ANZPT Queensland: Don't trip(s) over your set

By Landon Blackhall

The Queensland contingent have come out in force to represent their state and are proud as punch to have a major poker tournament like the ANZPT in their casinos after many years of waiting.

Not only are Queenslanders quickly adapting to the ins and outs of a multi-day poker event, they are also keen to learn from players and media alike, asking questions about the history, culture and the lingo that comes with the game.

Perhaps it's just another reflection of Queenslanders doing things differently, but they're still arguing that trips and a set are the same thing, jagging spike cards, min-calling raises, min-raising calls and insta-calling after minutes have passed ... even gets confusing for the reporting team!

We've just ticked into level four (blinds at 100/200 with a 25 ante). Tom Zhou has his tablemates wondering why he ever sat with them, as he is outright chip leader with 100,000 in his stack. Aleks Lackovic is also consolidating on his prop bet win and continuing his form, now on 59,000 in chips.

However, ANZPT Melbourne champ Chris Levick just survived a big scare to keep his hopes of overtaking Tony Hachem for the overall points title alive.


The battle for the ANZPT points title remains alive after Chris Levick's double-up

We caught the action on a flop of A♥ 7♠ Q♦ - Levick checked to his opponent on the button, who bet 4500. Levick went into the tank before stacking his last 10,000 up and moving it into the middle. The opponent snap-called, rolling up A♦ K♣ for top pair, but Levick was ahead, holding Q♠ Q♣ for a set. The turn brought the 5♠ and the river 3♦, to double Levick up to around 25,000.

• The Gold Coast might be renowned for its fast-paced lifestyle, but that's not an ideal being embraced at Jupiters today when the day 1B field has been reduced by just seven players after almost four hours of play.

As such, the chips remain fairly evenly spread out with New Zealand PokerStars qualifier James Honeybone (50,000) a narrow leader from Julius Colman (44,000), Daniel Neilson (40,000) and Mark Erickson (35,000). Team Asia pro Celina Lin was among the leaders until sending a stack of chips to Honeybone. However, Celina remains on target for her second final table in the first year of the ANZPT having placed ninth in Adelaide.


Celina Lin remains in contention for a top-three finish in the overall points race

PokerStars Sponsored player Lee "Final Table" Nelson has been finding opportunities few and far between on table 11, where the original line-up of nine players remain seated. He found a set of deuces on a flop to drag in a nice pot against a player with pocket aces, and with 25,000, he holds the biggest stack on the tightest table in the room.

Ray Sukkar just joined the short list of eliminations when he found his A-Q dominated by two players holding A-K, and headed for the door when the board ran out 10-high.
Last night, the carnage came late and it came hard at Jupiters ... looks like we're heading towards a similar scenario later today. When players return from their second break of the day, the blinds will be up to 150/300 with an ante of 25.