ANZPT Queensland: Skirting around the final table

Saturday night's alright for ... dragging out the shortest skirt in your wardrobe, slapping on three inches of make-up and tagging along with five other girls for some rainbow-coloured cocktails at Jupiters, judging from tonight's crowd.

But the faux catwalk parade going on adjacent to the tournament area isn't distracting the remaining players in the ANZPT Queensland Main Event, with final table spots now firmly within reach for the 11 survivors.

There were three quick eliminations after the last break. The short-stacked Chris McCovert invested his last 51,000 with black deuces but PokerStars Player Shoshiro Karita glanced down to find Q♠ Q♦, which swiftly dispatched McCovert to the rail in 14th position.


Chris McCovert's gallant battle with a short stack finally ended in 14th

Zhicong Wu's tournament ended with a one-two punch combination that sent him to the canvas in 13th. The PokerStars Qualifier was crippled when his A♣ 4♣ came up against Scott Kerr's Q♠ 7♠, but the board of 2♦ [10d] J♣ 7♥ 5♥ missed Wu and left him with just 13,000. He limped out to Joel Dodds in the next hand.

Brad Wilson was rarely near the chip average all day but hung on grimly and was rewarded with 12th spot and a payout of $8715. His tournament life was snuffed out when his pocket queens ran into the pocket aces of Danny Joukhadar's pocket aces - neither hand connected with the board as Joukhadar's stack turned north for the first time in two hours.

The aggression of Joel strongplay Dodds in the past 30 minutes has paid off with the popular Sydneysider taking the chip lead. He's been happy to take on PokerStars Player Shoshiro Karita at every opportunity, and took down a massive pot when he shoved all-in over Karita's raise to 175,000 on a board showing K♠ 8♦ 2♦ K♣. Dodds is up to 960,000, almost 20 per cent of the chips in play, while Karita fell to 320,000.

We're at the midpoint of level 20 (8000/16,000 with a 2000 ante), with the chip average now 445,000.