ANZPT Sydney: 13 lucky for some, but not for Marty

Thursday afternoon, midway through day 1A in the ANZPT - most of the field is grinding away and it's generally pretty quiet. Except for table 13. Team Australia's sole representative today, Eric Assadourian, has been engaged in some energetic and entertaining banter with fellow Sydneysider and Aussie poker larrikin Martin Comer.


Someone needs a hug, and that man is Martin Comer

The latest chapter played out when Assadourian raised from middle position, Comer called and they saw a flop of A♠ [10s] 2♠. Assadourian pushed all-in, with Comer making the call and showing pocket twos. "What?" Comer shrieked when he saw Assadourian's J♠ 5♠. "Ship it," Eric countered as Comer continued his tirade.

Earlier, Comer folded (he claims) pocket aces on a flop of three jacks after another player had pushed all-in.

"That would have to be the worst fold in history," Assadourian quipped, with Warwick Mirzikinian adding he'd folded the remaining jack. Then the all-in player claimed he was holding aces.

The plot thickened when Assadourian countered that Comer had pocket eights at best. "Actually, I had eights," the all-in player said. "So you had nines?" Assadourian fired back at Comer. This was all too much for Comer, whose antics had players on the surrounding tables in stiches.

That riotous period at table 13 ended with Assadourian ascending the top of the chip count with 65,000. Other prominent stacks in the room include Soren Eriksen and Jeff Lisandro, each holding around 45,000.

Players to have been eliminated in the early going include Saidal Wardak, 2008 APPT Grand Final winner Martin Rowe and 2009 NZ Champs runner-up David Borg.

There's just over an hour until the dinner break, with blinds about to increase to level 5 (150/300 with an ante of 25). There are 179 of the 233 players that started day 1A still in the hunt.