near 140,000, so this table was certainly the place to be if your wanted to put yourself in contention for the $170,215 top prize - the combined total at the table is about 1.45 million, that's one third of all the chips in play.