ANZPT Queenstown: Colman in a canter

All the numbers are in for the first ANZPT Queenstown Main Event, with a total field of 134 players having been reduced to 91 after four day one flights. Those players are fighting for a share of NZD $303,750, with the winner taking home just over NZD $88,000 and a swag of points towards the overall ANZPT leaderboard.

The day 1D chip leader, and new overall chip leader is Melbourne's Julius Colman. A respected and successful businessman, Colman has chalked up some impressive results in recent years.


Day 1D and overall ANZPT Queenstown chip leader, Julius Colman

In 2007, he final-tabled the Aussie Millions Main Event and finished in the top 30 of both the WSOP Europe Main Event and the first APT Grand Final in Sydney.

He also placed sixth in the ANZPT Adelaide event back in February, and with 114,425 in chips, he takes a massive lead into tomorrow's penultimate day of the tournament with almost double the stack of his nearest rival.

The day 1D top five was filled out by 2008 NZ Poker Champs Main Event third-placegetter John Pye (56.725), 2009 Aussie Millions fourth-place finisher Raj Ramakrishnan (44,325) and New Zealanders Steve Smith (38,875) and Sam Williams (38,125).

Other big names to progress from today were Brooke Howard-Smith (29,475), Daniel Neilson (28,150), Soren Eriksen (11,975), broadcaster Darcy Waldegrave (11,375) and the short-stacked Andrew Scott (4500) and Dan Sing (2875).

Players sent to the rail included PokerStars Sponsored Player Lee "Final Table" Nelson and reigning Aussie Millions Main Event champion Stewart Scott, but we won't be surprised to see both back for Saturday's teams event, which promises to be a fierce battle.

The table draw and full details for tomorrow will be out shortly, and will be published here as soon as available. ANZPT Queenstown official chip count (after day one)

Julius Colman (Australia) PokerStars Player 114,425
Matthew Yates (New Zealand) 67,050
Andrew Hinrichsen (Australia) PokerStars Qualifier 65,475
David Bradford (New Zealand) 64,500
Mark Measey (Australia) PokerStars Qualifier 58,075
John Harman (New Zealand) 57,475
John Pye (New Zealand) 56,725
Mark Iskander (Australia) 49,725
Julian Cohen (Australia) PokerStars Qualifier 45,875
Mark Walker (New Zealand) 45,350
Paul Chisnall (New Zealand) 44,950
Ville Nurmi (Finland) 44,325
Raj Ramakrishnan (Australia) 44,325
Josh Egan (New Zealand) PokerStars Qualifier 42,975
Stewart Scott (Australia) 40,700
William Mauga (Australia) PokerStars Qualifier 40,550
Dhurim Mustafa (Australia) PokerStars Qualifier 40,250

Erich Stadler (New Zealand) 40,050
Tony Hachem (Australia) PokerStars Team Australia 39,000
Steven Smith (New Zealand) 38,875
Glenn Maiden (New Zealand) 38,775
Sam Williams (New Zealand) 38,125
Grant Levy (Australia) PokerStars Team Australia 35,800
Jerry Calder (Australia) PokerStars Qualifier 35,425

Carl Gray (New Zealand) 34,475
Kristian Lunardi (Australia) PokerStars Player 33,300
Darko Balaban (Australia) PokerStars Qualifier 33,025
Ray Sukkar (Australia) PokerStars Sponsored Player 32,900
Mike Marvanek (Australia) PokerStars Qualifier 32,075
Mark Anstey (Australia) PokerStars Qualifier 30,700
James Honeybone (New Zealand) PokerStars Qualifier 29,700

Joel Cohen (Australia) 29,700
Brooke Howard Smith (New Zealand) 29,475
Robert Wang (New Zealand) 29,200
Ben Barclay (Australia) PokerStars Qualifier 28,975
Paul Webster (Australia) 28625
Daniel Kriston (Australia) 28,200
Daniel Neilson (Australia) 28,150
Hugh Cohen (Australia) PokerStars Qualifier 28,075
Jeffrey Bucher (New Zealand) 27,925
Jordan Bryant (New Zealand) 27,225
Tim English (Australia) PokerStars Player 26,150
Florian Frohlich (Germany) PokerStars Qualifier 25,800
Spencer Padway (USA) PokerStars Qualifier 25,075
Daniel Reeves (UK) PokerStars Qualifier 24,900
Emad Tahtouh (Australia) Team PokerStars Australia 24,800
Matthew Hill (Australia) PokerStars Qualifier 24,775
Danny Andrews (Australia) PokerStars Qualifier 24,500
Lyle Smith (Australia) PokerStars Sponsored Player 22,925

Ian Hornby (New Zealand) 21,750
Cesar Cavagnero (Argentina) 21,100
Martijn Sonius (Netherlands) PokerStars Qualifier 20,300
Aaron Golledge (Australia) PokerStars Qualifier 19,850
Sven Ellrich Germany PokerStars Player 19,625

David Bonham (New Zealand) 18,675
Andrew Brown (New Zealand) 18,450
Ray Crow (New Zealand) 18,250
Michael O'Grady (Australia) PokerStars Qualifier 18,175
Mishel Anunu (Australia) PokerStars Qualifier 17,850
Reg Lowe (New Zealand) PokerStars Qualifier 17,775

John Guthrie (New Zealand) 17,175
Jan Schwarz (Germany) PokerStars Player 16,575
John Telfer (New Zealand) PokerStars Qualifier 15,425
Rachel Vis (Australia) PokerStars Qualifier 15,275

Ferg Spary (New Zealand) 15,125
Kevin Bryniczka (USA) PokerStars Player 13,975
Mahi Paurini (New Zealand) 13,550
Daniel Chevalier (Australia) 13,150
Andrew Vautier (New Zealand) PokerStars Qualifier 13,100
John Brugman (Australia) PokerStars Qualifier 12,575

Carl Nolan (New Zealand) 12,450
Bob Sova (New Zealand) 12,000
Soren Eriksen (New Zealand) 11,995
Darcy Waldegrave (New Zealand) 11,375
Anthony Chow (Australia) PokerStars Sponsored Player 11,250
Nicholas Becker (USA) PokerStars Qualifier 10,950
Damon Lum (New Zealand) PokerStars Qualifier 10,725
Andrew Capelin (Australia) PokerStars Qualifier 10,625

Ernie Hicks (Australia) 10,400
Dane Middlebrook (Australia) PokerStars Qualifier 10,100
Wilbur Tarn (New Zealand) 9850
Tamara Volkoff (Australia) 9525
Timothy Clarke (Australia) PokerStars Qualifier 8875
Jeff Dehaven (USA) PokerStars Qualifier 8600
Celina Lin (Australia) PokerStars Team Asia 7425
Roger Robert (New Zealand) PokerStars Qualifier 7050
Dennis Huntly (Australia) PokerStars Qualifier 5750

Andrew Scott (Australia) 4500
Gary Tomes (New Zealand) 3575
Dan Sing (New Zealand) 2875
Richard Lancaster (New Zealand) PokerStars Qualifier 2075