ANZPT Adelaide: Final table action

3:30pm - Daniel builds, then...

Three-way action and Daniel comes out of the blocks racing. He makes some great hands against Tony and then takes chips from Karl. He passes Tony for the second in chips position. Then one of those classic match-up hands. Daniel has top pair on the flop and Tony has one over card and a flush draw with two cards to come.

All the chips went in at this point. Tony makes the flush on the turn but it is the Js which gives Daniel trips. No full house on the river, though, and Daniel has now lost the chips he had made up in the last 40 minutes.

It was down to Tony again to collect the last of Daniel's chips. Daniel went all-in with Kc-Jc, and Tony called with Ac-Qc. Both ended up making a flush, but Tony's ace won the day.

Daniel Noja finishes 3rd, winning prize $64,565

3:03pm - One short stack left

USA player Mike Stecker hadn't had too many opportunities during the final table. His 390,000 stack had been reduced to 230,000 in chips, and when he was dealt A-4 (blinds 10,000-20,000) he saw the chance to double up before his stack was eroded compelety. Karl once again obliged and showed A-Q to dominate Mike's hand.

After the board came A-Q-3 Mike's chances were down to runner runner 4s or a 5 and a 2. No such event happened and Karl moves further ahead as we go three-way.

At this point, the chips were:

Karl Krautschneider, Aus, PokerStars qualifier, 2,240,000

Tony Dunst, USA, PokerStars player, 1,240,000

Daniel Noja, Aus, 400,000

Mike Stecker eliminated in fourth place for $52,825.

3:00pm - Pandemonium 3

Julius wasn't fully out of his seat before Dean Nyberg, first to speak, ups the pot by 40,000. Karl Krautschneider, who can't see the table over all his chips, decides to invest.
The flop comes Ah-Ad-8d, Dean holding the Qd-Jd bets 60,000 and Karl flat calls. The 6d appears on the turn and this time Dean checks his flush. Karl obliges with an 80,000 bet , which Daniel promptly raise to 225,000. Again Karl calls. The hole in his chip stack means he can see the table now. A nothing 7h rivers and Dean ships all the rest of his stack - about 500,000 more - into the middle. I doubt that Karl was ever going to fold this one, even given the threat of the paird board, as he holds the Kd-Td for the nut flush.

Dean Nyberg, local Adelaide boy, will have to be content with 5th place this year

Dean Nyberg finishes 5th for $41,085

2:55pm - Pandemonium 2

The dust is just settling on Celina's departure when Julius Colman sees the need to get more chips. Julius hasn't had much good fortune on this final table so when he sees a flop of J-4-5, holding Q-J, he decided it is time to put it on the line. Tony Dunst had raised pre-flop, and in this case I suspect Tony with his hand would have called any flop bet. Dean Nyberg had called pre-flop but got out of the way when Tony called the all-in. Tony flipped over two Jacks for top set, and Julius started to pack his bags. A king on the turn finished Julius' day at this final table

Julius Colman eliminated in sixth, winning $29,345

2:50pm - Pandemonium

I am sure it is a mathematical thing, but it always seems that when there is a period of inactivity it follows that a high action period will occur.

Celina Lin, one of the short stacks, goes all-in in response to Daniel Noja's original raise under the gun. She gets five folds which is probably what she is looking for as she has 6-6. Daniel Noja makes the call, though, with the hand which has featured in all the eliminations today - A-K. Celina has no luck on the flop when it includes an ace, flop A-3-Q. A four on the turn only leaves her with two outs, neither of which appear.

We lose Celina Lin from the final table in 7th place today. As I mentioned previously a great result given here position early on Day 2.

Celina Lin finishes 7th for $23,475

2:00pm - The action slows

After the loss of James the table has settled down somewhat. Bruno is still making the small action. A big hand sees Daniel doubling his remaining 230,000 in chips, catching two pair on the flop with his Q-J against Tony's 7-7.

Some 90 minutes after the loss of James, it is Bruno Potaro again getting his chips all-in again Karl Krautschneider. Bruno had bet 100,000 on a flop of 9-K-3, Karl was testing the waters with a min raise to 200,000. Bruno, not one to back down in these situuations, especially as he had A-K, raised all-in. Karl probably expecting that his Q-Q was good called. A 10 on the turn gave Karl four more outs and he did it the hard way when one of the two remaing queens hit on the river. Karl to over 1.5 million in chips

Bruno Potaro finishes eighth for $17,610.