ANZPT Queenstown: Time to get the blood pumping

The sun has started to slip behind Bob's Peak, the statuesque peak that overlooks Queenstown. Not only is 2400-foot Bob's Peak home to the Skyline Gondola (steepest) in the southern hemisphere, it is home to the heart-stopping Ledge Bungy.

There are bigger bungy jumps in the region, but this 47-metre drop is easily the most spectacular. Overlooking Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu, it offers the best view (and ride) in town. Just one of the many ways for those with a dodgy heart condition to ride their luck here!

Unfortunately, the sun has already set on the hopes of Sukhinder Randhawa in the first ANZPT Queenstown Main Event.

Randhawa's own alpine adventure ended with a trip to the bottom of the proverbial poker crevasse when he aggressively bet a gutshot straight draw only to find Aussie PokerStars qualifier Mark Measey improve his two-pair, queens and 10s, to a full-house on the river.

As the temperature plummets outside, the action is starting to heat up with Mark Anstey one of the main beneficiaries. In a battle of the PokerStars qualifiers, Anstey called the all-in of John Brugman A♦ K♦ but found his pocket eights well behind a turned nut flush on a board that showed 7♦ 4♦ 5♣ 5♦.

But the two-outer 8♣ landed on the river, sending Anstey back up to 19,000. The short-stacked Brugman has since doubled-up twice to just over 10,000 and gained some breathing space.

There was another battle of the PokerStars qualifiers on table four when Jerry Calder went to battle against Darko Balaban. Calder check-called to the river on a board that came 5♣ 4♦ 3♣ 6♠ 9♠. Calder then bet 2000, Balaban called and found that his pocket jacks had been overtaken on the turn. Calder is up to 35,000 and among the bigger stacks in the room.