ANZPT Queenstown: Mayor decrees we're down to three tables

The flow of eliminations has slowed to a trickle coming up to the start of level 13 (1200/2400 with a 400 ante) late on day two in the ANZPT Queenstown Main Event.

The remaining players have just been condensed into three tables of nine (thanks to former Queenstown mayor David Bradford, who just sent Wilbur Tarn to the rail), and we're still on target to make the money this evening.

While the Friday night crowd chase their fortune on the gaming tables, the proximity of the money is clearly impacting on play with just 27 players chasing one of the 18 spots in the money. But with a chip average of 80,000 and a load of short stacks in the room, the temporary lull in action can't last.

One of the most remarkable stories of the day surrounds the comeback of New Zealander John Guthrie. Down to just 1200 chips during level 12, he has rocketed to more than 140,000.

Along the way, he's sent Team Australia pro Tony Hachem to the edge of sanity after hitting a rich run of cards. After a quick breath of fresh air, Hachem has settled and clawed back to 60,000 after being down to less than 40,000.


PokerStars qualifier Aaron Golledge with PokerStars Team Australia pro Tony Hachem

Most of the action in the past hour has been on table seven. Day 1D chip leader Julius Colman steadily leaked chips all day and was eliminated when his pocket fives raced the A-K of Tim Clarke, with an ace in the window enough for Clarke to rake the last of Colman's chips.

Andrew Scott's up and down run is currently in the ascendant after he crippled Julian Cohen (who was subsequently KOed by his good mate Andrew Hinrichsen), which helped boost his stack to more than 120,000. He then lost two big pots after moving to the black hole that is table seven before doubling through Guthrie and is now on 60,000.