ANZPT Adelaide: Online qualifier triumphant

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Karl Krautschneider with the money, the hand, the chips and the trophy

Melbourne-based Karl Krautschneider has taken the title for the inaugural ANZPT event at the SKYCITY Casino in Adelaide. Karl rarely let the lead slip at any time on the final table, eliminating most of the other eight finalists himself. His reward for outlasting eight others on the day - and 214 others overall - was $170,215.

Overnight, after the finalists' chips were bagged up, the tallies looked like this:

Seat 1...... Bruno Portaro - 552,000
Seat 2...... Mike Stecker - 390,000
Seat 3...... Karl Krautschneider - 662,000
Seat 4...... James Broom - 443,000
Seat 5.......Julius Colman - 596,000
Seat 6.......Tony Dunst - 635,000
Seat 7.......Dean Nyberg - 439,000
Seat 8.......Daniel Noja - 304,000
Seat 9.......Celina Lin - 261,000

On the very first hand James Broom faced a decision to call a raise for all his chips when he held A-K. Hard hand to fold at that point, so James pushed forward his 443,000. It was Bruno Portaro's pocket 7s which had a slight lead against James pre-flop. The lead held all the way to the river and we could already find a little more room around the table for the remaining eight. James took home $11,740 for 9th place.

Play then settled down for over 90 minutes. The only significant hand was when Daniel Noja doubled up his last 230,000 in chips when his Q-J flopped two pair against Tony Dunst's 7-7.

Just after this hand it Bruno was again the all-in player holding the ubiquitous A-K hand. The money had all gone in on the flop of 9-K-3 and when Karl, holding the calling hand and a larger chip stack, tabled his cards. He was somewhat behind with Q-Q. A ten on the turn increased Karl's chances by four outs but he did it the hard way when he found a Q on the river for a set. Bruno Portaro had to be happy with 8th place and $17,610.

A 50-minute hiatus then occurred in the action, but it was just building pressure for a cascade of eliminations.

Celina Lin, the PokerStars sponsored player who had played very well from mid-way through day two, had once again become low on chips. After Dean Nyberg had made a standard raise, Celina move all of her chips into the centre. All others folded until we got back to Dean. He had A-K so I guessed he thought he could break the A-K hoodoo (the last two players to be eliminated holding this hand) and called.

Celina had gone with 6-6 so she did hold the lead until the flop of A-3-Q. No six on the turn or river and our last lady player will have to wait for a victory another day. Celina departing in 7th place for $23,475.

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Celina Lin at the final table

Take a deep breath, let it out, and before you could take another the short-stacked Julius Colman stepped up to the plate. Julius just hadn't been in it today, so when he saw a J-4-5 flop he pushed with his Q-J. Tony Dunst had raised pre flop and it wasn't good news for Julius when Tony showed his J-J hand. A king on the turn leaves Julius no outs except for the door. Julius Colman left us in 6th place for $29,345.

Do the breathing thing again, except this time you don't even get to exhale before there is an all-in call. Local online player Dean Nyberg probably thought he was good in this one. Certainly he had very little choice but to lose all his stack here. A flop of Ah-Ad-8d caused all the problems. Dean was holding Qd-Jd, but his flop bet was called by Karl Krautschneider.

Dean check-raised the turn and Karl flat called. A 7h on the river and Dean pushed all-in and groaned loudly when Karl called and showed Kd-Td for the nut flush. Dean Nyberg's took 5th place and a slip to take to the cashier for $41,085.

Next it was the very low-stacked US player Mike Stecker who felt that he needed to make a stand. Helooked down at his hole cards and saw A-4, good enough for an all-in push for 230,000.

But that man Krautschneider had the cards to call - dominating with the A-Q. The flop was A-Q-3, only leaving Mike with running 4s or a 5, 2 finish to survive. Too much of an ask, and Mike Stecker finished 4th for $52,825.

At this point, the chips were:

Karl Krautschneider, Aus, PokerStars qualifier, 2,240,000
Tony Dunst, USA, PokerStars player, 1,240,000
Daniel Noja, Aus, 400,000

Krautschneider held a commanding chip lead with Daniel Noja on the short stack.
Daniel was able to gain a lot of ground in the next half hour, winning chips from both Tony and Karl.

In fact, he pulled ahead of Tony when the following hand happened: he had made top pair against Tony's one over card and a flush draw. These two had played some big hands of late and this one was no exception - all the chips went in.

Daniel had paired his jack - and although another came on the turn it was also the card that completed Tony's flush. That left Daniel with only a few chips, and his final hand came shortly after when he got it in with Kc-Jc but Tony Dunst held Ac-Qc. Three clubs on the flop settled it. Daniel Noja finished third for $64,565.

Karl and Tony squared off on the table, Tony in his customary dark grey suit, Karl in a relaxing grey polo shirt. Karl won his way into this event playing a rebuy satellite on PokerStars. Tony had bought his way into the event via PokerStars.

Tony managed to close the chip gap significantly until Karl pulled away again after he made a runner, runner straight .

The two exchanged chips for a while more until a flush draw, so often a feature on the final two tables, settled the tournament. Just before 5pm, with the blinds at 12,000-24,000, Karl raised to 60,000. Called. After seeing a flop of 4-2-K with two clubs. Tony checked. Karl made the same bet of 60,000. Tony then raised another 140,000 and Karl took some time to contemplate his move - he had 8-9 of clubs, and decided to push.

Tony had been dealt the Kd-2d, so his two pair meant for an automatic call in a heads-up situation. The 3d hit the felt on the turn, and with the crowd stretching over the ropes to see the action, we witnessed the end of this main event when the 7c came on the river to complete Karl's flush.

Tony Dunst finished 2nd in the first ANZPT main event, winning $111,520

We were done. Karl Krautschneider, the player with all the chips, won the inaugural trophy of the PokerStars Australia and New Zealand Poker Tour - and a cool $170,215!

Congratulations, Karl!


The winning hand