ANZPT Queensland: Cooper barrelled on the river

The Gold Coast is recognised as Australia's holiday capital, for good reason. Beaches, theme parks, nightclubs, restaurants, tropical weather, major events like the IndyCar Carnival and the annual influx of school-leavers known as Schoolies Week ... everyone comes here to recharge the batteries and have a little fun.


Kim Cooper has just taken a ride with more ups and downs than the Cyclone at Gold Coast theme park Dreamworld

PokerStars qualifier Kim Cooper's batteries could sure use some recharging after copping a beat for the ages midway through level three on day 1A of the ANZPT Queensland tournament at Jupiters.

In a massive hand, Cooper was more than happy to have her chips committed with a set of queens on the flop, and found herself in pole position for a huge pot against the set of 10s of Sean Cowell (Richard Leal, holding pocket kings, had wisely stepped aside).

But a 10 on the river threatened to buckle the foundations of the recently refurbished Jupiters Casino as Cooper quietly collected her things and made her way out of the tournament area as Cowell scooped up more than 50,000 in chips.

Another Sean, another winning hand of quad 10s ... Sean Rosey flopped quad 10s just minutes before Cowell and took down a nice pot against John Apostolidic who'd filled a king-high flush on the river but folded to Rosey's all-in.

Also on table 12, Linda Tyler (who won her seat here at Jupiters) just eliminated Queensland poker icon Milo Nadalin when she rivered a full-house with the same card that filled Milo's flush. She's up to 55,000 and among the chip leaders on the Gold Coast. Danny Joukhader, who cashed in the ANZPT Sydney and Melbourne Championships main events, is the chip leader on 60,000.

• Landon Blackhall reports from Treasury at Brisbane that Hong Kong-based Aussie David Steicke, has shot to the top of the chip count after eliminating Scott Reid early in level three. Reid raised under the gun pre-flop to 600, but Steicke made it 1400 to go from the buck. After several minutes in the tank, Reid made the call.

The flop was [10d] 3♥ 8♦. Reid checked to Steicke, who bet just enough to send Reid all-in. He held A♦ K♦ for the flush draw, only to reel in disgust as Steicke rolled up pocket kings. There was no help on the turn of the 5♥ or the river 8♣, and Steicke was up to 49,000.

Meanwhile, Team Australia Pro Tony Hachem and tablemate Darryl "The Dazzler" Lanyon have been sharing some laughs and some chips. Hachem called for 200 in early position, but Lanyon raised, announcing 800 but throwing in a blue instead of a purple.


Darryl "The Dazzler" Lanyon, one of the great characters of Aussie poker

The rest of the table were surprised by this bet (thinking that it was 5300 as they hadn't heard his verbal bet) but then cracked up laughing after he said, "the blue chips are 500 at my home game!" Lanyon rolled over his pocket queens once everyone else had folded. Lanyon is on 16,500 in chips, while Hachem is just under his starting stack with 19,500.

The dealers and tournament staff at the Treasury have been learning quickly with plenty of support from ANZPT tournament director Danny McDonagh. It will be interesting to see just how they cope with antes in level four, as they've never had to collect an ante in a poker tournament before today!