ANZPT Adelaide: Poker players from two different backgrounds pull ahead

Just a quick aside local identity Paul "The Virus" Ravesi has finally graced the tournament with his presence well into level 3. He joins an already spirited Table 1 including Sam Khouiss and Mike "Timex" McDonald. Paul sat down, naturally his blinds had been removed from the stack but he quickly noted that he seemed to be in a much better position than normal for this stage of the day.

Wandering around the room two of the early chip leaders who come from different backgrounds share a common interest. The two players are Chris Chronis and Tony Dunst. Melbourne based Chris has been playing tournament poker at Crown casino for some years now and has made some credible high finishes in aussie tournaments. As I walked past his table a few moments ago he was collecting a pot over 20,000 to go to a count of more than 42,000. Tony, an American, but an adopted aussie has many final table finishes both here and in the US and has performed admirably in the WSOP main event in past years. Although he finds himself on the same table as Grant Levy and Sam Youssef he has amassed a stack of more than 38,000.
There isnt too much of link between the two. Chris is heavily involved in women's fashion, as both designer and owner of a high profile fashion label named after himself. Tony comes to these shores mostly as a poker player claiming his interest in fashion was limited to the models he chased.
Both can play poker at the top end of the game but I have never worked out the correlation with Chris' "rag" trade and the more mathematical nature of the card game.

Chris Chronis makes a call of a raise of 8K his A-K being good


Tony Dunst gives one of those great camera looks he has as he starts to rise from the pack