ANZPT Sydney: Caridad culls The Croc, Haddad done

Lisa Walsh was poised to write a slice of Aussie poker history after taking a stranglehold on the final table at the ANZPT Sydney Main Event. But as quick as she wins 'em, back they go!

Departures have been rapid since the dinner break, with the latest elimination Billy "The Croc" Argyros in sixth place. Having returned from dinner in a jovial mood, "The Croc" was in the mood for action and found it when John Caridad called his pre-flop raise of 110,000.

The flop came down Q♣ [10c] 9♥, Caridad checked, Argyros pushed all-in and Caridad called. He showed Q♥ [10d] for two-pair while Crocky's K♦ K♠ needed help. It didn't arrive with the board running out 7♠ 3♠, and the Hall of Famer was out in sixth.


John Caridad is our new chip leader!

Shortly after, Lisa Walsh and Majed Haddad clashed in what may prove the pivotal hand of the tournament. Walsh raised to 125,000 pre-flop, Haddad called and they watched a flop of Q♣ 4♦ 5♣. Both players checked and the turn fell 3♥.

Haddad bet 175,000, Walsh made it 500,000, Haddad declared all-in and Walsh made the call. Wow. She showed Q♦ J♦ to be a whisker ahead of Haddad's Q♥ 9♦. But a whisker was enough as the K♦ landed on the river, allowing Walsh to scoop up a pot worth 4.6 million.

On the next hand, Haddad committed his remaining few chips, with Caridad and Arzoomanian calling and checking down the board of J♣ 2♠ Q♥ [10s] 5♣. Puzz's K♦ [10d] was good enough to win the pot ahead of Caridad's A♠ 4♣ and Haddad's 5♥ 6♥, sending the former chip leader to the rail in fifth position.

Walsh has since butted heads twice with Caridad - once in a split pot when the board came a queen-high straight, which saved Caridad's two-pair against Walsh's set of eights.
Then she called Caridad's all-in, again holding a set of eights - 8♦ 8♥ on a flop of 7♦ 8♣ J♠ - against his 6♠ 5h], but the 4♥ turn made him a straight and, for the first time, Caridad had taken the chip lead.

That left Walsh on 2.85 million, ahead of Arzoomanian (2.5 million) and Chris Kittos (800,000) but trailing Caridad on 3.4 million.