ANZPT Adelaide: Words from the felt

PokerStars qualifier and Australian online poker phenomenon Tony 'Bond21' Dunst has been doing some sterling work while playing today. On a table that
includes PokerStars sponsored Tony Hachem and well known Sydney player
Joel Dodds, Tony decided he wanted to give us his thoughts. He took the
pad and began to write:

"I sit in the corner of the SkyCity poker room attempting to focus. The
room looks more like an old fashioned pool hall than a poker den, with the
tables illuminated by the single beam of fluorescent lights that hang
precariously above each table. The room is full of the best and worst of
Australian poker, depending on who you ask.

"I sit quietly for sometime mostly keeping out of the way. It is not until
over an hour into the day that I become entangled in a confrontation. My
stake is 18,000 with the blinds 75 - 100, I have As-8s on the button.
Before the flop I raise to 750 and there are two callers, one of them makes a
brief speech about how they never should have called but then calls. Curious.

"The flop comes 4s-Kc -6s and the action is checked around to me. I
consider my bet and drop 1,300 into the pot. There is a fold and then the
person who found it difficult to call starts to talk, telling me he really
thinks he has me, and he calls the bet.

"The turn comes 5s and the action is checked around to me again. I count out 2,800 in chips and bet. He quickly calls me. Now he leads out with a bet of 3,075.
I find it very unlikely he has a set since he wouldn't bother with the banter earlier in the hand. I think he has a king and believe he will pay me off with it. I raise to
8,075 and he winces as he whips the 5,000 chip into the pot. I table the
flush and he quickly mucks and I return to my stupor."