ANZPT Melbourne: Chilli con carnage as we're down to three

Level 23: 15,000/30,000 (ante 3000): It must have been the chilli - things have moved at an incredible pace since players returned from the dinner break with three players hitting the rail during level 23 of the ANZPT Melbourne event.

In a mad start to the evening session, Jie Gao made it 100,000 pre-flop, Chris Levick popped it to 300,000, Gao pushed all-in and Levick snap-called. Bang - down went Levick's pocket aces, which sent Gao and his pocket fives to the rail in fifth position.


Jie Gao's tenancity has earned him sixth spot

He managed one double-up after dinner, but the short stack of Sam Khouiss was always going to come under attack. He chopped one pot with Heath Chick when both players showed A-9 but on the next hand, he found his K♣ Q♠ up against the A♦ 7♣ of Chris Levick. The board ran out J♠ J♥ J♦ 6♣ 3♦, and Khouiss was on his way in fifth position.


Sam Khouiss adds another impressive finish to his tournament CV

Incredibly, the field was slashed to three on the very next hand when Peter Aristidou pushed all-in for 260k with pocket nines, with Levick again the caller, but this time he trailed with pocket eights ... until he made a set of eights on the flop.


The last hometown player, Peter Aristidou, exits in fourth

Aristidou, out in fourth, and can anyone stop Chris Levick? His stack is up to 3.12 million, ahead of Chick on 785,000 and Shillig 335,000.