ANZPT Queensland: Kiwi comes from the clouds

The ANZPT Queensland Main Event has been turned on its head with a new chip leader and two quick eliminations leaving just four players chasing the first prize of AUD $168,075.

New Zealand's Phillip Willcocks has nosed ahead of Joel Dodds in the chip count, not that the Sydneysider's stack has declined. Willcocks has been the major aggressor in the past hour, and when he sent Scott "Punty" Smith to the rail in fifth place, his stack had grown above two million.


New ANZPT Queensland chip leader Phillip Willcocks

But action started earlier in level 22 when Danny Joukhadar found himself all-in again holding the red jacks, and found a caller in Scott Kerr who held A♥ Q♥. The flop came down 8♠ [10d] A♣, sending Kerr into the lead. "No jack," Kerr shouted loudly. "Jack, one time," Joukhadar's supporters roared.

Kerr's request was duly acknowledged as the board ran out 3♥ 5♣, eliminating Joukhadar in sixth place for AUD $31,125 - his second ANZPT cash.


Danny Joukhadar prepares to collect his second ANZPT cheque

Willcocks closed the gap on Dodds when he shoved all-in over the top of Dodds bet of 265,000 on a flop of 7♣ 8♦ 6♣. Dodds folded, and Willcocks closed to within 100,000 of the chip leader.

The Kiwi was it again in a pre-flop raising war with Scott Smith that ended when he slid in a pile of yellow 25,000 chips, with Smith eventually making a reluctant fold.

Willcocks then sent Smith to the rail in fifth - the New Zealander raised pre-flop, Smith pushed in for his last 470,000 and Willcocks called showing A♥ K♥, and it was off to the races against the New South Welshman's 8♦ 8♣. The board fell 6♥ 2♠ A♦ 4♦ 9♦, leaving "Punty" out in fifth for $40,462.


"How much?" That's $40,462 for Scott "Punty" Smith, his career high tournament cash

Willcocks then climbed to around 2.4 million, putting the pressure on Joel Dodds. On a board reading 3♦ 4♦ 8♦, Dodds led out for 170,000, only to have Willcocks announce all in. "Gambling with the ace of diamonds, are you?" Dodds asked before angrily throwing his hand into the muck.

Scott Kerr's stack is now looking healthier after eliminating Melburnian Shoshiro Karita in third place. The money was all in the middle with Shoshiro's A♥ 9♣ well ahead of the [10d] 8♦ of Kerr. However the flop of [10c] [10s] Q♣ and the turn of 2♦ would end the PokerStars Player's tournament life. A meaningless A♣ came on the river; we say sayonara to Shoshiro, but he'll be all smiles after receiving AUD $49,800.


Final table short stack Shoshiro Karita sailed all the way to third place

With the elimination of Danny Joukhadar in sixth position, Chris Levick was been confirmed as the runner-up in the ANZPT Player of the Year count behind Tony Hachem while Joel Dodds has edged ahead of Joukhadar for third place. Congratulations to all three players.