ANZPT Queensland: Vault closes on impressive debut for Treasury team

By Landon Blackhall

The players at Conrad Treasury were sent on a 10-minute break before the sixth level of the day, so that play at the two venues would restart in sync late on day two of the ANZPT Queenstown Main Event.

The first elimination after the break was Luca Mazzocchi, who made a desperate move shoving his last 36,800 over the betting line, only to have Lyle Higgs move all in over the top on the small blind. Kieron Olm-Milligan got out of the way on the big blind and the cards were rolled over: Higgs K♥ K♣ and Mazzocchi 9♦ 7♦.

The flop came down 4♣ 7♠ K♠, putting Higgs well ahead and it stayed that way as the turn and river ran out 3♣ 4♥. Mazzocchi was thus eliminated and Higgs moved on up to 196,000.

PokerStars Qualifier Barry Craig was smashed back to 20,500 after trying to push Tom Zhou out of a pot at the wrong time. With the board reading 7♦ 6♠ K♣ 4♦, Zhou fired a bet of 65,000 from the small blind, and Craig pushed all in for 70,400.

Zhou snap-called with K♠ 6♣ for a flopped two pair; Craig slammed down 9-8 offsuit for only an open-ended straight draw. The dealer peeled off the 3♣ on the river and Zhou was up to 281,000.

However he wisely got out of the way of a hand involving Joel strongplay Dodds and Scott Kerr. Craig raised to 6000 pre-flop, Dodds re-raised all-in for 21,500, but Kerr announced he was all in over the top. Craig mucked and they rolled them up: Kerr 9♠ 9♥ and Dodds 5♦ 5♣.


PokerStars Qualifier Scott Kerr was in good shape against Joel Dodds, until ...

The flop was 9♦ 3♣ 6♥; Kerr pumped his fist and shouted, "hold up, please, just one time!" Then, the scare card: a 4♠ popped up on the turn before the magical 2♠ jagged on the river. Dodds would then score another double up moments later, this time taking some chips off Tom Zhou.

On a board reading 8-10-10-5-A, Dodds moved all in and Zhou threw two orange chips from his monolithic stack, turning up A-K. Dodds rolled up Q-10 for trips to take it down and take his stack to 100,000.

Barry Craig was then eliminated - he moved his last 14,200 over the betting line after Tom Zhou raised from the small blind. Zhou called and showed pocket eights; Craig had K♥ [10c] and the board ran out 6♥ 3♠ 5♦ 4♥ 5♣ to send Barry to the rail.

• Finally, we came to the end of Day 2 of the ANZPT Queensland event. Brett French, moved all in for another 17,500 after Kieran Olm-Milligan raised to 9000 from the button. Olm-Milligan snap-called French's raise, turning over pocket eights against the A-K of French. There was nothing that French could do but watch on as the board ran out [10d] 9♠ [10h] 7♣ 8♥.

Play has ceased here in the Conrad Treasury poker room and after all the chips were cut and listed, the player who will lead the Brisbane team into Jupiters will be Tom Zhou with 260,600 in chips.

Joel strongplay Dodds was Brisbane's second place finisher on 249,500, after securing some incredible double-ups late in the day. Lyle Higgs (249,900), ANZPT Queenstown eight-place finisher William Mauga (197,500) and PokerStars Qualifier Charlie Gang (164,900) are also heading to Jupiters in a strong position.


Lyle Higgs will be happy to find almost 250,000 in his stack when he takes his seat at Jupiters tomorrow

Meanwhile those who have either returned home or will be tagging along for the ride after their eliminations today include Team Australia duo Grant Levy and Tony Hachem, Greg Shillig, David Steicke, Daniel Jennings, Emma Grace and Chris Levick.

Conrad Treasury Casino tournament director Tim O'Brien and the staff and management of the poker room are to be commended for their efforts in running their debut tournament. Good night from our bus (currently being gunned down the Pacific Motorway by ANZPT commissioner and coach captain Danny McDonagh).