ANZPT Queensland: Wick lit on latest trans-Tasman showdown

By Landon Blackhall

The heads-up duel has been decided for the ANZPT Queensland Main Event, with the great trans-Tasman rivalry set to be reignited by the battle between PokerStars Qualifiers Phillip Willcocks from New Zealand and Aussie Scott Kerr. This is the first time that the two nations in which the ANZPT is played have been represented in the heads-up showdown.


Scott Kerr is living the dream and waving the Aussie flag at the ANZPT Queensland final table

The Aussie and All-Blacks have been battling on sporting arenas as diverse as cricket, rugby, league and football for decades - it's always a fierce battle and the Kiwis love putting one over their rivals on the western shore of the Tasman Sea.

Kerr's father Stephen walked out to get some air at the wrong time, missing the hand with which his son eliminated Joel Dodds in third place.

Kerr was first to act, raising to 75,000 from the buck. Dodds re-raised to 215,000, only to see Willcocks sweeping his hands across his stack to motion that he was all in. Kerr got out of the way as Dodds snap-called with pocket queens, ahead of Willcocks' J♠ J♣.

Willcocks stood silent, but it was Kerr that was calling for the jack. It appeared in the window; the flop reading 4♠ 8♥ J♦. A repeat 4♦ came on the turn, giving Willcocks the full house and leaving Dodds with only two outs to stay alive. The river bricked out K♠, eliminating strongplay and earning him AUD $62,250 for his efforts.


Joel Dodds finishes third in the tournament, and third in the overall points race

Security staff have just deposited the first prize money of AUD $168,000 and change on the table and after a 15-minute recess, the combatants have taken their seats with blinds at level 23 (15,000/30,000 with an ante 3000).